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April 30, 2010

Using iWork.com On Your iPad

export_100430.pngSharing Documents

When you're finished working on your documents using Keynote, Pages, or Numbers on your iPad, use iWork.com to easily share them with others.

To share a document from any iWork for iPad app, tap the Share icon in the My Documents, Spreadsheets or Presentations view, and then tap "Share via iWork.com". Sign in using your Apple ID and password, and then type the email addresses of anyone you'd like to share the document with. Enter a message and tap Share. For a step by step guide including how to use advanced features such as document passwords, click here.

You can also save a document to iWork.com without sharing it. Just leave the To: field blank instead of entering an email address, and tap Share. Your document will be published to iWork.com so you can easily download it from a Mac, PC, or iPad.

Watch this tutorial to learn more about using iWork.com to share documents from your iPad or Mac.

shared_docs_100430.pngDownloading Documents

To download one of your documents from iWork.com to your iPad, visit www.iwork.com from Safari on your iPad and sign in with your Apple ID.

In the list of your shared documents, tap the arrow next to the document you want to download, and then tap the iWork format.

A preview of the document opens in your browser and you can tap the "Open in..." button on the top right to import the document into the appropriate iWork app. For a step by step guide on how to download a document from iWork.com, click here.