An In-Depth Look at Final Cut Pro X.

Import. Organize. Edit. Add effects. Sweeten. Grade. Deliver.
You’ll find breakthrough features in every part of the workflow.

Incredible Performance

Final Cut Pro offers unprecedented speed and superior quality
through every part of the post-production workflow.

64-bit architecture

No longer restricted to the 4GB limit of 32-bit applications, Final Cut Pro uses all the RAM in your system to handle larger frame sizes and keep more frames in memory. You can now create more extensive projects and work with deeper, more interesting multilayered effects.

Native format support

Final Cut Pro natively supports more formats than ever, including REDCODE RAW, Sony XAVC, AVCHD, H.264, and AVC‑Ultra. Built-in support for MXF makes it simple to import, edit, and deliver MXF files, while resolution independence lets you mix and match formats, frame rates, and frame sizes to 5K and beyond. Final Cut Pro also lets you work with compressed audio formats — including MP3 and AAC — so you can use iTunes as your built-in music library.

GPU utilization

Final Cut Pro uses the GPUs on the graphics cards for effects previews and rendering, so you can work with richer projects in real time. GPU utilization also enables faster optical flow analysis, RED RAW processing, and “Send to Compressor,” as well as background exporting, allowing you to deliver projects while editing.

Background processing

As you edit, Final Cut Pro takes advantage of unused cycles in the background to execute a range of tasks including image analysis, rendering, transcoding, and moving media. Open the Background Tasks window to get a detailed display of active processes, and manually pause or cancel any background process with a click.

ColorSync-managed color pipeline

Final Cut Pro is designed to use Apple’s ColorSync color management for display and processing, producing accurate and consistent color from import through render and export. Colors look the same whether you’re playing back media in Final Cut Pro, Motion, or QuickTime Player.

Shared Render Engine

Final Cut Pro shares a render engine with Motion and Compressor for consistent speed and quality. The shared engine allows Motion templates to play back in Final Cut Pro without rendering. The engine renders in linear-light color space for exceptionally realistic results.