Dow Corning

From Michigan to Mumbai, iPhone helps keep this silicone giant running smoothly.

They’re in your car, in your computer, even in your clothes. From sealants to shampoos, silicones make countless products last longer and work better. As a leader in silicone technologies, Dow Corning specializes in finding new applications for these multifaceted compounds. With operations in 60 countries and an ever-growing product line, this extensive enterprise uses iPhone to help track and evaluate a world’s worth of business intelligence.

Dow Corning offers more than 7,000 products and services for consumer and industrial applications, from adhesives to lubricants, delivered as fluids, solids, gels, and powders. “Whether you’re driving a car, talking on a phone, working on a computer, or getting ready in the morning, you’re coming into contact with our products,” says Don Sheets, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

iPhone enables Dow Corning executives to review sales, financial, and operational data whenever and wherever the need arises. “Our customers are global, our activities are global,” says Stephanie Burns, Dow Corning’s Chief Executive Officer, President, and Chairman. “iPhone connects us not only globally in our jobs, but globally with businesses around the world. It’s this global connectivity that’s so powerful.”

Effortless Integration

Incorporating iPhone into Dow Corning’s existing network was “absolutely seamless,” Sheets says. “The integration of iPhone is tremendous. It’s incredible how the device allows you to simply learn as you use it.”

iPhone also meets the company’s stringent security requirements, allowing managers to access proprietary corporate resources with confidence. “It was very important that we had secure iPhones,” Duly notes. “The ActiveSync integration, password protection, device encryption, and remote wipe really let us lock down our content.”

Thanks to built-in compatibility with Microsoft Exchange, iPhone keeps Dow Corning executives up to date on the latest business developments wherever they go. “iPhone synchronizes seamlessly with our software,” says Burns. “Our calendars, contacts, frequent call information. That’s the advantage.”

Endless Apps

Whether in Dow Corning’s Midland, Michigan headquarters or satellite locations around the world, the thousands of business apps available from the App Store make iPhone invaluable as a management tool.

“Soon after we started using iPhone, we had this ‘a-ha’ moment about how many applications are available that pertain to Dow Corning and its business,” Duly says.

“iPhone has been a tipping point,” Burns agrees, “and I think it’s mainly due to all the apps. I can get numbers at five o’clock in the morning, whereas two years ago I’d have to physically get in to work and have someone provide them to me. This information is right at your fingertips. That’s the big change.”

The Roambi – Visualizer app lets Dow Corning executives quickly view and analyze real-time data from their SAP system via iPhone, including sales figures, trends, and projections. “Roambi hooks up to the business intelligence platform here at Dow Corning,” Duly explains. “It allows us to make simple, intuitive dashboards of complex data.”

“It’s the right data, and it’s protected,” Sheets adds. “In 15 seconds I can get a sense of whether there’s a financial performance issue I need to get involved with.”

Another iPhone must-have is Analytics App, which lets Dow Corning monitor website traffic and online sales for the XIAMETER brand of standard silicone products. “Analytics App interfaces with Google Analytics,” says Duly. “So when we roll out XIAMETER websites across the globe, we can monitor what content is and isn’t being used. We can do this from home, while traveling, and at the office.”

Ongoing Innovation

From the beginning, iPhone has enabled Dow Corning to move faster and stay in touch more effectively. As the company expands into new ventures, iPhone and its huge array of useful apps keep pace with the demands of this thriving international business. “iPhone allows us to be a part of a phenomenon,” Sheets says. “It’s a revolution in the way information is handled.”

Using iPhone to access and transmit essential business information helps speed innovation at Dow Corning while minimizing waste. “Sustainability is one of our core values,” Burns says. “Profit, the planet, and the impact on people are all taken into consideration when we decide where our research efforts are going to go. IPhone is crucial to that. With iPhone, data can be managed better globally, moving us more quickly to that end point.”

“iPhone has unleashed the creativity and excitement of millions of people,” says Sheets. “We want our employees to be part of that international network and community. iPhone is fundamental to the competitiveness and the success of this enterprise going into the future.”

Company Snapshot

  • Based in Midland, Michigan
  • Founded in 1943
  • Revenues over $5 billion per year

“iPhone connects us not only globally in our jobs, but globally with businesses around the world. It’s this global connectivity that’s so powerful.”

Stephanie Burns, CEO, President, and Chairman, Dow Corning

“Soon after we started using iPhone, we had this ‘a-ha’ moment about how many applications are available that pertain to our business.”

Jeff Duly, Enterprise Architect, Dow Corning

“iPhone allows us to be a part of a phenomenon that’s taking place.
It’s a revolution in the way information is handled.”

Don Sheets, Executive Vice President and CFO, Dow Corning