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    Fine product

    no idea why so many negative reviews. I've got 2 (home & work) both vintage 2014, and they're fine.
    I wish the mag connector was stronger, tho. My biggest risk for disconnection comes from knocking the transformer over.

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    Why all the hate? The charger is good

    First I don't understand why so many people are saying their power cable keeps fraying. I have used apple laptops since 2006 and only ONE has frayed. If you throw your charger in your bag don't expect it not to fray people. I have had my current charger for a year now and so far so good, still works and looks brand new. I love apple chargers because they are really fast and do not overheat my laptop at all. The only charger that overheated was my previous macbook but I had both the charger and laptop for 6 years before it happened.

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    Holds up

    I'm not really sure why so many people complain about having to buy a new charger every year? I mean what are they putting it through? I've had mine for 2 years and its worked great, nothing is going wrong. I am only having to buy a new one because I have parrots and they got ahold of it. Charges fast, works well, and it holds up.

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    Great design but must be handled correctly

    I've had the magsafe 2 for quite a while and learned to remove it gently and safely by simply tilting the connection up instead of pulling it out. By tilting it up it very easily disconnects without putting any strain on the wire and in fact I never touch the wire at all. I believe that all the complaining and poor reviews are simply the result of incorrectly disconnecting the power by pulling out instead of tilting. That type of pulling results in stressing the wire and eventually it will fail.

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    Before you review, do you have a REAL Apple product?

    I recently had a MacBook Pro 85W charger fail completely. I used it interchangeably with a second charger. The unit that failed worked reliably for a while but after a year, I noticed the magnetic connector would get, and I mean, really hot while charging. Also sometimes its orange/green indicator light would work sporadically. The other unit had no such issues. After the charger stopped working, I grabbed the other one and noticed some subtle and not so subtle differences. The failed unit had a slightly thinner cable, the machining on the connector was poorly done, the markings on the "brick" was slightly different and didn't mention "Liteon Technology Corporation." The biggest difference, though, was that the bad one didn't have the Apple logo molded into its case. Yessir, the bad one is a fake. Or at least it was sold to me by a third party as an Apple supplied (not simply "works with Apple") charger. I'm replacing the bad unit with one I'll buy from the Apple Store.

    The real Apple charger works exactly as advertised and I've had zero issues with it. Lesson learned.

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    Awful Design, Terrible Job Apple.

    I had a 2009 Macbook 15" I paid $2000 for and the power adapter was 100% awesome. Never had an issue, used it and abused it.

    I paid $2500 for this Late 2013 Mac. Power cord lasted less than 1.5 years before the cord frayed. This needs to be recalled for terrible quality and design. The thing not only heats up like crazy, but the cord literally melted and now the wires are exposed. Nice job apple. Nice job.

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    The best charger of any device I have ever owned!

    I have owned several PC's in the past 8 years of my life, all having a traditional power plug, a couple even charged by high power USB (netbook). And I have to say that 4 our of the 5 laptops I owned, they where replaced because of a broken power jack.

    I spent way more on 2 years worth of laptops than the 2 years I have owned my MacBookPro (Maxed Specs). Mainly because of the well build and the MagSafe 2 adapter.

    I can understand some of these people who are laying their mac on their beds and its getting disconnected, but in my professional IT opinion, if it was a PC with a standard jack, it would have been broken already. I think the only time I really use my laptop plugged in is on my desk at work. And then I just leave my charger in my bag because my laptop will last 5-6 hours on battery. Plenty of time for me to use my laptop for anything on the go, and I am a graphic designer and IT specialist.

    For those who are complaining about the fraying insulation on the outside of the brick and by the head, I have never had this happen. I personally have had this happen on the old 30-pin iPhone charger/sync cable. The thing I tell people is if you charge your phone at night before bed, and maybe in the car on your way home from work it will save your cable from fraying and battery life.

    (I personally can make it the WHOLE day before needing to charge it again, that's with facebook, spotify streaming, texting, and then watching netflix/hulu). I would try and get your phone to 1-2% before charging it again, it saves the battery life.

    ANYWAYS, the point I'm making is I learned by not using my devices plugged in, it saved their battery and charger cables.

    Fact: More laptops that come through my office for repair or replacement are from broken powerjacks than anything else.
    Fact: Since MagSafe, I have never had a Mac come in my office other than for updates or user training.
    Fact: MagSafe disconnects easy, but at the point where a normal powerjack would have broken. ($$$$$$$$ Well spent Apple, thanks :)
    Fact: If you use the adapter as intended it will not fray and your battery will not go bad.

    Lie: The MagSafe disconnects to easy.
    Lie: Its alright to buy a refurbished replacement on ebay/amazon. (3 out of 4 I bought for replacements on ebay as "official" where not, one fried the power bored.)
    Lie: MagSafe 1 was better than 2.

    Lie, sadly: iPhone/iPad will be getting a MagSafe. (There are adapters you can buy that are!)

    I hope this helps guys.

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    It's a good product, decent implementation.

    The magnetic release has saved my laptop several times, with pets and kids. It isn't perfect, and it isn't cheap, but it's only a bit expensive and you get that peace of mind. Are we all so spoiled that we can't remember how it was like in the old days of dropped computers and broken ports. I've replaced a MagSafe (old style) and the Apple store in Manhasset didn't even charge me. I've also replaced laptop motherboards from two other manufacturers after the charging ports broke from yanking. Guess which I'd rather do again?

    They aren't perfect, again, but given that you need to plug your computer in once in a while, it is likely the best we can do with today's technology.

    Currently I'm using a year-old MagSafe 2 that has not frayed like my last Macs', and I use it every day and am rough with it (one of the wings has snapped off!) and it still holds up. If you take care of it and not try to use it under the covers of your bed or in a moving vehicle (as one reviewer complained!) you're going to be fine with it. If it fails, you can return it anyway or go to an Apple store to plead your case. Unless it is smashed they'll just replace it for you.

    Really, all this dislike. What are you guys doing with these things?

    Oh, and make sure you have an official Apple charger before complaining here. There are $50 counterfeits all over eBay and the Amazon marketplace. Google it, some have disassembled the frauds and exposed the inferior and dangerous components within. An official Apple made charger shouldn't break in six months unless you dropped it or got it wet.

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    No trouble, its great.

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    Too many reviews do not get the point of MagSafe

    I think two of main purposes of magsafe are that it falls off when there is a sudden drag and when there is external sideway force that is strong enough to damage the power input port on MacBook. I see many people complain about the attachment of connector of power adapter to macbook is not strong enough to keep the two together when the mac is used on human laps where it's hard to keep a good alignment between adapter connector and power port. Well, think about those traditional connecting mechanism on most laptops where a male connector is plugged into a female one by roughly 1 cm in depth. If accidentally the connecting part bore some of weight of the laptop when you put it on laps, the connecting parts would be damaged as disconnection is not possible.

    I've been using magsafe (both 1 and 2, 2 being better) for more than 3 years and I find it totally satisfactory. It doesn't disconnect easily when you unplug it upright against power port which is just the way it's supposed to work while it disconnects a lot easier when force comes sideways which fits most circumstances where you want it to be disconnected.

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    the alternative is a damaged laptop port!

    I don't fault the design of this charger at all. Yes, its annoying to not be as portable when the laptop is charging. The alternative, I know from first hand experience with a PC laptop from years ago AND my brother's Dell laptop is a damaged port, and ports cost a lot more to fix. There is nothing worse than hearing "your port is damaged...unfortunately given the design of modern laptops, as a result you need a new motherboard to go with it." I'd rather pay the $80 and replace the charger than pay $300-$1000 fixing the motherboard because the port got damaged as the charger stayed put rather than popping out when I was pacing with my laptop. I even had a damaged connector on a 1st gen iPod Touch for the same reason....cable didn't come out, connector was damaged when I removed the charger.

    My roommate has a PC laptop and even it has the same feature as my MacBook...the charger comes out rather than risk port damage. Much much better than the alternative.

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    Prefer the magnetic attachment to traditional plugs

    I'm very, very happy with the magnetic version, so much that I am getting another one so I have one at home and office. I've owned several MacBook Pros, one Mac Air and lots of windows based PCs and nothing destroys your machine faster than tripping over a cord. I'd rather it disconnect than destroy the port (which has happened to at least 4 windows based laptops). I've tripped over my power cord at least 3 times that I can remember and instead of pulling my laptop off the desk and crashing it, it simply disconnected. My $0.02 worth. You can't have both. I prefer magnetic because I've been through the nightmare of a damaged power port.

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    Fixed the problem of NOT CHARGING

    I discovered if the charging LED doesn't come on, I (followed the instructions and) unplugged the power adapter for 60 seconds before reconnecting, I was able to use it again. 2006 T type 85W adapter on a 2014 MBP.

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    nice product no problem at all.

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    I don't have any problem so far

    I don't have any problem so far

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    Great power adapter

    I've read most of the reviews here, and they seem to me to be mostly nonsense.
    Yes, it unplugs easily when you pull on it. That's the point.
    Yes, it unplugs even easier when you pull the plug up or down (versus sideways or straight out). That's also the point.
    If it wouldn't, it is quite clear to me that it would possibly damage the laptop or the connector (as happened often with the pre-magsafe power connectors).
    I certainly do not have the experience that it unplugs either all the time, or when it isn't supposed to.
    If even a bit more force would be required to unplug this connector, it would also very likely (especially on a bit more slippery surfaces, like my glass table) pull the laptop along with it.
    In short: Great product, don't change a thing, don't bring back the L-shaped plug.

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    Magsafe 2 is AWESOME!

    I'm rating this product 5 stars becuase it is ingenious! My wife had a samsung laptop she spent $1200 on and one day recently she tripped on the wire and it broke the connection inside the computer! And of course its fused onto the motherboard so I can not 'just replace it'. Had she one of these the wire would have just popped off. Now we have to send it to some place on the east coast and 'maybe' it can be repaired - what a joke!

    Only con: the magnets DO need to be a tad bit stronger but not to much that if you trip on the wire it pulls your expensive Pro off the desk!

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    Simply Revolutionary...

    First of all I'd like to start off with, nothing is wrong with the magnet and its fantastic. it's set so right that in case of accidents it'll not going to damage your computer... So don't complain about something apple took into consideration. Second I'm using it and I don't see any of the problems listed whatsoever.... On my lap it's working great on my desk it's amazing and so on. If it unpluging easily with you maybe You need to start treating your MBP's right!

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    One Star Reviewers Must Be Idiots

    I have NEVER in 18 months had the magnetic end come loose from my laptop without some kind of reasonable force. It will hold when unsupported. It will hold when carefully moving the laptop when it's plugged in. Sure, if I pull it at a 90 degree angle or toss the laptop onto a bed or swivel around in a desk chair and run out of cable slack, it will separate, but it's designed to do that to protect not only the cable but the laptop itself. Anyone who expects more had better also be complaining about the fact that their car crumples when it's in an accident.

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    apple going down at break neck speed

    really apple?

    how long do your (soon-to-be-NOT) "loyal" fans have to put up with this sloppiness, cheap (made in china) and definitely hazardous adaptor that you keep putting out year after year?

    you don't think we're going to drop your product as soon as something even a little bit more better made comes out?

    stop making this adaptor!

    how long do we have to put up with shoddy and possibly deadly power adaptor?

    ugh, i've just about had enough

    first and last review

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