Will my iPhone 6+ case fit my iPhone 7+?

Apple iPhone 7 Leather Case

Apple iPhone 7 Leather Case

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    No. Even though both phones are the same dimensions, the iPhone 7 Plus requires a larger camera cutout due to the duel cameras.

  • No, the camera cuts are different sizes between the iPhone 6+ and 7+

  • No, the size of the dual camera does not permit the iPhone 6 Plus case to fit with the iPhone 7 Plus.

  • No, due to the camera update on the iPhone 7 Plus the old cases won't fit.

  • Depends on the cover, my cutout on the camera part is quite big, and it fits just fine.

  • I'm afraid you can't .

    Because the camera lens on the iPhone 7 and 6 are different.

  • No cause the newest one has a bigger camera and is a little bit more fat

  • no

  • No 7+ has double camera

  • No it will not

  • No

  • It won't fit I because they are two different phones

  • No