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    1 in every 5 times I connect, the power light doesn't come on. I have to jiggle it around and continue to reconnect it until I get a light.

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    Works 1 out of 10 times :( Bad design.

    I have a MacBook Pro with a Retina display, and a 27" Apple Cinema display with a power cable. Unfortunately this adapter has been working very poorly, and most of the time it does not properly supply power to the macbook. Light does not come on, the laptop shows it's powered on battery, and I have to literally wet both sides of the adapter to make it work.

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    TERRIBLE. I've bought 4. They all fail.

    Come on, Apple. This is ridiculous. I have 4 or 5x 85w MagSafe1 chargers; a few at home, one at a cabin, one at work, the power adapter on my Thunderbolt display.

    I'm not going to buy new chargers for every place I go to. I'm not gonna buy a new $1000 Thunderbolt display just because you changed the power connector. I'm not going to carry my 1 MagSafe2 charger everywhere I go. Instead I'm going to keep fiddling with these lousy adapters and hoping they work, rotating them 5 times, waiting to see if the green light comes on.. waiting to see if it charges, or just supplies power and no charge, or doesn't work at all.

    Make a MagSafe to MagSafe2 Converter that actually works properly and lasts more than a few months. And then send them to us.

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    Probably the worst Apple product, ever

    Let me preface this by saying I'm a VERY loyal Apple customer, pretty much an advocate, fanboy, whatever. This thing, I have to say - is awful. As many other have said, it rarely works. At least you can look and tell when this is the case, as the LED doesn't glow when its not seated right. You can usually get it to work by wiggling it, but the difference between working & not working is hair-sensitive. You could just bump it and it will suddenly work. The problem is you bump it again and the opposite happens. I have plugged it in to charge overnight, with the LED glowing and assuming it would be fully charged the next morning. Well, come to find the next morning it is plugged-in, but the LED is no longer on - and it barely got any charge. Why is this thing so touchy? Why can't you guys figure out a way to correct the issue? My one proper MagSafe 2 power brick (the one that came w/ my MBP Retina) works great, all the time - as did all of my old MagSafe power plugs. This adapter is barely functional, and needs to be fixed. Please Apple.

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    Doesn't work well - Retina?

    I don't have an issue of losing it because this one stays stationary on my desk. But it doesn't seem to always work. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. Many people have already pointed this out. I should've listened. Btw, I have a 15" Retina. Laptop is less than 5 months old and adapter is less than 3 months old.

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    Pretty much never works.

    I have used multiple power adapters from my Macbook Pro to charge my Macbook Air with this adapter. It only works after having to fiddle with it over and over again. Then it has to sit perfectly still as any movement disturbs it. If you have it on a desk this shouldn't be a problem, but I typically use mine on the couch then it never works.

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    Truly a terrible product

    You'll find you need to wiggle the adapter until it lights up. Then keep checking on it to see if it's working, cause it will very frequently fail on you.

    While this is a great way to encourage customers to buy new $80 power cables, I think it damages the Apple brand to ship something this awful.

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    Poor tolerances

    This adapter (designed to compensate for the moving target of the Magsafe connector's physical design) is embarrassingly prone to being knocked out of alignment, nudged, or looked at funny, such that it is not only possible but painfully likely that you will leave your MacBook plugged in and yet return to find the battery completely drained. Was it designed by cavemen or just manufactured by them? A tiny thing, but not one of Apple's finer moments.

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    Terrible product

    After about 6 months, both MagSafe2 to MagSafe converters stopped charging my MacbookProRetina reliably. You have to tweak and wiggle and adjust it to get it to start charging. Forget about charging it on your lap. This only works on a flat desktop where once you get the angle just right, it will charge fine. Until you bump it slightly.

    And just to be clear, I have tried this with a stack of different power adapters (which all work fine on my older Macbook), and with two different converters, so it isn't the adapter, but the converter design.

    And the MBP charges fine 100% of the time with the MagSafe2 adapter that came with the Macbook. So I don't think it is dirt on the Macbook itself. It is either the lame $20 converter, or a very finicky connection on the Macbook that doesn't like the converter.

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    I'm on my 2nd one and it's failing now. It doesn't charge. The laptop says it's connected but not charging the battery. The green LED doesn't come on. If I jiggle it around sometimes it works, then it stops and nothing move. Ridiculous piece of junk from such a great company.

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    poor design

    Rarely works as just a small movement/rotation of the converter doesn't make the power adapter work. Really poor design, Apple should do something to fix it

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    The adapter's pins get stuck, sometimes forever. This prevents the computer from CHARGING. It may sometimes provide power to the device, but the battery wont charge (light wont turn orange). Sometimes pressing on it hard will get it to work again.

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    stopped working

    I've got 3 of these and the one I use the most recently first became unreliable (had to jiggle it to get the light) and then stopped working entirely. The magsafe I power packs still work with the other converters, so I can only conclude that this converter has gone off. So, much as I hate to say it, spend an extra $10 an make sure that you have a backup!

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    very disappointing

    Does not charge all the time.

    It is necessary to wiggle and adjust the fitting of the magsafe. Very disappointing in apple, a company that usually produces the best hardware.

    I bought a 1000$ thunderbolt display with a 1800$ macbook air together, and the dam thing does not charge properly. My TB display charges my other 2 MBA (mag safe 1) and a macbook pro (magsafe 1) without any issues.

    Went to Apple, they replaced my magsafe charging unit inside the MBA, did not fix the issue.

    Apple needs to fix this, it's a major issue.

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    Give me a break

    I'd like to give this rating a 0 rather than a 1. Ok, it does do what it's supposed to do...that gets 1 point.

    But, riddle me this Batman, what was wrong with the old MagSafe design? From what I can tell, they added 1mm of extra metal and now charge $9 for an extra gizmo that sorta works when it wants to.

    Oh, least I forget, they go bad after 4 months.

    YES, a simple pass through wire job goes BAD AFTER 4 MONTHS--and it's not covered by warranty.

    Welcome to the new Apple.

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    Loose connection

    Have 2 of them - both looses connection and they get extremely hot. The connectors on my Macbook Pro are miscoloured, and look burned. Would expect something this simple to work better.

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    Poor poor product not befitting of Apple's engineering reputation

    I've just ordered another one of these converters, not because they are good products but because the last one stopped working after about a year of use and I have no alternative.

    Given the multitude of extremely challenging engineering problems Apple routinely excel at solving, it seems bizarre to me that they could mess up what boils down to a solid lump of metal with no moving parts and a few electrical connections. From an engineering perspective this converter is less complicated than a power strip and I have plenty of those which have lasted decades.

    Given the reviews, this is clearly not something Apple really care about or want to put time into. They're waiting for everyone to upgrade their machines...

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    This rip off of an adapter seems to "wear out" after a few months of use. I have to wiggle it for several minutes to get the oft-described dim charging light to go away and fully illuminate. This happens every time I dock to my extremely expensive Thunderbolt display. We pay a premium to use Apple products and as such deserve better.

    I'd rate ZERO stars if it were possible.

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    I agree poor quality

    I am on my 3rd with no end in site at some point I will have paid enough to just buy a new power adaptor. They should be recalled.

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    Converter works sporatically

    This converter only works some of the time. I usually have to jiggle it before the light goes on and the computer starts to charge. But I often forget to check so my laptop doesn't charge until I remember to jiggle it. I have 2 of them and both have this problem.

    On the positive side the magnet is pretty strong so it won't get knocked off too easily - only if the cord is pulled on.

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