Do everyday things in
extraordinary ways.

The apps built into every Mac let you explore the world, connect with people, and work more efficiently. In OS X Yosemite, your apps have a simpler, more elegant look. And we’ve enhanced them with powerful new features.

Safari The smartest way to surf
just got smarter.

The new Safari has a streamlined toolbar that puts powerful browsing tools at your fingertips, while freeing space for your web pages. You can scroll through your open tabs with a gesture or view them all in one window with the new Tab view. You can access your favorite sites with the new Favorites view, which stays in sync across all your devices. With easier sharing, better search tools, and energy-saving technologies, Safari is the smartest way to browse the web.

The new Tab view lets you see all your open tabs — even those on your other devices.
Tabs from the same site are grouped together so they’re easy to manage.

Keep your favorites handy.

Your favorite sites are always easy to access. Click in the Smart Search field and your favorites appear, just like on your iOS devices. They stay in sync on your iPad and iPhone, so no matter which device you have, your favorites are with you.

Easier ways to share links.

Sharing web pages from Safari is now even easier. The people you’ve recently shared with appear in the Share menu, and Safari also remembers how you shared with that person — via Mail or Messages — so you can quickly share the same way again. In addition, third-party developers can create extensions that allow you to customize your Share menu with new services and social networks.

Longer battery life when you surf.

Browsing with Safari is not only blazing fast, it’s also more energy efficient. Compared with Chrome and Firefox, you can browse for up to two hours longer.1

+2 hours

browsing compared to Chrome and Firefox

Mail There’s big news attached.

The best way to manage email on a Mac gets even better with OS X Yosemite. With the new Markup feature, you can quickly annotate an image or PDF attachment. You can also fill out a form and even include your signature, then send it back — without leaving Mail. And a new feature called Mail Drop lets you send large attachments without worrying about whether they’ll be held up by your service provider.

Send large attachments with Mail Drop.

Now there’s almost nothing that’s too big to mail. When you’re signed in to iCloud, Mail Drop lets you send large files like videos, presentations, even a folder of images without having to worry about your service provider’s limitations. Just drag your attachments, up to 5GB total, into your mail message, and Mail Drop handles the rest. If your recipients use Mail in OS X Yosemite, they’ll receive the attachment just as they do today. If they use another app or webmail, they’ll receive your email with a link to download it. There’s no charge to use Mail Drop. And it works no matter which email service you use, including Gmail, Yahoo, and Microsoft Exchange. 

Mark up attachments right in Mail.

It happens often. Someone sends you an attachment that requires quick feedback. It could be a form you need to fill out and sign or an image you need to comment on. Markup lets you respond quickly to these requests without opening the file in another app. Just click Reply and add your notations right in your response. Add shapes, text, and callouts to images by drawing on the Multi‑Touch trackpad. Fill out forms and PDFs, and add your signature by signing with your finger on the trackpad or capturing it with the camera on your Mac.

Messages Your conversations just
got more interesting.

Messages gives you so many ways to start a conversation. You can send unlimited text messages to anyone with a Mac or an iOS device using iMessage. You can have group conversations with two or more friends. And if you have an iPhone, you can send SMS text messages from your Mac to friends no matter what kind of phone they have.2

Now every message on your iPhone
appears on your Mac.

Messages on your Mac has always been a great way to stay in touch. But friends without iMessage couldn’t be part of the conversation. Well, now they can. All the SMS messages you receive on your iPhone now appear on your Mac. So you can text any friend without picking up your iPhone, and the conversation stays up to date across all your devices.

New ways to control
the conversation.

Now you can add titles to Messages conversations so they’re easier to find and keep track of. If your friends are sharing their locations from their iOS devices, see a map of where they are at that moment. When you’re having a group conversation with three or more participants, you can add and remove people, or even remove yourself from the conversation. And you can stop notifications from any messaging session or browse all the photos and videos within any message thread. To access all these features, just open the new Details view.

Share a conversation —
and your screen.

Now you can share your screen with the person you’re chatting with. Then you can go from iMessage conversation to screen sharing with just a click. You can easily do things like collaborate on a presentation with a colleague, browse the web with a friend, or select airplane seats with your spouse. And Messages automatically initiates an audio chat when you start a screen sharing session, so you can talk things through while you’re at it.

Say it in a Soundbite.

Sometimes it’s nicer for them to hear what you’re saying than to read it. Record a quick audio clip of your voice and send it to friends without leaving the Messages app.

Family Sharing A new way to bring harmony
to your family’s digital life.

Your Mac has always been a great place to purchase, organize, and enjoy songs, apps, and other content. Now Family Sharing makes it easy for up to six people in your family to share each other’s iTunes, iBooks, and App Store purchases without sharing accounts. Whenever one family member buys a new song, or app, everybody in the family group can enjoy it, too. You can also share photos, a family calendar, and more to help keep everyone connected.3 Learn more about Family Sharing

  • iTunes
  • App Store
  • iBooks
  • iPhoto
  • Calendar
  • Reminders

Being a family pays off in huge new ways.

Once you set up Family Sharing, family members get immediate access to each other’s purchased music, books, and apps. Browse everyone’s libraries and download what you want with a click anytime you like. Because all family members use their own Apple IDs, there’s no need to share accounts or passwords.

Making purchases is easy. So is setting limits.

Parents get more control, while kids feel like they have more freedom. It’s not a parenting miracle, it’s Family Sharing. Enjoy the convenience of paying for family purchases with a single credit card. Enable “Ask to Buy” to review iTunes, iBooks, and App Store purchases requested by children before completing them. You can even create Apple IDs for children under 13 years old so they can participate, too.

Now it’s easy to be
one of those organized families.

Family Sharing automatically sets up a shared photo album, calendar, and reminders. So if you want to view the latest vacation shots or let everyone know when it’s picture day, it’s all just a click away. In addition, Family Sharing lets you share your location with your family members and shows you where they are. And if someone in the family loses a device, everyone can help find it using Find My iPhone.

Finder Store any file in iCloud Drive.
Then find it on any device.

Welcome to your place in the cloud. Located in the Finder, iCloud Drive lets you store all types of files, organize them the way you like, and access them from all your devices. Learn more about iCloud

Now your files go everywhere you do.

iCloud Drive works like any other folder on your Mac. Just drag and drop files right into it. Changes you make on one device are made on all your other devices. And your files are always available on your Mac and iOS devices, even when you’re offline. Changes you make offline are synced when you connect to the Internet.

All your files, organized your way.

You’ve got all kinds of files on your Mac: work documents, school projects, presentations, and more. Keeping track of them is easy with iCloud Drive. You can create additional folders within iCloud Drive and add tags like “School” or “Work” so you know what’s what. Rearrange everything however you want. With iCloud Drive, you can always find the latest version of a file on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC, and also at

Every Mac comes with amazing apps.

Built into every Mac are six powerful productivity and creativity apps: Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand. Not to mention all the other incredible apps, including Safari, Mail, and iBooks, which are perfect for the things you want to do and the things you need to do. And, of course, there are thousands more apps to discover at the Mac App Store.