Mac OS X Learning Center v10.4, 10 User

Mac OS X Learning Center v10.4, 10 User

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Mac OS X Learning Center
Your Mac is what you make of it. The more you know, the more you can do. The Learning Center includes easy-to-follow tutorials complete with movies, tips, and printable practice steps that make it fun to explore the possibilities. For individuals, the Mac OS X Learning Center is included in the .Mac Learning Center and is a benefit of .Mac membership. Groups can purchase a multiple-user license to host the Learning Center on a network. Start today. Satisfy your curiosity about what your Mac can do, and let the learning begin. View an online demonstration of the Learning Center at:

Movies make it easy
Each Learning Center tutorial includes movies that add authenticity and impact to your learning. You'll watch and listen as the movies walk you through what you want to accomplish, and you'll be amazed at how easy it is to put what you've seen into action. Each movie allows you to immerse yourself in the topic and will inspire you to practice on your own. You'll see that it only takes a minute or two to learn exciting new ways to use your Mac.

Find your way
When you have a question, you want to find the answer right away. The Learning Center catalog leads you to the information you need in just a couple of clicks. The catalog organizes so much information in a way that is both useful and accessible. The Learning Center catalog saves you time and effort so that you can quickly get back to what's important--enjoying your Mac.

Learn a little, learn a lot
Apple has always been dedicated to providing the best tools to help people learn. And the Learning Center is no exception. With the Learning Center, you can choose how and how much you want to learn--in ways that are relevant, instantly useful, and fun. Whether you choose to simply watch the movies or read all the text and the Learn More tips, you can adapt the Learning Center to your individual learning style. When you choose how you want to learn, you're motivated to discover your own special genius.

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