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    Apple 60W MagSafe Power Adapter (for MacBook and 13-inch MacBook Pro)

    • Written by from El Paso

    I have had to replace the power cable for my MacBook Pro a few times. It frays easily despite my efforts to protect and care for it - each cable replacement costs anywhere between $40 - 80 adding to the overall cost of the computer. I have used electrical tape to reinforce the cable entering the housing of the adaptor but over time it still frays. Unfortunately this occurs even if you use the two "L" brackets that swing open to wrap the cable. My husband and other family members LOVE mac, but everyone of us have had to replace this part. I hope that Apple will improve the design of their power cables to prevent fraying.

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    It's time to replace the charger

    • Written by from Glendale

    After seeing many reviews I feel like I am on the same boat. Somehow using the tape I managed it for more than 2 years but really apple needs to reinvent the wheel for this charger. Please don't make us spend money on such things.

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    Power Adapter Melted??

    • Written by from Madison

    This is my 1st apple product EVER, but after years of dealing with PC's only lasting 2-3 years, I shelled out the almost $2,000 to buy a MacBook Pro. I've had it just 2 years, & tonight when I went to charge my laptop, it wouldn't charge. When I inspected the charger, the cord that goes into the charger/part you plug in, was melted away on one side, with the wires exposed. I never wrap the cord, as I only use my laptop in the house. It's not left plugged up when not in use. And to the tune of $80 I'll have to somehow come up with in the morning, as my laptop is essential for both my company and I'm in school full-time. You would think as much as Apple charges for their products, they could make a charger that doesn't melt, posing a potential fire hazard.

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    My Charger is a Goner.

    • Written by from Muncie

    I've had my charger for two and a half years at this point. I have had multiple friends with a macbook have their chargers stop working (more than once) so, I made sure I was very, very careful with my computer charger especially when putting the charger in my computer bag. Yet, a small slit managed to develop close to the wall plug end of the charger. As the slit continued to grow, my charger began to develop a short in the cord. To try to stop the slit from growing, tape was applied. Soon after tape was applied the charge no longer worked.

    I would understand if this was a rare occurrence for this charger but this has happened to several individuals I know. Apple, please change the design and/or material that continues to damage easily and cause the wires to be exposed.

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    Could be improved

    • Written by from London

    I also experienced issues with this product, similar to the other reviewers. However, I am a big supporter of using official products from the official store rather than 3rd party products. Perhaps Apple could improve this product instead.

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    Questionable Quality

    • Written by from Plymouth

    The original Magsafe charger ("T" style) for my early 2008 Macbook Pro held up pretty well. It lasted about 5 years with some heavy usage and travel. It finally quit charging, although it would still run the computer. So I bought a replacement ("L" style) from the Apple store near me. Less than 9 months later, that one had melted near the charger. If I need another one, I will definitely look to see if I can find one that has the "T" style connector. The current one is garbage.

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    Really bad thin cable

    • Written by from New York

    Thin cable started tearing from both ends as well as middle section after 4 months of use

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    power adaptor failure

    • Written by from forest hills

    I love the high quality of Apple's products. Unfortunately, the power adaptor is one of the few exceptions .
    I have a macbook bought at 2009. Until now I have replaced the adaptor 4 times. Every adaptor lasts only 1-2 years.
    I have engineering background. There is a very apparent mechanic design issue : " tail wagging the dog". The cable connected to macbook is thin and long. The transformer connected to the outlet is bulky and heavy. Any twisting or sudden movements of the cable will cause the " tail wagging the dog" effects , which , of cause , will damage the cable connection. This seems a long time problems. The adaptors should be back the drawing board. Hope Apple will improve it soon

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    Fatigues quickly

    • Written by from LONDON

    Stress on the wire will mean that this charger breaks, and when it breaks it is pretty dangerous (exposed wires and sparks a lot). The fact that companies are now producing and selling silicone seals to protect that part of the charger shows that it is a common fault, as alluded to by the orevious reviewers. That said, it worked for me for 3 years before giving up, but once the lead started showing signs of stress it quickly degraded to the point where it was dangerous to use and it eventually gave up. For a charger that costs over £50 to replace, this isn't really acceptable in my view.

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    2nd power adapter in 4 1/2 years

    • Written by from Portland

    The charging function has always worked great, but the cord from the brick to the MacBook seems weak and the rubber sheathing frays. The first replacement was done under AppleCare when the MacBook was about 2 years old. Now, 2 1/2 years later, it's happened again. This adapter sits at home, I don't wrap the cord around the little handles, I always disconnect it by grabbing the MagSafe connector, yet the fraying just happened. I take care of my stuff, and I think Apple made a mistake here with either design or materials.

    I'm not going to quibble - $79 over 4 1/2 years isn't a big deal - but based on the distribution of the ratings of these reviews, I'd say there's a problem that Apple needs to address.

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    Worst Laptop Charger

    • Written by from Spring

    I used to be a PC user and I've never had to replace a charger until I bought a MacBook Pro. The charger that came out of the box was too short so I would always trip over it. As a result, one of the outlets in my apartment no longer works. Today, I noticed that one of the mental prongs is bent so the charger no longer fits into the wall. I went to the Apple Store and all I needed to replace was the part with the metal prongs but that wasn't an option so I ended up spending $85 (including tax) to buy the 60W MagSafe Power Adapter. This adapter comes with a longer cord that will hopefully prevent me from tripping and breaking another outlet/power adapter.

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    Cord Frays easily, yet another flawed design.

    • Written by from Paradise

    I constantly recommend apple products because of the wonderful software, but the hardware and accessories are consistently garbage. This cord and charger, like previous models, eventually frayed at the junction where the cord meets the solid connector to the macbook. what did they expect would happen if they made a parallel connector where the cord can flex and be placed under extreme stress? Other laptop charger cords don't have these problems. The worst part is that apple simple ignores the problem whenever their products fail due to shoddy design. Thousands of customers are being made to shuck out 90 bucks to replace an inferior product, and apple just denies that the problem exists. Did you spend 300 dollars on apple care for your macbook? Too bad! Cords and chargers aren't covered (I wonder why). This is the sort of thing class action lawsuits are made of, and the first hint of one will see me on board. Multiple failed hard drives, cracked macbook bodies, and frayed cords. Enough with the garbage, Apple.

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    the magsafe power adapter has low built in quality

    • Written by from Ernakulam

    Apple products are beautifully made but the accessories like magsafe power adapter are not good...they do not last for at least one year...if this continues i think i may have to buy a lot of charger for my laptop....i bought my laptop a year ago and the charger got complaint after six months...

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    Not very good

    • Written by from Bristol

    Flimsy charger, and not up to the excellent quality of the macbook pro. Very easily damaged if you frequently travel with your macbook.

    Hard to unplug the long lead due to small plug size. The narrow gauge wire (the tail to the magsafe plug) is vulnerable to wear due to the way it protrudes from the top of the adapter body.

    The adapter casing is poorly bonded.

    Expensive to replace.

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    Now ordering my 3rd charger...

    • Written by from Marlette

    I am all for everything Apple - everything except these chargers. They are too expensive to be replacing all the time. I am very cautious when I am using them, but somehow the wires always end up being exposed. I am seeing that I am definitely not alone in this - PLEASE FIX THIS!

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    Not worth the laughable price tag.

    • Written by from Guildford

    Firstly I have to say I like Apple products, I am a graphic designer and they are great for what I do from a day-to-day basis. I also get it yes.. of course you need to make them more expensive than the competition to give the user the satisfaction that they are paying for Apple quality and the positive benefits that come with that.

    What I don't get is the need to make Apple users pay way over the odds for simple things like chargers, adaptors, headphones etc. If your adaptors were made of some kind of nigh-on unbreakable wire then fine, great, charge nearly £70 for a simple adaptor. But they aren't. Oh what's that you say? They have a lovely gimmicky magnet which allows you to find where the charge socket on your laptop is in the dark?? No, not just the dark, but it helps the cable from not tearing. Er... but it doesn't does it. As many people here have mentioned, the main area where the cable snaps, tears or rips is by the heavy part of the charger - the actual power adaptor. Is there any super duper magnet or tangle free system here to help? ..... No. It tangles, it tears, it becomes defunct like any cheap adaptor anywhere else.

    Sort it out Apple, either make the power adaptor worth the pounds/euros/dollars or just make it cheaper. Stop taking the Mick.

    Its not like people wouldn't ever need to buy an adaptor ever again as every-time you bring out a new machine you change the connector anyway!

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    Oh Goodness

    • Written by from Little Rock

    I have had my Macbook Pro since 2011 and I love it dearly. My sister has had her Macbook Pro since 2009. We love everything about it except for the charger. Together I would have to say that we have gone through at least 10 maybe even more chargers due to the fact that the wires come exposed constantly. We try to use them as long as possible, but once they start to spark, we are out. I don't understand.

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    Bad cords

    • Written by from Lake Mary

    I am about to buy my 5th charger in 4 years. My first one I had to replace because it started to fray because it couldn't handle the new silver macbooks. Then, they came out with the new expensive one so that died out after 6 months. I ended up buying a new macbook anyway and within 3 days, the charger crapped out so I had a friend who worked at apple switch the chargers out. #4 charger just crapped out on me just today and I stole my brother's charger but it is spotty too. Apple, something's gotta give.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Richmond

    I've had my power adapter for just over 2 months and it's not even working anymore. What the heck, Apple?! Very disappointing, especially after seeing on here that I'm not the only person this has happened to. I hope you'll do the right thing and return my money or replace this piece of junk. :(

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    Poor design, what were you thinking

    • Written by from Virginia Beach

    the brick itself may be quality, but the cable was definitely designed for its looks. Like literally every other apple cable i have owned, that came out in the last five years or so, they always break on the end. Today my sister came to me to charge her MacBook because her broke after being repaired for the second time. Mine was hold together with tape but today, after less than a year it snapped. I am on 3% battery, using the last 13 minutes i have (witch is impressive by the way) on telling you how much you s****. Fire someone and fix it ASAP

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