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Start-up team drives app development.

Bechtel built a dedicated team to develop iOS apps for its global operations.
Now workers have streamlined processes and access to essential data in the field.

Fresh team, fresh iOS app ideas.

Bechtel set out to create an innovative app development environment focused on fostering new ideas and improving efficiency. The approach attracted an impressive group of top software engineers. This team of iOS visionaries, designers, and developers discovered new ways to work together. And using the many resources available in iOS, they created powerful apps that make the iPad indispensable for Bechtel in the field.

Field interviews drive app functionality.

To learn first-hand the problems that needed solving, the app development team took to the field — interviewing remote workers from welders to project managers. They noted the cumbersome papers, blueprints, and files workers carried at job sites. And to prepare for apps that would alleviate this burden, the developers took inventory of which data was needed for each task, where it was stored, and how it could be accessed more efficiently.

APIs accelerate app development.

Before Bechtel’s apps could be built, the development team created APIs and libraries for all the apps to leverage. With APIs, even data in multiple formats or on legacy systems could be accessed by custom apps. Having APIs in place from the start helped streamline the development process. Now whenever a new app idea is introduced, there’s no need to start from scratch — the team simply leverages its library of APIs.

iPad and iOS apps bring innovation to the field.

In the first year, Bechtel created over 50 iOS apps. The development team also built an in-house catalog for easily distributing custom apps to field engineers who rely on them for project specifications, safety inspections, and reduced paper consumption each day. As Bechtel builds highways, dams, and other vital structures around the world, iPad and custom apps bring greater safety, quality, speed, and efficiency to each new project.

Better building at Bechtel with iPad.

Global engineering giant Bechtel uses iPad and custom apps on job sites to streamline project management, share essential data, and improve worker safety.
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Mobile Center of Excellence at GE catalyzes company productivity.

GE established a Mobile Center of Excellence to maximize its iPhone and iPad capabilities. The internal group develops tools and strategies to make iOS devices even more useful for GE’s many business units.

Illuminating the potential of iOS apps.

GE builds technologies that transform the way people live, channeling the transformative power of iPad, iPhone, and in-house apps to generate new business possibilities. GE’s custom iOS apps range from industry-specific monitoring and diagnostic tools to business intelligence resources. In combination with the unique capabilities built into iPhone and iPad, custom apps help GE accomplish its business goals faster and better.

Great minds unite to maximize mobility.

GE‘s Mobile Center of Excellence enables various internal groups to collaborate and share ideas around iOS app development. The team hosts many in-person summits on iOS app development topics. Teleconference and telepresence meetings are common. And a vibrant online ecosystem lets employees help themselves to quick answers about mobile solutions. Bringing GE’s great minds together, the Mobile Center of Excellence gets the most from mobility.

GE team accelerates iOS app development.

The Mobile Center of Excellence has proven invaluable for speeding up development of new iOS apps at GE. Having standards in place to govern app design and architecture means teams don’t need to reinvent the wheel for every new iOS project. Concepts, best practices, and code are shared across business units, allowing development teams to create apps more efficiently and ensuring all in-house apps look, feel, and perform consistently company-wide.

Building apps that build business.

iPad and iPhone equip GE’s workforce with fast, mobile data access via an easy-to-use interface. And the iOS SDK enables in-house developers to translate their creative app ideas into reality. Sales and marketing teams leverage built-in device capabilities and custom iOS apps to engage more meaningfully with clients and colleagues, while GE’s service personnel use apps to manage operations like gas turbines and electric transformers throughout the world.

Reinventing mobility at GE.

GE’s Mobile Center of Excellence accelerates in-house development of custom iOS apps, and improves the user experience, by sharing ideas, standards, and code across global business units.
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IT transforms ideas into tools across lines of business at Medtronic.

Medtronic develops in-house iOS apps tailored to address the business needs of various lines of business across the company. With tools and technologies in the iOS SDK, Medtronic’s global IT organization has the knowledge, analysis, and resources to deliver custom solutions for iPad.

Centralized mobility team manages app lifecycle.

The global IT team at Medtronic has been focused on mobility since 1998, and has delivered hundreds of iOS apps to the company’s employees worldwide. Comprised of mobility experts, the team delivers a suite of services to maintain the highest quality throughout the app lifecycle. IT manages back-end systems and the APIs that enable iOS apps to connect to them, while also handling app updates and app usage company-wide.

Assessing requests for custom iOS apps.

Many groups at Medtronic want to develop custom iOS apps. But not all creative app ideas are truly required to solve business challenges. Employees needed a reliable process for deciding which apps to pursue. So IT created a questionnaire to guide them, asking things like: What problems will the app solve? What data sources does it require? Will it leverage iPad capabilities such as GPS, iSight cameras, or Contacts? Is funding in place?

Questionnaire drives smarter app development.

Medtronic’s IT team members are more than systems analysts, they’re also business analysts. IT listens to employee requests for iPad solutions — with the guiding principle in mind to focus on what should be developed, not what could be developed. And with help from the pre-development questionnaire, IT staff become subject-matter experts, helping business units understand how best to leverage iPad and custom apps.

Outsourcing for an agile development process.

The most effective way to validate a new app idea is to get it in users’ hands, fast. Medtronic leverages a combination of internal resources and select, certified third-party vendors to speed up the creation of its custom iOS apps. By outsourcing part of the development, Medtronic is able to focus on standards, API development, and mission-critical data and systems. The end result is a process that is agile and delivers solutions to users quickly.

Delivering better medicine with iPad.

Medtronic uses iPad and custom iOS apps for easier access to proprietary information, improved efficiency, and enhanced customer engagements. Watch the Medtronic profile

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