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    Not compatible with older Macbook Pros

    The MagSafe connector on this power adaptor does not fit older models of MacBook Pro. This newer connector is marginally smaller and does not fit snugly into the socket on the computer. I bought two of these at the Apple Store, Regent Street which didn't work, and I was eventually advised to buy the older part number MA938B for my January 2008 MBP. Check before you buy!

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    Free replacement

    These power adaptors do seem to break a lot I have gone through 3 in less than a year, however each time I went to the apple store and they replaced it no questions asked no receipt needed and the genius bar guy said they had a lot of issues with them. So they obviously know its a bit rubbish but they replace it so until they bring out a better one its hard too complain to much.

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    Buying yet another due to frayed cord

    As reviews say over and over, cord frays, these don't last, they're expensive for a disposable item.
    Compared to power adapters for other powerful laptops I've had these are exceptionally light and easy to carry, and the mag attachment is awesome. That's why some stars.

    Notice how "most useful" reviews shown are 5-star? How deceptive is that! Its like Apple wants us to hate them.

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    I wonder if anyone else is having trouble with their 85W MagSafe Power Adapter overheating? Sometimes it doesn't get hot at all while charging, but most of the time it gets so hot I am afraid it will start a fire.

    It charges my MacBook Pro just fine, but I'm afraid to keep it plugged in.

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    Good but lacks durability

    The Apple 85w Megsafe power adapter looks good, better than many other chargers from other companies that are bulky. One thing i did not like about this power adapter is the the wires that wear and tear after only 11 months of constant usage. I am always on the move, so every time i have to fold the cable and wire of the adapter around the adapter's body in order to make it fit my bag-pack, but having been using it for 11 months only, i noticed a tear in the wire that connects to the charging port on the MBP. I was disappointed after using it for only a short while that it began to wear out a bit by bit. I hope that Apple ensures that their cables are more durable than only one year of use, because i noticed that the durability aspect of the cables and power adapters are lacking more emphasis. Other than that, everything is great :)

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    Too Short a Life Span

    This charger is relatively small, attractive, and gets the job done. I like the magnetic plug - it has prevented many accidents where my laptop would have been dropped. But I can give it no more than 3 stars because its life span is about 1 year if you're lucky. The end that you plug into the computer is made of a flimsy rubbery plastic material that frays and comes apart after even gentle use. My laptop does very little traveling - it usually just sits at my desk or couch - but after just 9 months I was having to reinforce the adapter with electrical tape so that the wires weren't exposed. This is a huge problem with this power adapter, and I'm surprised that Apple hasn't come out with an improvement yet. I won't be paying 79.00 for Apple's, especially when I know it won't be lasting long anyway.

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    I find a weak connection over time.

    Suddenly warning me- reserve battery. Computer was on sleep it just ran down plugged in! Had since January- just started. Very temperamental,sometime perfect other times nothing. Apple-please do exchange-but we must receive perfect one in return. Sounds like problem never resolved from what I read here.

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    Works fine on 2006 Macbook Pro and 2008 onwards Macbooks, bought March 2011

    Fed up with dodgy chargers that don't last but after having bought a 3rd charger for a 2008 white MacBook got the 85W one so it will charge both my MacBook Pro (Calistoga late 2006) and MacBook rather than getting a 60W one that will only charge a MacBook. Have used an 85W charger on MacBooks for years and their batteries have lasted well. No size problems as mentioned in one review. Expensive.

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    Second charger and still working

    I have a Macbook pro 15" Mid 2012. The first charger that I had with this computer got damaged in a year; the cable broke near the plastic charger.
    The second charger that I bought (from Apple Reatiler in Colombia) is working until now, I think that the most important thing to do is not trying to bend the thin cable under any circumstance, this strategy worked for me, and I pack the charger in my bag without bending this cable.
    Besides of that, I think that Apple engineers must redesign the thin cable on newer models, because it's so fragile.

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    Battery Drop an Reboot time

    I recently purchase this to replace my frayed and broken charger. I have learned that it works fine as long as you never disconnect it. Every time my power cable is removed form the Mac I have to remove the battery and reinstall for the adapter to work again. I learned this the hard way. By taking the charge back to Apple store and telling them it defective. They plugged it into the new MAc there. It worked fine. I went home and tried but it failed. I took my Mac in and the removed the battery and resinstalled it. Then said this is a problem with the old Macbooks. Mine is a 15" Mac book Pro purchased about 2 yrs ago. I feel there should be a compatible product offered to work with my machine. I was able to twist my ground wire back together on the old adapter. It works fine with no issue. Connect, disconnect, then reconnect. Work every time, however on the new one drop battery and reboot every time the I disconnect the cable. What a pain.

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    Flawed by a weak strain relief

    The overall design is great, allowing easy changes for different power outlets and the clips for coiling the cable neatly are a nice touch. The thing is let-down badly though by the inadequate strain relief at the MagSafe end and the internal wiring can eventually break - in little more than a year in my experience.

    If you're adept with a soldering iron, it's possible to fix this, but a better solution would be for the cable to be replaceable.

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    I have a late 2008 15" unibody macbook pro with a 2.4 Ghz processor (MacBookPro5,1, or MB470LL/A).
    This model originally came with a white magsafe adaptor so I was concerned about whether this new silver adaptor would work.

    1) The sales assistant at the Apple Store said it would work.

    2) It appears to work just fine with this computer.

    3) The Q&A forums on this site have both yes and no answers, possibly some folks have communication problems or aren't thinking very hard. I don't think this is a satisfactory way for Apple to provide product information. Any person can answer any question with whatever they THINK is the right answer. On the internet, lots of people are thrilled to share their opinion as fact.

    4) Apple: it's called a product compatibility matrix combined with a solid model number system. Knock it off with the secrets and guessing games!

    As for the product itself, the connection is sleeker since the power cable runs straight back, parallel to the side of the computer. This is nice. On the other hand, the cable has a rougher surface texture and is much less flexible. Maybe the old cable was fraying a lot, but now I am concerned about wrapping this new one for travel because it is so stiff.

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    Applecare comes up trumps

    Whilst I agree with the general tenor of many of these reviews - i.e. the product (like some other Apple products) suffers from elements of poor design, the cable is too fragile - I have to compliment Applecare.

    My power adaptor is 2 and a half years old, the cable has failed and I called Applecare yesterday. The new power supply arrived today and should be covered on warranty.

    Make sure you complain to Apple before buying a new one.

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    3yrs out of a power supply

    This supply finally failed at the laptop end as it needs to be wiggled to work.
    In those 3 years its been used a lot and not really looked after.
    I figure 3 years is a good length of time as people usually think of upgrading around that time.
    I took it in to an apple shop about a month out of applecare and they swapped it out for free. If you don't ask you don't get!

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    Doesn't fit with Incase hard shell

    The older generation MagSafe Power Adapter I had been using for a year stopped working recently. I went to the Apple Store and it was replaced free of charge. However, I was quite disappointed to notice that it is not compatible with the Incase hard shell I bought (at the same store) for my MacBook Pro last year. When plugged facing backward, the MagSafe sticks out due to the shell. When plugged with the cord facing towards me, the MagSafe connector blocks the Ethernet and Firewire connection as well as a USB port.

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    Here's a tip. Forget about using the wrap cleats. Use a white cable tie to hold down the cord against 1 side of the tranny, then you'll always wrap it in one direction which will stop the cracking/fraying issues. My follow up tranny has lasted 3 times the first with no signs of any issues. Works a treat. BB.

    Gotta say I'm not a fan of new connection. Takes some wrangling compared to the old block design. :(

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    Adapter gets very hot!

    The 85w adapter gets very hot if i use it for several hours. Usually I have it plugged all the time, but for example when i watch a movie it gets very hot because it has to charge the battery all the time. Today I had a program on that caused a CPU 100% for an hour, suddenly i smelled something burning. The adapter was under a pillow so it got hotter than usual and it stopped working! I unplugged it and let it cool of for 2 hours and then it worked again!

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    Does the job

    I had to buy a replacement power unit for my MacBook Pro 15" Unibody because I bought the computer second hand, and it came with a 65W unit... which eventually failed due to the heavy load the laptop placed on it.

    Now that I know there are 85W units, I'll be more careful in future - it's an expensive mistake to make.

    I've had several power supplies of this basic design and have never had any of the problems that some other people have reported here: fraying, internal wiring faults etc are news to me. That said, I can see how it could be the case if you are tough with your gear.

    Aside from the eye-watering cost, my only frustration is that there isn't an easy way to identify a 65W from an 85W supply... we now have both in the house and I don't want to bust my wife's 65W power supply as well!

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    very poor engineering quality

    for only 6 and a half months I need to buy a new power adapter? whether I like it or not I have to buy a new one…I cannot wait for a week or two before they will change my power adapter,in few days time, I'll be going back to my work and I can't use my MBP without it.

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    So far, pretty good

    Received my new L-shaped adapter, which replaced the D-shaped adapter that was starting to fray. I was most impressed with the service I received at the Apple Store to replace the adapter. However, when I got it home I discovered that the adapter will not work with the protective case I have because the lip on the adapter is shorter than its predecessor. The tech in the store committed that my 3-year old, 15" dual core MBP was in excellent condition. It supports important work I do, so I take extra efforts to insure it is protected. I certainly don't want to take the case on and off to use the adapter and I don't want to leave it off exposing my MBP to scratches and damages. Any suggestions on how to overcome this dilemma?

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