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    They don't last UNLESS you clean them thoroughly

    Glad to know I'm not the only one who has failing adapters. Yes, I did get mine to work again, but only after brushing it with stiff brush AND cleaning it with a Q-tip dipped in alcohol on both sides of the adapter. NOT something that should have to be done on a regular basis. Design FAIL.

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    Poor Quality

    I bought 2 adapters. Right out of the box one worked and the other didn't. I'd be willing to believe that I just got a lemon but considering the number of poor reviews, I don't think that's the case.

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    Works Off and On, Shouldn't Even be Necessary

    I purchased at 2015 MacBook Pro, alongside a brand new Apple Cinema Display. First off, I was disappointed to find that Apple hasn't even updated their Cinema Display to work natively with the new MacBook Pro MagSafe port. You'd think after spending over $1,000 on a display, and then $2,000+ on a laptop, that Apple would've had the foresight to update the adapter on the Cinema Display. As a business that prides itself on design and ease-of-use, this is just ridiculous.

    Secondly, the converter doesn't work reliably. I've purchased two in the last three months. There are no moving parts, so I don't understand the converters lose contact and refuse to charge the laptop after about 30-40 days. My second one is now acting up.

    The MagSafe converter is the only option to get these two devices to work properly with each other, and with that, you'd think Apple would make something that would work reliably.

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    I agree poor quality

    I am on my 3rd with no end in site at some point I will have paid enough to just buy a new power adaptor. They should be recalled.

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    Stopped working after a year

    Worked fine for about a year. Now I need to snap it on/off a bunch of times before the light comes on. I don't know of any other options to connect my 27" monitor to my MacBook, so sadly I'll have to buy another one.

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    I'm boggled why/how this thing can fail

    This thing was working great charging my MBP while it was clamshelled to my 27" Cinema Display for at least 2 years. Then all the sudden I noticed my laptop wasn't charging. No green/amber light on the cord. I tested it with a new one and voila it worked again. I still have NO idea how something like this can fail!? It's magnetic and has 4 connectors. I guess maybe if one of the connectors is a TINY bit off, it won't do it's thing.

    The only saving grace here is Apple Care on my MBP covers this waste of time/money. I will be contacting them every time one of these goes out for the life of the warranty. Ridiculous.

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    Fails to charge

    Bought this to enable me to use my old charging leads since Apple kindly changed the docking point. This worked for about a month then died for no apparent reason.

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    I'm a sick of apple adapters!

    Please, please, try to stick with a design for more than one generation of a product. Every apple device I have has its own set of dongles and adapters that travel with it. This is the worst one for two reasons: 1) frequently it does not work properly (I work in an office with shared work stations, so this is not a problem with just one converter, but is a frequent occurrence) 2) the new design is actually worse than the old design: thinner is not better when it comes to these plugs, thinner = weaker magnets that disconnect too frequently.

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    I have owned four to five of these devices -- they die frequently, usually only after a week or two of use. They are so bad we now stock them in our office in vending machines (seriously).

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    I have at least 5 apple power supplies in various locations (home, work, etc.) My new Macbook Air no longer works with any of them!!! Why Apple would change the !@#$% connector is beyond me. The other Apple power supply connectors are L shape where the new power connector sticks out and can be dislodged much easier. So now we have to spend $11 on a faulty adapter that sticks out even more?!? How is this in any way a solution that is good for customers? I'm thinking I should take a grinder to my new laptop to widen the port so I can use my $500 investment in power supplies!!

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    Don't bother; doesn't work

    After a short while, stopped working. Not sure how a dead simple pass-thru of electrical circuit can stop working.

    I have a bigger 85W power adapter, but after several months, it won't charge any of my new MacBooks; Air and 13-inch Pro. The light sometimes comes on, won't for the most. If it did light amber, MacBook would still say "Battery Is Not Charging". I have two pairs of this setup, both the same. The same power still works fine with my older MacBook.

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    Apple is turning into an evil company

    I just bought a NEW 27" thunderbolt with my NEW MBP 15". They don't connect without one of these adapters, which they fail to mention in the buying process. I'm unbelievably angry with Apple lately. They are forgetting their customer, and pulling this garbage on us because they are the top dog. It's how the big fall. I can't wait for a competitor! Maybe they will treat us better.

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    Not even a good paper weight

    I buy mac because what they make just works... Until it doesn't. I was excited that I could use this adapter to make use of my multiple MagSafe 1 cords on my new MacBook Pro. The adapter did not work. Not once. The MagSafe cord was one thing that did not need to be "updated". This "upgrade" should have been stopped in QC.

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    I thought I just had a duff one, but it looks like I am not alone

    I've been using one of these adapters for a couple of months on my macbook pro with a suitable wattage power supply, but now find that it has become unreliable. If I borrow a colleagues then it works fine, but switching back to mine results in pot luck as to whether it will decide to charge. The laptop detects it and switches to 'Power Adapter' mode, but doesn't actually charge up. I came to purchase a replacement, but having read the other reviews I will be investing in a new power supply instead.

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    I'm must be missing something here with MS2???

    With my old Mac Book Air, I had the "L" shaped MagSafe 1. No worries at all. When I bought the Mac Book Pro (retina) 13.3", it came with Mag Safe 2. Now the "jutting out" design of this interface means that whenever I sit crossed legged on my bed and use my laptop as a LAPTOP should be used (let's go back in history and name Apple notebooks "laBtops", because they could only be used in the LAB), the slightest move in posture dislocates the MS2 from the notebook. WHICH DRUNK IMBECILE WAS CHOSEN to design this in retrograde manner? Can't some things be left alone, as they have neared perfection, as was MS1 in my case. The L shape of the MS 1 made sure that even trying to yank it out wouldn't work. With MS2, a simple move of my thigh, and there we have it, it's lying NEXT to the ProBook, rather than charging it. If Bill Gates made a mistake by stating, "Who would ever need more than 640KB RAM", then MS2 is the biggest technological Faux Pas till date. My 7 year old daughter can come up with a million brighter ideas. FIRE THAT A**hole. I've stopped using Mac Laptops since then, and have switched to WIndows Laptops (let's re-migrate folks..... call Han, Leia and Luke to join forces with The Emperor. Can't wait for WIndows 10 Pro to be launched. LONG LIVE THE EVIL EMPIRE AND DARTHY!!!!! At least they don't goof up on common sense things.

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    Don´t buy it.

    It does not work !!! It broke my two old macbook chargers. Now we can not charge our macbook pro. : - (((( Sad story. I tried to save some money but ended up with a big loss !!

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    Terrible Product - Save your money

    I disregarded all the bad reviews and tried this adapter anyway. It worked fine for a couple months but is no longer functioning so I'm going to need to buy a new $80 power cable instead of a $10 fix. Pretty lame and a waste of money.

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    Only works if jiggled

    This thing is so finicky it's almost useless. If it's not jiggled into the correct position, my macbook pro stops charging, even though the adapter is connected. Any slight movement causes it to loose connection. I've had it replaced 3 times at the apple store. All work for the first couple times, then start to loose connectivity.

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    Near Impossible To Use

    I don't know how Apple is even selling these they are so ineffective. It never supplies enough power for my laptop to charge, it just supplies enough power for it to run on while plugged in (but the battery doesn't charge), but that's when it is in a good mood, and has been jiggled just right, flipped up and down and begged to work. Most the time, it won't even supply enough power for it to power the laptop, or if it is supplying enough power to run it (but not charge) it suddenly just stops doing that, even though nothing has changed. I have tried it with multiple charging cables (in case it was the cable) and my husband's laptop, with the same effect. What a garbage product. VERY disappointed.

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    Wish I'd believed the one-star reviews.

    I couldn't believe this was as bad as some of the reviews suggested. I ordered one so my old power-adapter wouldn't go to waste. It worked four times: the first time straight away and then three more times after a lot of jiggling and cleaning the pins. I took it back to the Apple Store and they replaced it with a new one. The new one worked once. After I charged my laptop and then disconnected it, it has never worked again despite endless cleaning and jiggling. They should sell these in packs of 20 and mark them "Single Use Only".

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