What’s new in Logic Pro X.

Logic Pro 10.1 introduces advanced new features for EDM and Hip Hop track creation and tons of enhancements to streamline all types of music production. Get more new sounds and more powerful tools that keep the creative process flowing.

EDM and Hip Hop take the spotlight.

EDM and Hip Hop round out the bill in Logic Pro 10.1 with ingenious, time-saving beat-making tools and powerful control over every last detail of your tracks.

New drummers.

It’s beat programming taken to a new level. Choose from 10 new beat creators with pro skills in cutting-edge styles including Tech House, Trap, Dubstep, and more. They follow your lead to dial in the groove you’re going for.

Drum Machine Designer.

Choose from awesome-sounding kits covering a range of electronic styles. Bend and shape the sound with the right controls always at your disposal. Mix, match, and swap out the kit pieces with hundreds of thumps, kicks, strikes, claps, and more. Then let your custom drum machine spark the creation of some fresh new beats.

Drum machine–style sequencing.

Press any note to generate a sequence with Note Repeat. Remove them just as simply with Spot Erase. Easily change rate, note length, and velocity on the fly to create intricate rhythmic patterns, build drama, and create big drops.

Enhanced Piano Roll Editor.

The Piano Roll Editor gives you new ways to create and manipulate MIDI data. Add or subtract a series of notes in a single swipe with the new Brush Tool. Compress and expand a selection of notes with new graphic tools. See more in less space with the Collapse view and use the Drum Name view to spot those drum-hit notes with ease.

Region-based automation.

Your automated changes are now embedded within any region, so you can repeat or loop them with all those swirling, sweeping, twisting effect parameters going along for the ride.

Inspiring Sounds

An advanced Compressor to tighten up or boost tracks. Tons of new EDM-inspired synth patches. Thousands of combinations of chest-resonating kicks, thumps, and claps. And 10 new Mellotron instruments just in time for an old-school songwriting session.

Redesigned Compressor plug-in.

The Compressor plug-in now features a fully scalable, redesigned interface inspired by the look and feel of legendary studio favorites. With the new Classic VCA, there are a total of seven models. And the Histogram Meter view lets you see the results of your parameters, controls, and knob movements like never before.

Retro Synth.

Now you can import any audio file to create custom wavetables using the enhanced wavetable oscillator. Shape and manipulate sounds with full control over oscillator parameters. And stack voices to create your own lush, dense synth sound.

New sounds.

The Logic Pro Sound Library expands to give you free rein over everything from traditional instrument–based to heavily processed electronic sounds. Utilizing MIDI plug-ins and Track Stacks, 200 stunning new patches are tailored for EDM and Hip Hop music production. And fans of vintage gear can now play with 10 expertly sampled and programmed Mellotron instruments.

Powerful Tools

Your studio gets a serious upgrade with an enhanced Mixer featuring new automation modes and other tools for commanding big mixes. Save valuable time with real-time fades and the flexibility to organize plug-ins your way. And take full control of plug-ins from your iPad with Logic Remote.

More powerful Mixer.

Take total control over your mixes with pro studio console–style VCA faders. Quickly assign channels and automate their levels all from a single fader. And enjoy the freedom to view Track Stack channels in the Mixer, independent of the Tracks area.

Advanced automation.

New Relative and Trim modes let you ride a fader to fine-tune existing automation, just like on a professional mixing console. And synchronize the writing and editing of automation for multiple tracks using Track Groups.

Real-time fades.

Fades are now rendered in real time so projects load faster and fade files become a thing of the past. This change makes fades compatible with Flex Pitch and allows edits to fades to become audible without having to stop playback. The same technology is used to ensure click-free playback when cycling.

Customizable plug-in menus.

Sort and prioritize all Logic Pro and third-party plug-ins with ease. Put your favorites at the top of the menu. And create custom categories to keep hundreds of plug-ins ready, right when you need them.

Logic Remote.

Control Logic Pro from any corner of your studio using your iPad. Play software instruments or adjust levels from inside your recording booth. Logic Remote makes it easy to shape your sound, quickly find instruments and their Smart Controls, or select from the Sound Library and start recording when and where it feels right.

Easy exporting.

Getting your music out there has never been easier. Now you can share projects and tracks with anyone near you using AirDrop, or use the new Mail Drop feature in OS X Yosemite.

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