iPhone in Business

The business standard.

Forward thinking and incredibly useful, iPhone 5s brings the future of technology to work. With a remarkably thin and light design, the A7 chip with 64-bit desktop-class architecture, a fingerprint identity sensor, innovative apps for business and ultrafast wireless, iPhone 5s sets a new standard for business.

On the job. Everywhere you work.

iPhone is ready for work with non-stop features to get you through your business day with ease. Powered by our most advanced mobile operating system, it’s no surprise that iPhone has become the business standard for companies around the globe.

Out of the box. Into your business.

With iPhone on the job, you can keep your business on tap wherever your work takes you. The amazing set of built-in apps gives you access to the essential information you need throughout your day. iPhone is ready for work with Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Safari, AirDrop, Control Centre and smarter multitasking at your fingertips.

Design that works for you.

With a 64-bit architecture, a remarkably slim design and breakthrough technology like Touch ID, iPhone 5s is ready for work.  And business professionals will enjoy the blazing-fast performance and true-to-life graphics of the A7 chip, which doesn’t sacrifice battery life.

Always engaging.

iOS is the best platform for business, providing a powerful yet simple integrated experience. With hardware and software made for each other, the unique features of iPhone come to life in engaging ways. And the powerful iOS platform offers a secure foundation to support all types of businesses.

IT ready. Secure and scalable deployment.

With a comprehensive approach to security and scalable deployment options, it’s easy for IT teams to deploy iPhone in virtually any environment. With a built-in framework for third-party Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, IT teams can easily and efficiently set up, configure and manage large numbers of iPhone devices.

Enterprise-grade security.

iPhone is designed with advanced security technologies that provide end-to-end control of the device, data and apps. Many security features are enabled by default and require no configuration. Others are managed to fit seamlessly into your organisation without adding complexity for users. iOS delivers a secure architecture, provides enhanced data protection and offers seamless access to corporate information networks.

Scalable deployment.

From 10 devices to 10,000, and corporate-owned to bring-your-own-device programs, deploying iPhone in your organisation can be a zero-touch effort for IT teams. iOS makes it simple and fast for employees to set up their devices, straight out of the box. Users can activate their iPhone, configure basic settings, enrol in corporate services and start working straight away — all without help from the IT team.

Complete management.

IT teams can control every aspect of iPhone with built-in iOS technologies — from enrolling devices for use on the corporate network, to configuring settings and managing corporate data, to deploying and managing apps. iOS and powerful third-party MDM solutions help IT teams manage large deployments of iPhone devices with granular control that’s transparent and doesn’t affect the user experience.

Powerful apps. Work in inspiring new ways.

iPhone and amazing apps for business on the App Store provide endless ways to get you through your work week with time to spare. Collect apps that keep you productive, in touch and ahead of the pack wherever your business takes you.

Discover great apps for work.

With thousands of great apps for work, there’s an app for just about every business task. Browse a curated selection of apps for business and discover unlimited ways to boost your productivity.
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Buy apps and books in volume.

The VPP makes it simple to find, buy and distribute iOS apps, Mac apps and iBooks to meet all your business needs. And the VPP provides businesses with complete ownership and control of content distribution through third-party MDM solutions.
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Make it your business. Build customised apps.

The iOS platform and a wealth of iOS developer resources provide everything you need to build apps tailor-made to your business specifications.
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Get started. Resources to get you working.

Whether you’re new to iPhone or a seasoned pro, there’s always something new to explore to get the most from your iPhone for business. Get setup advice, find local business experts, learn about support resources and more.

Set up.

Get ready to work in no time with these step-by-step setup instructions.
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Get support.

Support is a phone call or click away with these useful support links and resources.
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iPhone everywhere. See what the buzz is all about.

Companies around the world have chosen iPhone as their business standard. See how these organisations from small businesses to industry-leading enterprises have deployed iPhone and empowered their workforces for optimal productivity.
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