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    Fix The MagSafe Adapter's Failure To Work

    Matthew G from Princeton on May 8, 2016 wrote that to correct the non-working of a MagSafe Adapter is to attach the Adapter to the computer FIRST and then connect the Power Cable to the Adapter.


    I do not how Mr. G stumbled upon/devined how to achieve such a fix, but it worked! for me, but only sometimes.

    I believe the better fix has to do with clearing microscopic debris from the connector pins that do not always allow power to be passed through the adapter. At least, when done in combination, that dual process works better for me.

    Maybe it's the spring-loaded pins!

    Great product idea, but poorly manufactured, I believe.

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    Can stop working with some power supplies.

    I have 4 MagSafe 1 PSs and 3 adapters. Two of the power supplies have stopped working with the adapters; the other 2 power supplies still work. The faulty supplies sorta work: the MacBook knows it has a power supply attached (the screen brightens and the menu icon shows a lightning bolt), but the cable light stays off and the battery level does not go up OR down, it maintains at its current percentage. Very odd.

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    Didn't WANT to have to buy this but it does work..

    I really liked the old connection better cause it was stronger. After they changed it to a lesser quality plug, I bought this to make even more weight on my cable thus making it come out even easier LOL.

    Beats buying another new $70+ power plug but I still feel ripped off for having to buy this in the first place.

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    works good initially

    It worked great for about half a year..then suddenly it stopped working frequently and it gets really hot when it's charging.. whats wrong?

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    Works, but not ideal for laptops

    I haven't had any charging issues as others seem to have had, but darn it the thing falls out of the computer too easily. Because it sticks out from the computer an extra 1.0 cm, the torque just caused by the weight of the rest of the cable is often enough to pull it away from the computer... or at best, knock it loose so that it looks like you have tried to insert it diagonally (which is to say, it's still barely attached to your computer magnetically, but is not actually attached to the power inlet itself). So decide for yourself: if you use your laptop on your lap, just know that you're paying $70 less than you would for a whole new charger, but it comes at the inconvenience of having to re-plug it back in all the time. If you use your laptop as a desktop machine, or if you are purchasing this for anything else (like a monitor or a desktop machine), you'll be fine and you can consider this a 5-star review.

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    Works but Dies

    The Adapter that came with my Thunderbolt Display worked for about 4 months. Did what it was supposed to do, but then suddenly I noticed my MBP Retina wasn't charging anymore when connected to the Display. Luckily I had a spare adapter and it works again.

    Postitive - It does what it's supposed to.
    Negative - Dies after a while.

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    I keep losing it!

    This converter works as expected, but I have an older MacBook Pro in addition to a new retina and I use the same power adapter to charge both. When I want to charge the older MacBook I have to take the converter off, and it is so small I keep misplacing it.

    This converter should have a clip attached so that I can clip it to the power adapter cable when not in use.

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    It Works...But why did they change it anyway?

    I dont get it...
    Why did they need to change this plug?
    I have 5 mac books in my home with the latest MBP 15 just arriving.
    Now I have to carry 2 mag safe adaptors around.
    Please tell me there is a logical reason...

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    Works but easily detached

    The converter works as advertised. It lets me use an existing power supply with my new MacBook Pro Retina.

    The converter's magnet attaches to the power supply's old MagSafe connector very effectively. The magnetic connection between the converter and the MacBook isn't as strong. The problem is that the old MagSafe adapter and the converter is now long enough that leverage makes it very easy to disconnect from the MacBook. This is very annoying, especially if you hold the MacBook in your lap while using it.

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