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    Sounds Good In Theory

    This is not a cheap investment, but we decided that it would be a good insurance policy should we experience any problems with our RAID - which not surprisingly contains all of our company data and hence intellectual property. The intent was to buy the kit and install the controller straight away in our first VTrack RAID which only has one controller. That's where our problems started. The firmware in the new controller is different to the in the old controller and for some reason only known to Promise their control panel won't even recognise another controller with different firmware. So the logical thing to do is upgrade the firmware in the old controller or both if needs be. All very good in theory but every time we tried (actually our paid tech support did all of this) to download the new firmware the download failed about 85% of the way through. So our tech guys try it from their base, but they have the same problem there too. So they get in contact with Promise to tell them this and ask them how can we get a copy of the latest firmware. But rather than just answer the question they keep asking one (useless) question after another back in response. Like when did we buy the RAID when we've already told them the model and serial number. It is now over 12 months later and we still can't get a copy of the latest firmware to install on both controllers which means if the RAID fails there goes our access to our data altogether. And it means that our $4,800 investment is effectively worthless. I don't know what Promise's problem is but they certainly are not easy to deal with.

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