What's the Life Expectancy of an AirPort Extreme router

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  • I have an AirPort Extreme from 2007 - so, it's about 8 years old now. Every so often, lately, we get connected to it, but the connection doesn't go anywhere. Once in a great-while, it "disappears" from the available network list. In either case, a reboot fixes it for several more weeks. I think the problems are just from lack of firmware updates - the last one for this model came 'round about 5 or 6 years ago, if I remember correctly.

    After all this time, my wife and I are ready to get a brand new one, which - I have no doubt - will last another 8 (or more) years, not to mention bring us up to the full gamut of 802.11a/b/g/n/ac compatibility for our newer devices.

    Really, it's hard to go wrong with an AirPort Extreme - they're built to last!

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  • Best Answer:

    they last a very long time, i still have my 1st gen Airport router, there is more of a risk of it being outdated in a few years rather than it dying

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  • They can last a really long time. We burnt through three different routers before we got an Airport Extreme, and our Airport Extreme is now six years old. They seem to give their routers much better thermal management, and they seem to last a lot longer as a result and not burn out.

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  • Had a 5th Gen for 2.5 years and had power flicker that killed it. It was hooked up to a surge protector and everything. Took it to the genius bar yesterday and they gave us a new one for the cost of a replacement 5th Gen, since when the hardware goes bad they are not repairable. Very disappointed in that it only last 2.5 years so Im hoping this new one lasts longer because the performance can't be beat.

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  • Ours is 7 years and 1 month old and it has been causing intermittent problems for about 6 months. We'll be getting a new one in a few days.

    The problems have been that the WiFi connections have been disappearing on our iPhones and the iMac that is connected wirelessly. Also had the problem with a Dell laptop. The computers using wired connections (an old iMac and a HP workstation) do not experience this problem.

    I cannot compare to other routers that I've owned because I always replaced them when new features or improved performance became available. I was just slow on the uptake to not replace this one sooner.

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  • They all last about 3 years, and start fading after that.

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  • I've had mine since 2007 and it's still working great! If you get sluggish speeds, change the channel in which its broadcasting! I may buy a new one but kinda hesitate because mine is now 10 years old and still rocks!

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  • Mine lasted just over a year in light (at home) service. I won't get tricked into that again!

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  • My lasted just under three years. Looking for life expectancy myself and this thread came up. Don't know how everyone else got so much time out of it.

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  • I had one that looked like a large, white Hershey Kiss for about 6 years. It was working fine. The only reason I got a new one is because I was getting a new iMac.

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