Daiichi Sankyo

Prescription for Change: iPad and iPhone.

“iPhone and iPad allow the business to move forward at a much faster speed.”

Yasuhiro Ikeda, Vice President, IT Strategy

Global pharmaceutical company Daiichi Sankyo was founded over 100 years ago. But this Tokyo-based company knows that looking forward is the key to staying ahead of the competition. Adopting iPad and iPhone for its medical representatives (MRs) and executives has helped the company succeed in the present while planning for the future.

“To constantly innovate, we use devices in new ways. That’s where iPhone and iPad really stand out,” says Yasuhiro Ikeda, Vice President, IT Strategy. “iPhone and iPad allow the business to move forward at a much faster speed.”

Faster Facts, Stronger Sales

Created through a merger of two century-old companies in 2005, Daiichi Sankyo’s business includes pharmaceutical R&D, manufacturing, and marketing in 54 countries worldwide.

Daiichi Sankyo’s 2400 medical representatives in Japan perform a critical function, linking the company with the doctors, pharmacists, and other health care professionals who prescribe Daiichi Sankyo’s products. Maximizing time spent with health care professionals helps the MRs stay current on important issues and provide the information physicians need. iPad is an invaluable tool for the MRs: Instead of carrying laptops and heavy bags full of printed literature, now they can instantly access in-depth product information with the swipe of a finger.

As business cycles have sped up, it’s become more important to quickly disseminate information about pharmaceuticals to health care professionals. “In the past two years, we have been able to introduce many new products,” says Ryouichi Kibushi, Daiichi Sankyo’s Head of Sales and Marketing for Japan. “We are always thinking about better ways to provide information about new products to health care professionals. iPad and iPhone allow us to do that.”

“Our goal is always to make progress. And iPad and iPhone are a big part of that.”

Ryouichi Kibushi, Head of Sales and Marketing Division (Japan)

Beyond the Brochure

Equipping MRs in Japan with iPads has done more than just lighten their briefcases — it’s given them a new way to communicate with their clients.

Using an iPad app called idoc.ds, Daiichi Sankyo medical reps can show video clips by experts to health care professionals, along with 3D animations explaining how the drugs interact within the body. MRs can also use their iPads to display data from clinical tests and even retrieve information on competing products.

“With iPad, all the information we need is right there, so we can look up the necessary information and present it to the doctor on the spot,” explains Masashi Nagao, a Daiichi Sankyo medical representative. “It allows us to move much faster.”

Timely Turnaround

Daiichi Sankyo initially selected iPhone as a tool for its executives because of its attractive design and responsive interface. But most of all, they chose iPhone because it is easy to use, Ikeda says: “I felt that people would be able to use this new tool very quickly, and that would make it very useful in business.”

In order to avoid missing business opportunities, quick turnaround times are essential on issues such as corporate approvals for development investments. To prevent slowdowns in decision-making, Daiichi Sankyo executives carry iPhones with an in-house approval app that gives them instant access to company data. The approval app lets them respond to time-sensitive requests immediately, even if they’re out of the country. Because executives can respond from wherever they are, approval times have been greatly reduced.

Among Daiichi Sankyo’s executives, mobile email took off when the company began using iPhone, and has continued with the combination of iPhone and iPad. Robust iOS security features allow for authorized employees to securely access confidential data anywhere. And if a device is lost or stolen, IT can remotely wipe it to ensure that corporate data is not compromised.

“It’s really convenient that you can read your email wherever you are,” says Kibushi. “And I used to carry a big calendar around, but now I can manage all my schedules on my iPhone or iPad.”

“With iPad and iPhone, all the information is right there, so we can look up the necessary information and present it to the doctor on the spot.”

Masashi Nagao, Medical Representative

More Modular Meetings

When Daiichi Sankyo executives first evaluated iPad, they were especially inspired by the possibilities for global meetings and document sharing. The high-resolution iPad display makes presentations look crisp and professional. And since it’s easy to update and share files on iPad, everybody can see the most current versions of documents, even if they’re being revised right up until the start of the meeting.

Daiichi Sankyo uses the Mobile Kaigi iPad app to share meeting documents. “The software is extremely easy to operate, so it’s almost the same as reading paper documents,” Ikeda says. “As the head of IT, I believe that iPhone and iPad have made my job much easier. We are excited about the future, and how we can further develop apps to use these tools in new and expansive ways.”

“Our goal is always to make progress,” Kibushi says. “And iPad and iPhone are a big part of that.”

Company Snapshot

App Recap

  • Mobile Kaigi to enable virtual meetings and share conference materials.
  • idoc.ds to explain drug interactions with 3D animations.