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Wireless gets more personal.

Bluetooth is an open specification for a cutting-edge technology that enables short-range wireless connections between desktop and laptop computers, personal digital assistants, cellular phones, printers, scanners, digital cameras and even home appliances — on a globally available band (2.4GHz) for worldwide compatibility. In a nutshell, Bluetooth unplugs your digital peripherals and makes cable clutter a thing of the past. With Bluetooth technology for Mac OS X, you can link your Palm OS-based handheld device, Bluetooth-enabled cell phone and peripherals with your PowerBook G4, iBook, Power Mac G4 or iMac — and do it wirelessly, within a 30-foot range.

Bluetooth Implementation

Apple’s Bluetooth implementation is the latest in a series of bold strategic moves that have caused tectonic shifts in the computer industry — and greatly benefited customers. For instance, Apple established USB as the standard peripheral interface with the launch of the first iMac in 1998. Then Apple established the 802.11 wireless networking standard with the launch of the iBook and AirPort in 1999. Now Bluetooth further strengthens the Mac’s already dominant position in the wireless space. You might say we’re living up to our reputation for being first to market with innovative technology you can actually use.

Bluetooth logo

Where to learn more about Bluetooth
There are now over 1,800 adopter members of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) who’ve pledged their support to this standard. Apple is one of them.
Offical Bluetooth site
Bluetooth SIG

How it works

Add Bluetooth to your Mac, starting in April
Come April, enabling Bluetooth on your Mac
  Bluetooth USB Dongle
D-Link Bluetooth USB Adapter

will be simpler than you can imagine. You will download Apple’s Bluetooth software, and plug in the D-Link DWB-120M Bluetooth USB Adapter to any available USB port on your PowerBook G4, iBook, PowerMac G4 or iMac (in the case of the PowerMac G4 and iMac, you can attach the Bluetooth USB Adapter to the free USB port on your keyboard). Then you would launch the Bluetooth software (Technology Preview 1) to find wireless Bluetooth-enabled devices within range of your computer to pair with. And once you select the Bluetooth device on the list and click the Pair button, you’re connected.

Bluetooth Devices
Computers (Mac to Mac)
Cell Phones
Peripherals (keyboard, mouse, etc)
Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)

Available Soon

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