The more advanced
we made it, the funner it got.

Fun was built into every millimetre of the thinnest, lightest iPod touch. It does more than ever, more powerfully than ever, from playing games to playing music to just playing around. And everything looks tremendous on the 4-inch Retina display.

It’s the thinnest, lightest iPod touch ever.

For the first time, iPod touch is made from the same kind of anodised aluminium used in the MacBook line. And it’s made the same way too: by machining the enclosure from a single piece of aluminium. The first thing you’ll notice about iPod touch is its barely-there weight. Then its super-smooth finish. Then all those Apple details — like the highly polished bevelled edges. And iPod touch is made from one of the strongest grades of aluminium there is. Which means that it not only looks and feels incredible, it’s tough enough to tag along on more than a few nights out.

iPod touch doesn’t just come in colour. It’s practically made of colour.

There’s a reason these iPod touch colours are so incredibly rich and vibrant. It’s because they’re bonded directly to the aluminium — not just painted on the surface. So you see saturated colour that still lets the lustre of the metal shine through. Which gives you a material that shows off the colour, and a colour that shows off the material.

One hand rules the screen.

The Retina display is tall but not wide. That means everything you do on iPod touch can be a one‑handed operation, and your thumb has room to roam. The display is advanced, with finger‑friendly Multi‑Touch technology built into the glass instead of beneath it. So less gets between you and your games, music, messages — whatever you love to see and do.

Keep fun close at hand.

The iPod touch loop is a colourful way to keep your iPod touch at the ready.* That’s perfect for when you want to shoot from a hard-to-reach camera angle (and don’t want to risk it falling out of your hand). Flip iPod touch up to type a quick iMessage. Or just sport it when you’re pocketless. The loop also keeps your iPod touch safe, so you don’t have to worry about a slip, fumble, drop or overzealous robot dance.

The loop is easy to attach and detach. Just push the button on the back, slide the loop over it, give the loop a little tug, and you’re good to go. The design is so streamlined, you won’t even notice the button until you need it.

Designed with the environment in mind.

Good design takes into account environmental impact. That’s why nearly every Apple product — including iPod touch — is made from highly recyclable materials like aluminium. iPod touch is also free of toxic materials such as lead, brominated flame retardants (BFRs) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and uses arsenic-free glass for its mercury-free display. In fact, reducing toxins is so important to us that we even disassemble products and test all their components in our Cupertino lab to make sure our suppliers meet our environmental standards.

To learn more about how Apple continues to use greener materials, conserve resources and reduce our impact on climate change, visit our Environmental Responsibility website.