Will the EarPods work with other smartphones and audio devices?

The new EarPods look like incredible headphones and I'm wondering if I can use them with my Android device since I'm not an iPhone user. I understand the remote and volume control are software based and thus not supported, but what about the audio enhancements.

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  • Pretty much all Mac products will work with the earpods.
    Now depending on your phones apart such as Galaxy or Droids, Mot. the functions will vary.
    For me I have a Droid Charge and the volume control does not work with this phone.
    Placing a call also will not allow you to have conversations with the mic or control volume.
    You can hear the person but they can't hear you.

    Now when I plugged into my ipad I made a facetime call and worked flawless. itunes also worked and the controls worked. Volume up and down.

    So in conclusions, as part of Apples way of keeping it within the family they made this possible to work only with their products. Any other devices will vary like I said and may or may not work.

    Over all for music and listening enjoyment, great quality and pleased. I also like the new ear design but still have a issue keeping them in when walking. (Course once again everyone's ears are shaped differently!)

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  • I have an LG L65 with Android 4.4 (KitKat) that works ALL kind of headset. When you use Apple device with remote and mic - no problem. The only limitation is volume up and volume down that you cannot use on this device by default. I haven't tried with special app yet. Fortunetaly, I can try many other headsets/headphones for this LG L65 smartphone like Beats Studio, AKG K451 any many more.

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  • The volume controls also work with current BlackBerry line up!!!

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  • Yes

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  • You will be able to use them on any audio device to listen to music but the inline controls will only work on certain Apple products listed at the bottom of the product details page.

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  • Earpods work best on my Samsung C3520. A cheap handset, still put it on the Bass mode and listen to the awesome audio.


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  • Audio will work.

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  • Yes. They will as they are a simple 3.5mm Jack.

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  • Yes, to an extent.

    Different configurations on the 3.5 mm jack (ground and mic are flipped), means that audio will work fine but mics will produce a low buzzing sound, which is an annoyance for when you get a call whilst listening to music, youtube ect. Not all the controls will work either, the volume wont due to wiring but the pause, play and skip would work. I assume if you found the drivers you could use some other functions, but wont have all the compatability as with an iPhone.

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  • The first time I bought them separately and worked well, I lose them and used the ones that were with my iPhone 5S and works very badly with my MacBook Pro...

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  • Yes they will work, the standard size of these earpods is 3.5mm.
    most android phones consists of the standard jack size of 3.5mm hence you should be facing no problems.

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  • The volume buttons do not work. However, you may pause/play with a single middle click, go to your next track with two, and previous with 3. On KitKat (as far as I know) you can hold on the button and Google Now will come up.

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  • I am uncertain about the audio advancements capabilities with android hardware however I do know that there will be minor enhancements to your listening experience while using these as there are two speakers located in the main hub of each of the headphones.

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  • Yes, the audio will work with your Android device. The remote and volume buttons may actually do something with your Android. It's very simple and similar hardware to their control headphones.

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  • Yes, you be able to use these as regular headphones with other devices, however the mic and controls probably won't work on anything non-Apple.

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  • Yes but you cant use them like you can on apple devices.

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  • Yes

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  • Using them in Samsung Galaxy Y the audio works great but nor the remote neither the mic answers.

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  • yes , the audio work's with any device with a 3.5mm standard connector, the remote will work with iPhone 3GS or later , remote will work with most smartphones too but will not control the volume , that will only work on apple products

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  • Apart from the buttons, the audio should work with any other device, since the 3.5mm audio jack is not proprietary to Apple.

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