Life on iPad

Finding the extra edge.

Bridie Farrell, Champion Speedskater. Bridie Farrell is making a comeback. A world-class speedskater who took nearly a decade off from the sport, she’s using new technology to prepare for her toughest competition yet.

In a sport where a thousandth of a second can decide victory, using the best training tools can mean the difference between silver and gold. So when speedskater Bridie Farrell began planning her comeback after seven years away, her trainer Robyn Mason turned to iPad and the Dartfish Express app. It was exactly what Farrell needed to get back into championship form. “When I came back to skating, I wanted to use in‑depth video analysis for my training. Dartfish Express has made it easier than ever to break down every frame of each performance with my coaches,” says Farrell.

Recording a skater’s performance used to be a production all its own. As Mason explains, “We’d have to lug around a laptop and camcorders, and so many wires and connections. With iPad, you don’t need to worry about any of that. It’s so much easier, so much more accessible.”

“Skaters used to get a giant duffel bag of videotapes from their coaches, and then they’d meet and review footage together. Now we can exchange videos and feedback instantly using iPad.” Robyn Mason, Performance Technology Trainer.

Farrell uses iPad to review practice and race videos, which also include comments and suggestions added by Mason. Farrell’s support staff of coaches around the world uses the app to scrutinize her form, assessing aerodynamics and providing feedback frame by frame. Her medical trainers look for fatigue, highlighting onscreen where muscles appear sore to help prevent injuries. And her sport psychologist evaluates body language at every turn to develop optimal race tactics.

“iPad is small, fool-proof, and sleek. It’s everything Apple, and I love it.” Bridie Farrell, Champion Speedskater.

When Farrell decided to make her comeback, she knew it would take a lot of time to train. Thanks to iPad, she can spend that time on the ice instead of in multiple meetings with her different coaches. As she prepares for the Team USA tryouts on December 27 in Salt Lake City, Utah, Farrell depends more on iPad every day. The reason is obvious, she says. “Speedskating is all about being efficient.”

“Without question, using Dartfish Express on iPad has accelerated my comeback to competitive skating.”