Will a 2.1 amp charger damage my I phone 6 s plus

My alarm clock has 2 usb ports to charge phones, iPads, tablets, etc. My car charger also has 2 usb ports. One is 1.8 amps the other is 2.1. Of the two, the 2.1 works much faster. However the 1.8 am as well as the original iPhone charger that came with my phone seem to take forever to charge my phone.

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    No, it won't damage your battery.

    You're iPhone will only accept a limited amount of power.
    Let's say it's 2 amp (it could be more, though).

    This means it will charge faster with a 2,1 amp charger, compared to the 1 amp charger that came with the phone.
    But, if you'd charge it with a 5 amp charger, you won't notice any difference between this charger and the 2,1 amp charger.

    Apple actually even recommends to charge your phone with an iPad charger (which is 5,1V, 2,1 amp), because it'll charge your phone faster.

    Make sure that you're always using a power source of at least 500 mA (0,5 amp).
    Power sources with less power will work (like a Windows PC USB port, or really old Macs), because if you have such a device, you'll still need to be able to sync your phone to iTunes with it, but a source with less power than 500 mA, is not good for your phone.

    Make sure you're always using a power source between 5 and 5,2 volts.

    If the charger could damage your phone really bad, it'll tell you your phone is not compatible with that accessoire.

    Hope this solved your question.
    Have a great day!

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  • I've used a 2.5 amp charger to charge my iPhone and I've seen no problems yet. As far as I know, a lot of USB chargers are 2.1 amp and should not damage your phone.

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