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When an iOS app establishes and maintains focus on its primary task, it is satisfying and enjoyable to use. Additionally, each part of your app should be fine tuned for its purpose. Creating a list of objects, tasks and concepts and then sorting them based on their relevance to the primary purpose or task of your application will help you deliver a user interface that is organized and focused. It will also help you think about the workflow or process of your application interaction, which will ultimately inform your user interface design decisions.

Inventory your objects, tasks and concepts

Example: Calendar App Priority List

  • Objects

    • Days
    • Weeks
    • Months
    • Appointments
    • Reminders

    Objects. These are the primary functional elements of your app. For example in a calendar app, this would be things like days, months, appointments, reminders, etc.

  • Tasks

    • Create
    • Edit
    • Search

    Tasks. These are actions that are typically performed on objects. For example, filtering, searching, editing, creating, etc.

  • Concepts

    • Search
    • Filter

    Concepts. These are workflows or in some cases a series of related tasks that form a larger concept. For example using our calendar example, a concept might be scheduling (which would involve multiple tasks.

Once you’ve created these lists, you’ll start to notice some relationships between the items within each category. This will help you group related objects, tasks, and concepts in a hierarchy that should simplify how they are presented to the user.

Design Checklist

By the end of the design phase you should have considered the following resources and best practices:

  • Read the iOS Human Interface Guidelines from Apple

  • Established a concise feature list that is directly aligned to your core application definition statement

  • Prioritize a list of objects, tasks, and concepts and how they relate to one another

  • Created a baseline set of wireframes and rough compositions to visualize the app journey