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November 19, 2009

Manage Your Documents On iWork.com

Sorting Makes Things Easy

It's easy to store, access, and organize your documents shared on iWork.com. Simply visit www.iwork.com from any modern web browser and sign in using your Apple ID and password. From the Shared Documents page you can quickly organize your documents by selecting from the options Date, Comments, Name, or Size from the "Sorted by" menu. If you sort by "Comments", documents with new comments will automatically appear at the top of your Shared Documents page, making it easy to locate shared documents that have new comments.

Managing Storage Space

iWork.com provides 1 GB of storage space, enough to store up to 50 documents with an average size of 20 MB each. The storage indicator at the bottom of the Shared Documents page helps you keep track of your remaining space.


One way to maintain available storage space is to regularly delete documents that you no longer need to share. Before you delete your document from iWork.com, remember that you can download documents back to your computer. When you download the Keynote, Pages, or Numbers document in iWork '09 format, any comments left by your viewers will be included in the document. These comments appear as comment bubbles within the downloaded document and are linked to the relevant text, slide or table cell just as your viewers left them on iWork.com. When you have your new document version with its comments on your computer, you can easily review and make edits as needed.

Once you are done sharing and have downloaded the documents with comments, simply move your cursor over the document thumbnail on the Shared Documents page and click the Delete link.