Enhancements in OS X El Capitan

OS X El Capitan refines the elegant experience introduced in OS X Yosemite.


New dictation workflows Nine new built-in dictation workflows that help you navigate the iTunes Store, take your picture, and create new movie or audio recordings.

Improved scripting support New scripting and Automator support integrated into the Photos application, including the ability to export to Keynote and the setup of iOS devices using Apple Configurator.

AppleScript Objective-C New support in AppleScriptObj-C for using dates, structs, and records.

JavaScript for Automation Improved JavaScript for Automation (JXA) execution.

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Suggested events Calendar automatically shows events found in Mail such as flight information, restaurant reservations, and event invitations. Just click Accept to add an event to your calendar.

Time to leave Calendar automatically notifies you when it’s time to leave for events that contain a location. It even adjusts your departure time based on current traffic conditions.

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Chinese Features

New Chinese system font The new Chinese system font PingFang (苹方) is designed for crisp onscreen readability and is available in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

Improved Pinyin conversions Advanced learning capabilities, an improved language model, regularly updated vocabulary lists, and a smarter candidate window make inputting Simplified and Traditional Chinese easier and faster than ever.

New Trackpad Handwriting window design The redesigned Trackpad Handwriting window improves usability by mirroring the exact proportions of your physical trackpad and provides more writing space by moving all buttons to a single row on top.

Multiple-character support You can write multiple characters in a row on the trackpad just as you would on paper, for a faster and more natural writing experience.

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New dictionary languages El Capitan includes Swedish and Hindi language dictionaries as well as French-English and German-English bilingual dictionaries.

New Korean input method The new Korean input method allows users to type continuously without the need to confirm the text.

New spell checkers El Capitan includes new Korean and Finnish spell checkers, improving typing accuracy.

Improved auto-completion for Korean Auto-completion has been improved when searching in Spotlight, Mail, and the Finder using Korean.

New Hindi transliteration keyboard The Hindi transliteration keyboard allows you to type in Hindi using the spellings you're already familiar with, converts English words into Hindi, and adjusts to your typing style over time.

New Bengali system font El Capitan includes a new system font for Bengali users.

Arabic and Hebrew dictation You can now use dictation to talk instead of type in Arabic and Hebrew.

Language and region settings El Capitan includes a new option in Language and Region preferences to switch between different numbering systems in Arabic, Hindi and many other languages.

Press and hold Press and hold for additional characters now supports Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Nepali, Persian, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu.

New Arabic voice El Capitan includes a new male voice for Arabic named Maged.

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Japanese Features

Live conversion When you enter text in Japanese, Hiragana text strings are automatically replaced in real time with a mixture of relevant Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana, and Roman words.

New Japanese fonts El Capitan includes four new Japanese fonts that can be used in Mail, Notes, TextEdit, Preview, Keynote, Pages, and Numbers.

Enhanced vocabulary An expanded vocabulary includes additional specialized terms, literary expressions, and proper nouns such as names of people, places, and popular celebrities.

Improved conversion engine OS X El Capitan analyzes the context of your sentence to prioritize appropriate word forms and your preferred words, so live conversion is more effective.

Additional weights for Hiragino Sans Hiragino Sans features seven additional weights for a total of ten line weights for use in documents.

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Improved full-screen view Mail in El Capitan lets you quickly switch between your drafts and your inbox while working in full screen. If you need to refer to other messages while you work on an email, click outside the compose window and it moves to the bottom of the screen, so you can access your inbox.

Full-screen compose window You can now take a draft full screen while leaving the message viewer on the desktop. Great for focusing on an email or putting it alongside another app in Split View.

Tabs You can compose multiple messages in full screen. New messages appear as tabs in the same compose window.

Swipe to manage You can now use the trackpad to manage your messages, just as you do on your iPhone or iPad. Just swipe to the right on a Mail message to mark it as read or unread. Swipe left to delete it.

Strikethrough button The format bar now includes a handy strikethrough button, perfect for editing an email you received.

Suggested events When you receive an email containing details for an event such as a flight or dinner reservation, or even a suggestion like “let’s have drinks at 5,” you can create a calendar event with a click.

Suggested contacts When you exchange email with someone who is not in your contacts, Mail detects a new sender and makes it easy to add the person to Contacts. Mail also detects when you receive new information for a contact, so you can update the contact card right from Mail.

Flights data detector Force click a flight number to see a real-time update for the flight, including a map with the flight path and information about any delays.

Natural-language mail search When you type phrases like “email with attachments” in the search field, Mail intelligently detects search keywords and delivers matches. You can also combine search attributes, such as “email from John sent yesterday with attachments.”

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Transit view Select the new Transit view to see transit lines, major stations, and subway, train, bus, and ferry routes.

Transit directions Specify a starting point and a destination, and Maps offers the optimal route, providing detailed directions that combine step-by-step walking, subway, train, bus, and ferry routes.

Transit scheduling When you look up Transit directions, you can choose when you want to leave: now, in 30 minutes, in 60 minutes, in 2 hours, or at another time you specify. You can also specify the time you want to arrive.

Station place cards Place cards for public transportation stations show you available transit lines and schedules at those stations.

Select transit modes You can specify which modes of transit — bus, subway and light rail, commuter rail, and ferry — you want to see in Transit directions.

Detailed station maps Transit view shows maps detailing the entrances, shops and restaurants in the station.

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Mission Control

Streamlined design Mission Control arranges all the windows on your desktop in a single layer with no overlap, making it easier to see and organize everything on your Mac.

Spaces bar The Spaces bar has a compact new design, giving you more room for your windows. Move your cursor over the Spaces bar to reveal your desktop spaces and full-screen apps.

Access from the desktop Access Mission Control from the desktop by dragging an app window to the top of your screen.

Create a Split View space You can create a Split View space simply by dragging a window from Mission Control onto the thumbnail of a full-screen app in the Spaces bar.

Create a full-screen app You can take an app full screen by dragging the window to the Spaces bar and dropping it in the full-screen area.

Remove a full-screen app Bring an app back to the desktop by clicking the button in the upper-left corner of the thumbnail in the Spaces bar.

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Rich media support Save documents, web links, photos, map locations, PDFs, videos, and more to a note with a simple drag and drop.

Attachments Browser All the rich media attachments you’ve added to your notes are organized by the type and the date they were added, making them easy to find.

Save to Notes via Share menu Many OS X apps now have Notes as an option in the Share menu. Just click Share to save links, photos, text, and more to a new or existing note right from an app.

Convenient text styles Format your notes with titles, paragraph headings, and bulleted and numbered lists.

Fast and easy checklists Click the Checklist button in the main Notes toolbar to create an interactive to-do list. Click bullets to check off items as they are completed.

Access to Photos library The Photos button gives you direct access to your Photos library, making it easy to drag photos or videos into a note.

Swipe to delete Swipe left to quickly delete a note.

Available across all your devices iCloud automatically updates your notes, including rich media content, across all your devices.

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Editing extensions Access editing extensions from your favorite app developers directly in the Edit view in Photos. Extensions can be downloaded from the Mac App Store.

Improved album sorting You can sort your albums — and the contents inside them — by date, title, and more.

Add and edit image locations You can apply a location to a single image or to a selection of photos by opening the Info panel and choosing Add a Location.

Batch change information You can now change several titles, descriptions, or keywords at once.

Batch organize in Faces Using Faces to organize your photos by your favorite people is even easier — you can select multiple photos and drag them to a named person in your library.

Recently Deleted album You can access the Recently Deleted album in Albums view and restore or purge deleted items.

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Share menu You can create a reminder from almost anywhere in OS X right from the Share menu, including a Safari web page, a contact, or even email text.

Swipe to delete a list Just swipe to the left to delete a Reminders list.

Snooze or complete from a notification You can complete a reminder from the notification. If the item isn’t done yet, you can choose when to be reminded again.

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Pinned Sites Pinned Sites keeps the websites you like to visit throughout the day open and easily accessible in tabs, so you can refer to them without having to navigate to them again.

AirPlay video Play video from a web page to your TV with Apple TV — without showing everything else on your desktop. Just click the AirPlay icon that appears on compatible HTML5 web videos.

Mute audio Safari lets you mute web page audio from the Smart Search field. Just click the audio icon in the Smart Search field to mute audio. Click the icon again to unmute it.

Reader fonts and themes You can now choose a font and a theme, including Sepia and Night Theme, when viewing articles in Reader.

Improved Spotlight suggestions Spotlight suggestions in Safari show new information, including results for weather, stocks, sports scores, web video, and transit.

Shared Links extensions App developers can take advantage of a new API that lets them add their feeds to Shared Links — great for developers of news and social media apps. Users can download Shared Links extensions from the App Store and enable them so they appear in Safari.

Improved AutoFill If AutoFill doesn’t automatically fill in your password on a log-in page, or doesn’t offer to generate a new password on a change password page, you can click the key button in the password field to tell Safari which password to fill in or whether to generate a new password.

Download options Safari now gives you the option to specify where to download a file before you download it.

Last search When you click in the Smart Search field after doing a search, Safari shows you the search suggestions, matching bookmarks, and history for your previous search term so you don’t have to retype it.

Clear history, not cookies You can choose to clear a website from your history while keeping its cookies. The website won’t appear in your history, but it will remember some of your preferences and settings.

Hide frequently visited sites You can now choose to see only your favorite sites and not your frequently visited sites in Favorites view.

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Split View

Overlay sidebar It’s easy to access an app sidebar while in Split View. Place your cursor on the left edge of the app and the sidebar appears. When you are done, it slides away.

Two apps in full screen You can now use two apps side by side in a full-screen space. The windows resize automatically and fit neatly into place.

Quickly create a Split View space Enter Split View by clicking and holding the green full-screen button in an app window. Select your second app from the other windows that appear in Exposé.

Drag to resize Drag the divider between two Split View apps to adjust the width of each window.

Swap sides You can easily change an app’s position in Split View by clicking the toolbar and dragging the app to the desired side.

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Movable window You can now move the Spotlight window anywhere on the screen — perfect for referring to a search result while you work in another app.

Resizable window Make the Spotlight window bigger so you can see more results without scrolling.

Weather Spotlight now includes weather results for your current location or other cities around the world.

Stocks Enter a ticker symbol or company name and Spotlight delivers the current stock price and other relevant information.

Sports Type in your favorite team to get the latest score, standing, schedule, or roster in Spotlight.

Web video See web video suggestions from sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Vevo. Click the link to watch the video in your browser.

Transit Find the nearest subway, train, or bus station right in Spotlight. Transit suggestions also include a schedule so you know when the next train or bus will arrive.

Natural-language file search Spotlight lets you search for files in your own words. You can type a phrase like “documents I worked on yesterday” and Spotlight detects keywords and presents matches.

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New system font San Francisco is the new system font in El Capitan. It’s modern and space efficient, improves legibility, and looks stunning on a Retina display.

Find your cursor Rapidly shake your finger on the surface of your trackpad to increase the size of the pointer so it’s easy to spot. You can also shake your mouse to enlarge the pointer.

AirPlay video from QuickTime Player Click the AirPlay icon in QuickTime Player to play compatible media files on your HDTV via Apple TV.

Peer-to-peer migration Migration Assistant now uses peer-to-peer Wi-Fi to speed up data transfer.

Rename from context menu You can now rename a file from the context menu in the Finder.

Auto-hide menu bar If you want a little more room on your display, you can choose to automatically hide the menu bar. Just move your cursor to the top of the screen whenever you need the menu bar.

Copy file path in Finder You now have the option to copy the path to a file without copying the file itself, perfect for working with files stored on a server. To copy the file path, right-click the file in the Finder, and then hold the Option key down and choose Copy as Pathname.

Redesigned Disk Utility Disk Utility has been streamlined and simplified, making it easier to partition your drive or manage multiple hard drives.

Color picker The color picker available in many OS X apps now includes commonly used colors at the top.

Rotate annotations Rotate annotations in Markup and Preview with a simple two-finger Multi-Touch gesture.

Find My Friends widget The new Find My Friends widget lets you quickly and easily see people who are sharing their locations with you in Notification Center.