New tools for a new generation of apps.

Innovation and creativity have always been at the heart of every Mac. As a result, our app developers have been inspired to build the most innovative and creative apps. With OS X El Capitan, we’ve put a powerful new set of tools and capabilities in the hands of developers, so the next generation of Mac apps will be the greatest yet.

Freeing developers to think outside the app.

Developers now have the opportunity to build features from their apps right into OS X, so you’ll have access to them even when you’re not using the app itself.

Widgets for Notification Center

Customize the new Today view in Notification Center with constantly updated information from sources you choose, such as news, sports scores, and more. You can download these widgets from the Mac App Store.

Share Menu Extensions

App developers can now make new destinations like social sites and blogs available in the Share menu in all the apps you use on your Mac. Developers can even make app-specific share sheets to create a unique sharing experience.

Custom Actions

Apply an effect from a photo-retouching app to an image you’ve opened in Preview. Or get a quick language translation from one app while you’re writing in another. With Actions, developers can give you access to the capabilities of their apps from anywhere in OS X — without having to launch the app.

Making games better in every dimension.

Thanks to the new tools we’re giving game developers, you’ll have an even better time beating their new games.


Sprites are the individual two-dimensional characters and animations that make up the graphical elements of 2D games. The enhanced SpriteKit enables developers to create more battery-efficient, graphically rich, and fluidly animated games.


The best 3D games pull you into a believable world supported by a compelling story. Now game developers can give you animated scenes that are bursting with effects and natural motions, using the enhanced SceneKit with a new particle system, physics capabilities, and more.

Improved Game Controller Support

Now control your favorite Mac games wirelessly with your favorite formfitting Made for iPhone controller.* Simply connect your iPhone or iPod touch to the controller and it’s ready for use with any supported Mac game.

A brand-new programming
language and developer tools.

Time is the most costly resource for developers creating new apps. Our goal was to help them spend that time better — by thinking of new things their apps can do instead of figuring out how to do them.

Swift. Now everyone can build amazing apps.

We’ve created a new programming language that’s as powerful as it is intuitive to use. It’s allowing developers to create the next generation of iOS and Mac apps today. And it makes it easier for people who've never coded before to learn how.

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Xcode 6

Every app created for Mac and iOS is brought to life in the same place: a Mac app called Xcode. The latest version includes a suite of new tools that will let developers visualize apps as they’re building them, remove bugs more easily, maximize performance, and more.

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Now developers have access to the full power of iCloud, giving you iCloud-connected apps with the ability to share their data between each other and between your devices.

Learn more about CloudKit

Frameworks for both OS X and iOS

The days of wishing an app for your iOS device were available on your Mac — and vice versa — are numbered. Now it will be easier than ever for developers to share more code across the two platforms, while still building customized experiences for each one.

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