Mac OS X


Make it yours.

Apple has spent much time and thought creating a mouse that works seamlessly with Mac OS X. As a result, both the wired and wireless Mighty Mouse can be custom configured to get the most out of the world’s most advanced operating system.


Switch buttons for right- or left-handed use.

Mighty Mouse

Configure Mighty Mouse for single button or dual button use.


Squeeze or click to activate Dashboard, Exposé, or any application you wish.

Mighty Mouse and Dashboard

A Mac and Mouse Game

Because Apple engineers designed Mighty Mouse to work in perfect harmony with the Mac OS X operating system, you get the full Mac OS X experience from the comfort of your mouse. Take that Scroll Ball button, for instance. Pre-programmed to launch Dashboard, it gives you access to a world of information in a single click. Mighty Mouse’s side buttons show you all your open windows in Exposé with a squeeze. Of course, you can program both of these buttons — along with Mighty Mouse’s right- and left-click functions — to launch Dashboard, Exposé, Spotlight, Application Switcher or any application you choose. Mac OS X gives you the capability, thanks to an intuitive System Preference pane.

Mighty Mouse Preferences

Well Trained

To program Mighty Mouse, simply open the Keyboard & Mouse preference pane in Mac OS X System Preferences. There you’ll see drop-down button menus, plus tracking, scrolling, screen zoom and double-clicking controls. Choose your primary and secondary button designation. Reassign which applications you want to open with Mighty Mouse. Customize your scrolling capability. Mighty Mouse’s preferences are as easy to manage and as versatile as Mighty Mouse itself, so your mouse works the way you do — not the other way around.

Mighty Mouse Users

Switch Users, Not Mice

Once you set your Mighty Mouse preferences, your Mac will remember them, even if you share your computer with others. Each account on your Mac has its own preferences, so everyone can use Mighty Mouse differently. Program Mighty Mouse as a simple, single-button mouse for a youngster.

Set buttons to launch user-specific apps. Limit application access for children by pre-programming Mighty Mouse and locking System Preferences using parental controls. No matter how they work or play, Mighty Mouse makes everybody happy — all from one Mac.