Controllability with the included remote control vs. the iphone/ipad

1. Is the controllable range the same with the remote controller as it is with the iphone/ipad as the controller?

2. Does the iphone or ipad need a cellular signal in order to achieve the 4.7 mile range?

DJI Mavic Pro Drone

DJI Mavic Pro Drone

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    1. No, the controller uses a special radio to achieve that potential 4.7 mile range. Without the controller your device will only use wifi will will give a much, much shorter range.

    2. No data connection is required to fly the craft. a data connection will not affect the range of the Mavic Pro.

  • 1. No. Using the iphone/ipad as the controller is much shorter range as it uses wifi for the signal.

    2. Cellular signal iphone/ipad should not provide any change in range if you are using it in conjunction with the DJI controller. Cellular data does give you maps on your screen though.

  • 1 - Same like Dji 4
    2 - No it does not need any signal.