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    Nice Keyboard!

    This Nice Keyboard Matches The Power Mac G5 & the Mac Pro!!!!

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    Wonderful keyboard, but what's with the extension cable

    I love Apple keyboards. This is my third along counting my 2 wireless keyboards. I just don't understand why it's so difficult to insert and remove usb devices from the extension cable that connects to the side ports. I'm a big guy and it took me quite a bit of strength, some cloth to improve my grip, and about 10 - 15 minutes to get it loose.

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    French Apple Keyboard

    Great little keyboard. I use it to enter a lot of numerical data in Number spreadsheets; so the numeric keypad comes in very handy. I love the feel of the keys and the appearance of the keyboard. The convenience of the numeric keypad cannot be understated.

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    Not working

    After 3 months, it stops working
    cheap quality
    Please don't buy

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    Simply The Best - Get This Keyboard Over The Smaller Wireless One

    Received my very first Apple product a few days ago - an iMac (I have never owned any Apple product before, not even an iPod or iPhone).

    This keyboard is beautifully made and is so lovely to use. They have clearly looked at the designs of keyboards and rethought it (eg: why are keys so high on other keyboards? Do they really need to have a tapered shape to them? No they don't). The keys are flat and low, perfectly spaced etc, so they are a joy to use.

    Why would anyone want the smaller wireless keyboard, when this one has the extra numeric keys and the arrow keys as well as the delete key? It is so much better to use and much more useful in everyday use than the smaller wireless keyboard.


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    Fast Typing, Light Touch

    I love this keyboard and now I need another one. I wore it out through writing and fast typing and also playing word games online. It is the most responsive keyboard I have ever used. This keyboard with a KB Large Type Keyboard Cover made my typing quieter and faster.

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    Great Keyboard

    I commit every possible keyboard sin from gaming on this little guy to eating and drinking on him. I've been with this keyboard since December mid 2011. My Mini is a mid 2011, 2.5Ghz machine and I love it This is my second OSX mac and I like this keyboard far better than the old lucite looking keyboard.

    The difference between this and the $20.00 keyboard and mouse combos I used to get for my PC's is incredible. In fact, I can't think of a keyboard I like better than this, except for may be the wireless version. I pair this keyboard with a magic mouse and an Xbox 360 controller to make for a very pleasant user experience.

    Right now, this keyboard is a bit darkened, has been sweat dripped, coffee shot and had sandwich crumbs blown out of it, and still, it is the best keyboard I've used in the 30 years I've worked with computers.

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    not backwards compatible??

    I had the previous version of this keyboard, and I love the design. Now, three years later I needed another for work, so I bought one new this week, assuming it was the same product.

    I find that it works fine, except for the top row of function keys, which are no longer correctly recognized by my Snow Leopard OS X. Reading the product details more closely I now see that this was never guaranteed. I didn't even think to look at the OS X compatibility previously, since... it's a keyboard. My mistake.

    For those of us who code with highly customized MacBook Pros, upgrading to a new OS X can be a time consuming and not always worthwhile undertaking. So it's irritating when Apple's own products (especially something so simple as a keyboard) are no longer fully compatible with an operating system of their own design that is only 3 years old.

    For now I will just deal with the top row of keys being unusable until I have time to try updating my OS X. But, this is both frustrating and disappointing.

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    usb hub took out wired keyboard

    I love the Duo core Intel iMac, except it has only 3 usb ports, so tried to use an old usb hub we had. The hub was "drawing too much power" so the Max "disabled" the port. The result was a nonfunctional wired keyboard. The caps lock stays on, but all keys are unresponsive, even on another computer. No answer from my inquiry on the forum as to whether it is dead or not. I guess I have to buy another. Grr. The wireless one gave up the ghost after just 1 year of use, and now I have to purchase another wired one.

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    Users of 10.5 beware

    I use OS 10.5 because it's very stable in my commercial environment. My keyboard 'i' key stopped working after wiping with a damp cloth (beware) so I bought a new one. Now the volume and media keys do not work, which I have found out is due to changes in the keyboard to work with recent OS's. Whilst the brightness keys can be remapped in System Prefs, the others cannot. Come on Apple: get a grip ...allow us to remap these functions!

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    The good and the bad!

    Love the feel of the keyboard: I can type really quickly on it (much nicer than my Microsoft one).
    I wish it had two 'things' at the back to enable it to tilt, however. It would also mean that the mouse/keyboard cables don't catch underneath it. There can be quite a bit of wobble if this happens. Worst thing, though, is the very short length of the mouse cable. It twists incredibly easily and that, too, gets caught beneath the right side of the keyboard. The place where or near where - the cable goes into the mouse also easily sits on top of the rest of the cable, result no mouse. It only takes a moment to sit it on the desk again, but it's still a nuisance. Apart from that, though, really good.

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    Nine keys stopped working.

    I am a power user and treat my equipment very well, unfortunately this keyboard had nine keys stop working. I have absolutely no idea why they stopped working. Anywho, I loved the keyboard so purchased a replacement which will hopefully last longer!

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    Excellent but Backlight Feature Needed

    One of the best keyboards I've ever used. It's thin, compact and I love typing on it. Only complain I have is the lack of backlighting. It's a hassle when you can't see what you're typing when you're in a dark environment. It's especially hard for me when I want to do my work (or play games) at night.

    Once again, this keyboard is amazing but for the next installment, I hope Apple is smart enough to add the backlight feature.

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    Don't Try This...

    A week ago I moved from one house to another. After the move I could not find my keyboard, anywhere. I was about to buy another. Then, I had to move a bunch of stuff off the back patio to make room for a delivery and there she was, sitting bright and shiny as could be...except...it had rained, hard, for several hours, for several days. I had no hope. I shook off the drops of remaining water and figured I could do no wrong if I plugged it in. Or could I? It worked without flaws. I am typing on it now. Go figure. And I refuse to answer any questions about how I could possibly not see it out there on the patio getting wet.

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    Top row of letters just stopped working!!

    Only 9 months old, it hasn't had any spillages and the expose key suddenly stopped working, I rebooted and then that came back, but then seconds later letters Q to P suddenly stopped working. Tried usual troubleshooting, checked forums etc. This is my second keyboard after the letter F stopped working on my last one. Really weird as I dont think I am doing anything peculiar !!!! Can only think it must be hardware related

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    Looks great. But...

    ...the USB extension cable is useless. It has a flange on the female that prevents it from hooking into anything. Why would Apple design a cord that cannot be connected to a flash drive or other standard USB devices? Strange.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    Can't go back to any other keyboard! Not sure why they write the requirements are OS 10.6.8.. I've been using this keyboard since 2008 (Tiger). Anyway - perfect!

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    Wouldn't use any other KB

    Lightweight, rugged, and comfortable typing. I use the number pad frequently, but it also helps to orient my fingers on the keyboard. The two USB ports on the keyboard are a must-have for any desktop.

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    I love it

    I think these are great. Light, well designed, quiet, and fun to work with. I do wish there was a backlight version like the laptops, that would be super helpful. Maybe a wireless one as well.

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    Pretty, but ....

    This is a pretty keyboard, but I have two problems with it.

    1. It is made from materials that give off a noxious gas which some people are very sensitive to. It is OK for me, but even months after I bought it, other members of my family cannot be in the same room for very long. When are manufacturers going to understand that more and more people suffer from obscure chemical sensitivities, mainly to complex organics in plastics, perfumes, adhesives and solvents?

    2. The keys sit only a short distance above the base, so their edges are closer together than older keyboards which have higher keys which slope inwards at the top. I find I make many more typing mistakes with this keyboard as a result. Design must first of all be practical before it should be pretty.

    My old keyboard broke, but I prefer it. I liked the even older Mac keyboards even better, so things are definitely going backwards!

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