Minimum System Requirements
  • OS X v10.10.4 or later
  • 4GB of RAM (8GB recommended for 4K editing and 3D titles)
  • OpenCL-capable graphics card or Intel HD Graphics 3000 or later
  • 256MB of VRAM (1GB recommended for 4K editing and 3D titles)1
  • 4.7GB of disk space (3.5GB for the app, 1.2GB for supplemental content)
User Interface
  • Dark look to enhance colour perception
  • Single-window layout for all user interface panes
  • Onscreen controls for selected filters
  • Keyframe editor pane with a streamlined timeline view for intuitive time-based control
  • Centre toolbar for tools; colour-coded objects and inspector keyframe controls for easy identification
  • Unlimited tracks of movie clips, graphics, text and particles
  • Project sizes up to 16K (8K resolution requires a graphics card with 512MB of VRAM; 1GB or more recommended; 16K resolution requires a graphics card with 1GB of VRAM)
  • Open multiple projects simultaneously to easily switch, copy and paste between them
  • Colour bits per channel: 16-bit float for GPU rendering; 32-bit float for background software rendering of Motion projects in Final Cut Pro (float processing requires a graphics card with 256MB of VRAM; 512MB or more recommended)
  • Customisable nonsquare-pixel support
  • Semitransparent heads-up display with onscreen controls for layers, behaviours and filters
  • Onscreen controls for 3D position, 3D rotation, 3D anchor point, skew, four-corner pin, crop and text glyph manipulations
  • Enable/Disable viewing and rendering of Lighting, Shadows, Reflections and Depth of Field
  • Support for dual-monitor display
  • View colour channels and alpha channels independently
  • Canvas alignment tools including dynamic alignment guides, 3D grid and rulers
  • Pen-and-tablet gesture-based interface
  • 3D mouse support
  • Integrated File Browser for fast access to Finder content
  • RAM Previews for viewing complex animations at full frame rate
  • Save favourite settings, customised effects, gradients, text styles and more in the Library
  • Over 1,900 pieces of Apple-designed, royalty-free vector artwork, high-resolution images and animated design elements
  • Instantly display and access all layers in the project using a single keystroke
  • Create, save and remap customised keyboard shortcuts
  • Show images outside the visible frame boundary for easily adjusting offscreen objects
  • Automatically collect media used in a project for easy backup or moving to other locations
  • Use Spotlight in OS X to locate Motion projects by searching on any layer name or text string created in the project
3D Compositing
  • Position, rotate and intersect multiple layers in 3D space
  • Combine multiple layers into 3D groups for hierarchical 3D animations
  • Add, animate and cut between multiple cameras
  • Walk-Camera intuitively operates like a first-person video game
  • Adjust the camera’s near and far soft clipping planes to avoid object ‘popping’
  • Apply Camera behaviours for easily creating and modifying complex camera moves
  • Quad split view for displaying multiple orthographic and perspective views
  • Inset viewer for quickly checking alternative views while making adjustments
  • Multiple light sources including ambient, directional, point and spot
  • Enable shadows for selected point or spot lights, define objects to receive or cast shadows, and control the shadow colours and softness
  • Enable Reflectivity on most objects, movies, paint strokes and more
  • Activate depth of field to enhance realism and control focus
  • Enable particles, Replicator elements and paint strokes to animate in 3D space
  • Create 3D text behaviours for character-by-character animations with full 3D position and rotation control
  • Create 3D motion paths for layers, cameras and light sources
  • Apply behaviours like throw, orbit and vortex with 3D attributes
  • Isolate any layer to a Front view for easily modifying masks or editing text
Timeline Editing
and Layering
  • Layer list view makes it easy to change the stacking order of any layer, group, filter or animation behaviour
  • Grouping for applying compound transformations and filters
  • Common “bring to front” and “send to back” functions
  • Opacity and blend mode display for quick access on every layer and group
  • Create drop zones for easy drag-and-drop image replacement
  • Clone layers for linking instances of images that inherit properties automatically
  • Solo tracks for easier viewing and refinements
  • Isolate selection for temporary framing and solo of an object to facilitate editing of an object in a 3D composition
  • Composite with premultiplied or non-premultiplied Alpha channels
  • Mini-timeline built into the Canvas that displays a single track for the currently selected layer, group, filter or behaviour
  • Trim, slip, slide, and retime audio and video clips via the mini-timeline
  • Retime clips using frame blending, motion blur blending or optical flow
  • Cache optical flow retiming analysis to change speed at any time without re-analysing
  • Full timeline with drag-and-drop editing to choose between compositing and assembling multiple clips
  • Insert and overwrite editing directly into the timeline
  • Markers that can be placed in the timeline or on a specific clip with notes
  • Unique behaviour animations for creating natural phenomena like wind, gravity and vortex
  • Sophisticated simulations like attract, repel and orbit, which create multilayered 3D animations
  • Text sequencing for automating complex title animations in 3D space
  • Auto-animated Parameter controls like oscillate, wriggle and more
  • Parameter linking for driving secondary animations
  • Retiming behaviours automate ramping in and out of speed changes
  • Audio behaviour for syncing animations with audio tracks
  • MIDI behaviour for triggering parameter changes via any MIDI device
  • Shape behaviours allow for tracking points on a shape or creating random wriggling animated shapes
  • Complete keyframe-based animation tools
  • Keyframe editor with Bezier, Linear, Constant and Ease In/Ease Out curve interpolations
  • Keyframe editing tool, keyframe sketch tool and keyframe box manipulation tool
  • Copy and paste keyframes from different tracks and parameters
  • Keyframe settings for ping pong, repeat and progressive
  • Record animations and thin keyframes in real time
  • Draw keyframes in the Keyframe editor using a freehand pen tool
  • Squish, stretch and move groups of keyframes using a transform box
  • Save curve sets for quick access to common parameters
  • View animated curves for easier navigation
  • View keyframes in the timeline for quick positioning
  • Enable/Disable keyframe and behaviour-based animations to easily compare different results
Particle Engine
  • Sprite-based particle engine with accelerated performance
  • Over 200 particle presets for easy access to sparkles, fire, smoke and more
  • Animate particles in 3D space with Face-Camera control
  • Apply multiple objects or video clips as emitters
  • Apply additive blend mode for intense glowing results
  • Animate emitters and cells independently
  • Save newly created particles in the Library for reuse in other projects
  • Choose between point, line, rectangle, circle, box, sphere and more for emitter shapes
  • Control birth rate, life, speed, angle, spin, scale and gradient colours for particle cells
  • Scale particles over their life or add behaviours like orbit and vortex for amazing 3D results with little effort
Paint Effects
  • Paint with pressure-sensitive vector-based brushstrokes
  • Select from over 140 customisable brush styles from traditional to abstract
  • Modify brush width, colour, opacity and jitter over the stroke path
  • Automatically draw on and draw off with full customisation
  • Edit brushstrokes as bezier or advanced B-spline paths
  • Rotate the stroke in 3D space with Face-Camera control for volumetric 3D strokes
  • Assign pressure and speed to brush properties when using a pen and tablet
  • Enable dynamics on paint dabs for particle paint-type effects
  • Apply Replicator-like sequencing animations that can cause the paint stroke to ripple through 3D space
Replicator Tool
  • Automatic replication of any graphic, text object or movie file along defined patterns
  • Over 200 Replicator presets that can be completely customised and resaved
  • Animate replicated patterns in 3D space with Face-Camera control
  • Save newly created Replicators in the Library for reuse in other projects
  • Choose between line, rectangle, circle, burst, spiral, wave, box, sphere and more for Replicator patterns
  • Define the number of rows, columns and 3D ranks that fill or outline the pattern
  • Control pattern size, cell size, angle, scale and gradient colours for Replicator cells
  • Change the offset for rows and columns, causing them to shift position across the defined pattern
  • Control the origin of animation from various points of the pattern
  • Add random scale and angle setting for more natural replications
  • Apply additive blend mode for intense glowing results
  • Set the colour of replicated objects from a single tint to a user-defined range
  • Add a Replicator Sequence behaviour for wavelike animations over various patterns
Title Design
  • Vector-based text engine for creating clean type at any size
  • Import capability supporting Text and RTF files to create Motion text objects
  • Format text using size, rotation, slant, tracking, kerning and more
  • Animate individual text characters in 3D space using customisable text behaviours
  • Transform single characters with the Adjust Glyph tool
  • Select from a common set of blend modes, including normal, multiply, screen and add
  • Customise text styles with control over the face, outline, glow and drop shadow
  • Type-on and text-on-a-path layout/animation options
  • Scroll and Crawl layouts and animation options that support large amounts of text
  • Text field parameter in Inspector makes it easy to edit text even if text is obscured in the Canvas
  • Fill text with solid or multipoint gradients
  • Apply static images or video clips as textures to text faces
  • Control textures using hold frame, offset, wrap modes and opacity
  • Support for Asian, Cyrillic and other Unicode system fonts
  • Right-to-left and vertical text support for non-Roman languages like Japanese, Chinese and Arabic
  • Search-and-replace function to find and modify specific text throughout a project
  • Shrink-to-fit option that automatically resizes text to fit into a given area
Tracking and
  • Match move using single-point tracking or four-corner pinning
  • Create tracking data that can be referenced by multiple objects
  • Track a filter’s onscreen position controls
  • Offset tracking for creating a single track from multiple offsets
  • Tracking behaviour highlights best potential tracking points, eliminating guesswork
  • Advanced tracking algorithm maintains accurate analysis when patterns rotate or skew
  • Smart retry feature resets the search region automatically for less user intervention
  • Provide directional hints for fast-moving regions by using the look-ahead feature
  • Stabilise using traditional point stabiliser or optical flow analysis
  • Automated optical flow stabiliser bypasses selecting points and time-consuming setup
  • SmoothCam optical flow analysis removes jitter and rocking from hand-held shots while retaining overall camera moves
  • Adjust amount of smoothing applied to transforms, rotation and scaling in real time
Filters and
  • Over 110 accelerated filters for real-time interactivity
  • More than 10 blur filters, including Gaussian, Channel Blur, Radial Blur and Defocus
  • Simple and bevel borders
  • More than 15 colour correction filters, including Color Balance, Gradient Colorize, Color Reduce and Threshold
  • More than 25 distortion filters, including Refraction, Insect Eye, Glass Distortion, Ripple, Scrape and Polar
  • Stunning glow effects for Light Rays, Bloom, Aura and more
  • Keying filter that automatically analyses the dominant colour of the visible frame and presents onscreen controls for refining the sample colour and edges of the key
  • Keying controls for filling holes, adjusting edge distance, spill level and light wrap
  • Advanced keying colour-wheel control for adjusting the tolerance and softness in the chroma and luma channels of the keyed region
  • Stylise filters like Vignette, Bad TV, Bad Film, Color Emboss, Halftone, Line Art and Slit Tunnel
  • Unique kaleidoscope and tiling filters
  • Time-based filters for echo and strobe effects
  • Video filters for deinterlacing and broadcast-safe colours and luminance
  • Generators that automatically generate patterns, noise, colours, caustics, and concentric shapes and spirals
  • Text generators that create and animate text elements like numbers, currency, dates and timecode, or can generate text using the contents of a text file
Masking Tools
  • Bezier or advanced B-spline masking tools
  • Create ovals, rectangles and arbitrary freehand shapes
  • Control opacity, rounding and edge feathering
  • Combine masks using mathematical operations
  • Track entire shapes or control points using tracking behaviours
  • Create image masks from alpha, luminance or RGB values of a second image
  • Support for AIFF, WAV, MP3, VBR MP3 and AAC (MPEG-4 Audio)
  • Edit audio tracks in the timeline with trim, slip and move
  • Retime audio tracks with pitch change
  • Scrub audio tracks for frame-accurate positioning
  • Control balance, gain, mute and solo individually
  • Use master audio controls for global audio adjustments
  • Trigger parameter changes based on audio frequencies or transient hits
Final Cut Pro
and Third-Party
  • Create and save Smart Templates in Motion for titles, effects, transitions and generators to make them available in Final Cut Pro for drag-and-drop application without rendering
  • Rigs allow multiple parameters to be controlled with simplified sliders, pop-up menus or checkboxes
  • Predefined aspect-ratio snapshots make templates automatically fit the Final Cut Pro project frame size
  • Define fixed durations for intro and outro sections in templates; Final Cut Pro adjusts the title body to fit the timing in the middle
  • Rigs and parameters can be published in a template for simplified control in Final Cut Pro
  • Import vector PDF graphics, Photoshop layered documents, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, TGA or Open EXR files
  • FxPlug 3 for GPU-accelerated third-party filters and effects, including support for shapes, paths, cameras, lights and customised interfaces
  • Support for Image Unit plug-ins
  • Share feature to export and deliver content automatically to devices like iPod and Apple TV, or to services like Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube in a few clicks
  • Export to ProRes, H.264, MPEG-4 and other QuickTime-supported codecs
  • Export OP1a MXF files using bundled Compressor settings
  • Export as movies or image sequences
  • Export as OpenEXR format
  • Export to uncompressed 8-bit and 10-bit 4:2:2
  • Support for progressive and field-based rendering
  • Accelerated motion blur with customisable shutter
  • Save customised export settings for easier selection
  • Settings created in Compressor can be accessed directly from the Share feature in Motion 5 and Final Cut Pro X
  • Send a whole project to Compressor for advanced encoding requirements
  • Export Selection can render out selected objects