Wireless Fast wireless connectivity.

Wireless connections on iPad Air 2 are faster than ever. Wi-Fi is more than twice as fast as before, with speeds up to 866 Mbps. And Wi-Fi + Cellular models are packed with advanced LTE technology, offering speeds up to 150 Mbps — a 50 per cent increase over previous models — so you can keep your fast connection even when there’s no Wi-Fi coverage.1 Because iPad is an unlocked device, you can choose a local carrier SIM to enable a mobile data plan. And if you’re are traveling abroad, you can use Apple SIM, which allows you to sign up for a mobile data plan right there on your iPad in countries around the world.

Our fastest, most advanced Wi‑Fi ever.

The things you love to do on iPad are even better when you’re connected. And now that connection is even faster. iPad Air 2 features advanced 802.11ac Wi‑Fi technology and MIMO support. Which is a geeky way of saying you’re getting some serious wireless capability, with download speeds up to a superfast 866 Mbps.

Up to 2.8x Faster Wi-Fi
Up to 866 MBPS VIA WI-FI


AirDrop is the quickest and easiest way to wirelessly share documents and files with people nearby. Simply enable AirDrop in Control Center, select a photo, video, or document, tap the Share icon, and choose who you want to share with. And just like that, the file appears on their device. It’s a lot easier than digging around for a thumb drive.


AirPlay lets you wirelessly stream what’s on your iPad Air 2 via Apple TV to your HDTV and speakers — without having to log in to a network. Or you can mirror exactly what’s on your display and see it on the big screen. Whether you’re in the boardroom, the classroom, or the living room, you’ll be able to share everything — from a business presentation to a history lesson to a vacation video.

More cellular networks. More LTE bands.

If you’re out of Wi‑Fi range — in the park, at the beach, on the road — fear not. iPad Air 2 with Wi‑Fi + Cellular models let you connect to more high-speed networks in more places, for faster downloads, and easier sharing. And 20 LTE bands are packed into a single device, so you can take advantage of fast LTE cellular data networks practically anywhere you go.2

support for 20 networks
Up to 50% faster cellular connections

Apple SIM.
The ultimate travel partner.

When you travel with Apple SIM installed in your iPad Air 2 with Wi-Fi + Cellular, you can purchase a cellular data plan right on your iPad in more than 100 countries and territories supported by Apple SIM partners. Apple SIM gives you more flexibility and more choices for getting cellular data whenever you need it, for however long you need it, and with no long-term commitment.

Apple SIM partners3

Learn more about Apple SIM

Create your own mobile hotspot.

With Personal Hotspot on your Wi‑Fi + Cellular model, you can easily create a mobile hotspot for other devices. For example, say you’re with some friends who want to get online with a laptop, but there’s no Wi‑Fi. You can come to their rescue simply by turning on your hotspot in Settings, and voilà, they’re ready to connect. And you’re the hero.