Inspiration is always at hand. Explore the bottom of the ocean. Make Benjamin Franklin your guest speaker. Update course materials with the tap of a finger. iPad gives you so many ways to engage your students and bring every lesson to life.

A World of Content. Something for every lesson. And learner.

With iPad, your classroom materials go way beyond the classroom. Discover over 75,000 apps just for education; interactive books on every subject; and speeches, virtual tours and videos from experts and institutions around the world.

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iPad makes learning more personalised.

Everyone learns differently. With just a few taps, you can customise your students’ iPad with materials that fit their level and learning style. Say you’re teaching a physics lesson on inertia. For your students who learn best by listening, download a podcast from iTunes U on Newton’s laws of motion. And for those who learn through tactile interaction, find an app that lets students shoot arrows at a target. The wide range of content across subjects and grades also makes it easy to tailor iPad for students at a variety of learning levels. With iPad, you can teach all your students the same lesson — in different ways.

Powerful Free Apps from Apple. Make everyday assignments extraordinary.

Students don’t just watch, listen or read with iPad — they create with it. Free with every iOS device, Photos, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers and Keynote turn every assignment into something big. A multimedia presentation. A photo documentary. A riveting research project. Suddenly, the work they need to do becomes work they want to do — on a device they love to use.

Pages, Numbers and Keynote. Help your students produce their best work.

With iPad and these powerful apps, students write, analyse data and present their work in engaging ways. In Pages, students make reports anything but ordinary with photos, videos and graphics. For data-rich projects, Numbers helps them express ideas in tables, charts and graphs that go way beyond a mere spreadsheet. And in Keynote, students create presentations with stunning transitions and effects. These apps are designed for iOS devices and Mac. They’re compatible with Microsoft Office so students on a Mac or PC can share documents. And with iCloud, students can access their work from any device they’re using — iPad, Mac, iPhone or iPod touch.

Photos, iMovie and GarageBand. More creative ways to create.

These creative apps will transform the typical assignment or research project. Students can shoot and edit their own HD video with iMovie, create a visual journal with Photos, and even record, edit and mix music for projects with GarageBand. With iPad and these apps, students can tackle assignments in creative ways. So they’ll put more into their work — and get more out of it.

iBooks Author. Teach your way. With your materials.

With iBooks Author, you can create your own interactive materials that work best for your students. Because no one knows what they need — or how they learn — better than you.

Show them everything you know.

iBooks Author is a free app that helps you make Multi-Touch books for iPad or Mac. So you can teach your subject your way. Create materials tailored to your lesson and class level. Make books with different levels for different students. Teach a topic with your unique perspective. Or fill a gap in your existing course materials. You can even use iBooks Author to design an interactive report card. Or have your students create portfolios, class newsletters or yearbooks.

Take reading beyond the page.

iBooks Author makes it easy to create books that tell a story with video, audio, scrolling sidebars, even 3D objects — iPad brings them all to life. Get started with beautiful built-in templates, then customise content by dragging and dropping. Include a video or an audio clip on your subject. And just like that, your custom-made book is ready for class.

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iTunes U in Class. From chapter one to final exams, it’s your course on iPad.

The iTunes U app brings your entire classroom together on iPad. Whether you’re building next week’s lessons, answering questions outside class time, or collecting and grading assignments, all you need is iTunes U and iPad.

Creative learning.

With the ability to hand in homework through the iTunes U app, students can be even more creative in showing what they’ve learned. iTunes U works seamlessly with the “Open in” function of any supported app to easily submit videos, presentations, books, photos and PDFs, and attach them directly to an assignment in a course. Teachers can immediately see when projects are completed, mark them and give feedback, right there in iTunes U.

Apple TV and iPad. Watch and learn.

With Apple TV, you can use AirPlay to wirelessly stream the content on an iPad to any HDTV. Use it to lead a class brainstorm, or walk everyone through a presentation. Your students can connect with Apple TV just as easily, giving them the ability to share projects and other work on the big screen. And with iOS 8, students and teachers can also connect iPad to Apple TV without first connecting to the school network. This means anyone in the class can present or share their work even if they are not on the network or if Apple TV is on a different network.