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    iPhone 5 Earpods

    I got these earphones with my iPhone 5 so I thought I would give them a try. In the past I have been using the Belkin Mic attachment so I could use the headphones of my choice, but lots of extra wires that way. I have spent a month with the Apple headphones and they are very convenient and they stay in my ears when I use the little clip to cinch up the extra headphone wire. That little cinch clip thing is the only thing that keeps the earpods in my ears when I am out exercising. The sound quality is fine.

    My two complaints of these earpods are that they are not "ear plug" style so there is a lot of ambient noise, which is a personal preference, and the sticky rubber they used to produce these head phones has been the cause of multiple phone drops. Luckily, I was using these with my iPhone 4 so there wasn't much damage. The back of the iPhone 5 would have been a scratched up mess by now. I move, the rubber clings and catches on everything from clothes to my desk at work, and the phone goes flying.

    I'm going back to my other headphones.

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    Does not stay in ear

    Sound is good, but i cant keep them in my ear.

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    Sounds great but....

    Who was in charge of "fit"??? I've had several different type of ear bud style headphones from all the original Apple earbuds to Sennheisers & Bose & these fit THEE worst out of all tof them. They sound great but they "jiggle" out of the ear just by wallking around the office so i'd had to see how they are if you're trying to run.

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    New earbuds review after three days

    I want to like this product but it does not stay in my ears. Sound quality is nice!

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    I bought these EarPods to replace the original earbuds to use while running with my iPod. I have small ear canals and I was really disappointed while running with these because they kept falling out of my ears. I was constantly adjusting and readjusting but they still kept falling out. The biggest difference with these compared to the original is that these have no rubber gaskets around the earpiece to keep them in place, so they just come loose and fall out. I went back to the originals and they stay in place better than these EarPods. If you have small ear canals, don't buy these. It seems to me that Apple should sell 2 sizes, small and large. Although the sound is great, really disappointed with the fit!

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    Good sound -- but EarPods fall out when walking

    I was pleasantly surprised by the sound of the EarPods, which are a big improvement over earlier versions of Apple's earphones. Highs, mids and lows are clear, and offer a balanced listening experience. The mic and controls work well with my iPhone 4 and are easy to use.

    Unfortunately, good sound is only half of what I need in a pair of earphones. The other half is, of course, good fit -- and these absolutely don't for me. While I'm walking, the EarPods dislodge and simply fall out my ears. No matter how I try to angle them or position them deeper, they still work their way out fast, making these useless for me.

    Despite Apple's testing to try and make EarPods a universal fit for everyone, this is obviously impossible. Overall, a very disappointing purchase, which I'm going to return as soon as possible. Not recommended.

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    Good quality, horrible fit

    I use these earpod when I'm at the gym running on the treadmill, and I can say that they fit horribly. I have to keep pushing them with my finger or else they fall after 1 minute.
    The sound and build quality is way better than the older version but I will continue using my Monter turbine copper pro.

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    Sound Great/Won't stay in ears while exercising

    These headphones are awesome if you don't plan to move while listening to your iPhone/iPod. I highly recommend Gummies over these if you plan to use them while working out.

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    Sound and Fit

    The headphones sound better than most in ear headphones in this price range, but they constantly fall out or move out of position.

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    Too Loose

    I got these with my iPhone 5 and they are just too Loose in my ears. I don't feel I have huge ear canals or anything but these just don't fit right. I with they came with some kind of adapter wraps for different ear sizes.

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    Better, but they still drop out of your ears too easily

    Ok, they look good, sound good to me,but still fall out of the ears too easily. I was fortunate in that I had a small thin set of rubber ear addapters from another set of headphones. I slipped them over, cut a hole in the end and now they are comfortable and stay in my ears. Can't recommend these yet; wish I could.

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    Major issue with calls

    These earpods work fine for music playback but are terrible for phone calls. They keep cutting out as if the noise canceling is working too much. This happened on 2 sets so I just started using the older earbuds and they work fine. If you get these free with your phone that's fine but don't waste your money buying these separately.

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    Microphone isn't as good as older models.

    So these are better in every way EXCEPT for one and it's a pretty major one as it's the only reason is use earbuds. For PHONE CALLS! People always tell me they don't here my voice as clear as they normally did when I were these. I wish they could bring back the old mic with the new designed speakers and fit... :(

    The mic is inside the plastic or somewhere you can't even see it so it's no wonder people find it harder to hear me!

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    Good Sound TERRIBLE Fit

    The fit is going to be a person by person basis, but the shape feels fine if you're sitting down not moving. I used them on my commute and each step I took, the pod wiggled and kept popping out of my ear. The plastic is too smooth and need to be more rubberized to actually stay in your ear, especially since they "looked at all these ears" for it to fit best.

    The sound is good, but if you need a new pair, look elsewhere...only use if you get them free with your iPhone/iPod, etc.

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    had them for 3 weeks and right ear is dead

    i have no idea what happen to the right ear but its gone. the thing to change the song/increase volume still works but no sound. i guess it's time to buy cheaper and more durable earphones

    they were never dropped nor got washed and it still happened

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    Too big

    I don't know what is wrong with my ears, but I cannot get these EarPods to stay in. I thought they would be better than the original iPhone earpods, but they are just as bad. Very disappointing.

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    Apple New EarPods.

    Just bought these today a Best Buy 10/13/2012 these things are horrible they do not stay in your ears at all, they hurt. I have a $5.00 pair I bought at Wal-Mart that work better and also stay in the ears no matter what your doing. The only plus is the remote and mic buttons, thses EarPods have a better sound then the origanal ones, Sorry Apple you made some thing that does not work well.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing sound but they hurt

    These new earpods sound really good. They also have a great bass. The problem is, that they don't fit well and my ears start hurting after using these after about an hour. Apple tested more than 600 ears but my size was not in that survey.

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    Good sound quality, if they fit

    Sound quality is incredible, but they don't stay in my ears, and they kinda hurt :(

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    Not for everybody!!

    So, here's the deal with those earphones. They sound great but they're not for everybody. On the previous model, i used the mid-size rubber earphones. If those or the smaller ones fitted your ears, the new model won't fit. They're always on the verge of falling off. If you move your head too much, they'll fall at the first occasion. The other thing, the plastic shell is freezing in your ears if you live in a northern corner of this planet. I just came back from a walk while it was 6 Celcius and it was very uncomfortable. And 6 is not near the worst we'll see on a normal winter in Canada. So, for me, it's 35$ down the drain. The perfect headphones for the Californian with big ear holes. If that's not you, forget about it.

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