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    logitech keyboard case.

    • Written by from Mississauga

    This is a practical product. If you are stationary for the time your using it. Otherwise, if you move around or on the go, this case offers NO protection and it's awkward to type on without a firm surface. Also, there are some keys that are not usable. You still have to touch your screen for many functions. It's a good product, but, it's not worth the money, since you still need to buy a sleeve or another case.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Keyboard, not cover

    • Written by from Waltham

    The keyboard itself works great - comfortable (for its size), responsive, good battery life. The only thing missing is a backlight. Also, if you're bilingual - remember that unlike most of PCs, Apple-related keyboards put characters right in the middle of the keys, leaving no space to add secondary alphabet. There's a dedicated language switching button though.

    As a cover this device is pretty much a disaster. I would even say it adds more chances for your equipment to get damaged. You will have to be a lot more careful when using your iPad with this "cover" than without it. The magnetic holder was designed for a much lighter SmartCover, not for the heavy keyboard. There's a constant danger of either the iPad or the keyboard falling off. I would strongly advice against using your iPad when the magnetic holder is attached. Also, get some real cover to protect iPad along with this "cover".

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