Can this connect through the LG UltraFine 4k Display to provide ethernet to the MacBook Pro with Touchbar?

Curious if one could leave the ethernet connected through the USB-C ports on the back of the LG UltraFine 4K Display (or 5K Display) so one would only need to plug in the Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) connector coming from the monitor to get (a) display sync (b) power (c) ethernet.

Belkin USB-C to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

Belkin USB-C to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

Product No Longer Available

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    Yes that works fine. I run with two ethernet connections, both on the back of the display. Single connection to the MBP. Very very nice. The only issue is if you use a gigabit ethernet adapter connected to the display, it tops out around 350 Mbps due to the ports only being USB2 capable. The 5K monitor (TB3) does not have that limitation.