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    At last, a keyboard to match the ellegant design of my G5 and what a keyboard! Looks marvellous and works perfectly, so much better than the old clunky white one. My wife says that it is not so good for a touch typist but its fine for a four finger novice like me. All the new function keys work perfectly and the software update went on effortlessly. A must have for all G5 owners. Well done Apple.

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    Love it!!

    I absolutely love the new Apple keyboard! It works great on my Mac at home as well as my PC at work. My desktop looks much less cluttered with my old PC keyboard out of the way! I will definitely get a second one for work. The only problem with using it on a PC is that there doesn't seem to be a way for me to use one of the function keys beyond F12 for the weird DOS button like Pause/Break and Print Screen. I wish this weren't the case, but some of my work apps require those buttons. Anyway, again, this is a wonderful keyboard and I highly recommend it for Macs and PCs.

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    Neat! Recommend upgrade.

    Very low profile. Will take some getting use to. Very fast typing. Smooth key strokes. Keys are spaced perfectly. I also like the new keys and layout. I have full control watching movies with DVD player using the control keys. This keyboard works perfect with the keyboard update 1.1. I did not have to manually change anything.

    Very sleek design worth the price. Recommend buying.

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    This keyboard goes far beyond my expectations. By far the most comfortable keyboard I've ever used. It actually makes typing faster and fun. Only drawback is the fn key to use some of the more elaborate F functions. For $49.00 I'll probably get another to keep at work. Good luck selling the wireless though, no numbers section. BIG mistake.

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    Freak out.

    Apple's new keyboard is, hands down, (heh) the best-feeling keyboard I've ever typed on, and I've typed on quite a few.

    The separation between they keys improves my typing accuracy and the small travel distance means the time between initiating a keypress and the psychological registration of successfully doing so is shortened. The end result is a crispness to the typing experience which should have been there from the get go.

    The keyboard that preceded this one is an atrocity which makes the beauty, functionality, and design of this keyboard stand out all the more starkly.

    If you have been looking for a keyboard for just that perfect feel, this is the keyboard for you.

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    A Must Buy For Everyone!

    Until I got my new keyboard, I thought there was a limit to how sexy a keyboard could be. But Apple did it, they created to coolest (by far), the best designed keyboard in the history of mankind. Good job guys.

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    I Love this Keyboard!

    Wow, this keyboard is night and day better than the older ones. I have a 6 month old iMac and when i bought it i got the wireless keyboard. it was ok but i really didnt care for it much. Yesterday i picked up this wired new apple keyboard and it is fantastic. Im writing this review because im simply looking for an excuse to type something haha. Apple came out wth yet again another fantastic product. If nothing else this one shouldnt get near as dirt as the old ones because the old ones had all the cracks and creases everywhere and were only white. Im very happy, you just have to download the software for the hotkeys to work from apple downloads

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    Excellent keyboard and USB is capable of charging and synchronizing iPod

    This is a great piece of new hardware. It came with my iMac and I'm very impressed with it. It is an order of magnitude better than the previous white keyboard. I was first impressed with it's weight. It's like a heavy sheet of aluminum with the keys slightly raised above the surface. The touch is light and at first seems odd but after a while it is much easier typing on this than on the old keyboard. My favorite part about it is that gunk can't get stuck in it for everyone to see through the clear plastic of the old keyboard. As for previous posts that complained the USB didn't function well, this keyboard works great with my iPod plugged into the side USB port.

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    Out of the Box into Warp Drive

    When I received your email about the 'new' imac I was peeved, because I had just bought an imac & a mac pro two months ago.

    After coming around, I drove forty miles across town to look at the new imac & try out the new keyboard. I was totally elated by the fine engineering Apple is accomplishing. I immediately ordered two new keyboards for my June purchases on my two relatively new computers!

    While waiting for delivery for the new keyboards, I read the Apple reviews concerning the keyboards. So here is our two cents ...


    We plugged in, downloaded the software update ... and are off into the wild blue yonder. We are absolutely thrilled with the new new new keyboards.

    No problems at all in functionality or use, in fact it makes you wonder why you haven't had a keyboard like this before. This is the way a keyboard should BE! Quick to the touch, light to the touch, almost silent and oh so elegant!!!!!

    We both give Apple a hearty THANK YOU and we are still devoted Apple fans!

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    Apple Keyboard

    I love this keyboard. Love the keys and everything. Also, the side usb ports are awesome. i have a usb receiver for my house hooked up to it. just perfect. i cant even hear the keys when im typing this. Extremely responsive, no having to press the letter twice. NOTICE: im using this on a windows pc, vista, so on a mac this should be even better.

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    Faster typing?

    Look I'm not a total Apple fanboy. I ordered this keyboard because I didn't like resistance of my old wired Apple keyboard and i sort of liked typing on my girlfriends MacBook. However, it seems that ever since I began using this new Apple keyboard I type slightly faster and with less mis-keystrokes. Maybe it's my imagination but it sure seems like my typing has improved.

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    Elegant, easy to use, but flawed.

    This Apple Keyboard is a nice addition to almost any system. The size is great, only slightly less wide than its predecessor, and the feel of the keys takes very little to get used to. However there are a few issues. One, there is virtually no incline to the unit and can be bothersome on some wrists. Second, and most importantly in this case, is that this keyboard will not function when attached to certain KVM switches. As a USB device it should "just work" ,but when connected to a USB KVM in the dedicated keyboard port, it simply does nothing. If there were a fix for this issue, it would be worthy of 5 stars.

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    Using with a MacBook

    I have found that I used my MB more often as a desktop unit than a portable so this keyboard is great to use along with my iCurve. For those worried about keeping the wrist/palm area of their MB in pristine condition - this is the solution.

    The keyboard is light, the typing experience is very comfortable and the design is simply elegant. I have yet to program this keyboard and whatever deficiencies I find, I'm confident Apple will issue an update.

    This was a solid $49 purchase.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Remember to download the keyboard software update

    If you're buying this for an older mac, make sure you download the keyboard software update at Apple's support page, otherwise the dedicated keys won't work properly.

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    USB Useless

    I like the design and the function of the keyboard, however the big shortfall is in the USB connections. The ports are useless because they do not supply any power to run devises. For example want to plug in your IPOD it won't work, want to plug in a USB wireless mouse no go.
    I called tech support and received two different answers. The first one was that the keyboard I have is defective, and the other answer I received from the store is that the USB on the keyboard is USB 1 and it will not power anything.

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    The best keyboard I've ever owned

    I'm sitting at work typing this on a windows machine, the keyboard was just delivered. I love that it's so small and low to the table, it's a lot more comfortable. I was almost expecting it to be flimsy because it's so thin but that is definately not the case. I can't wait to get home and put this thing to it's full potential on my Mac. Great keyboard, another win for Apple.

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    Beautiful Design. Excellent performance. Sleek and Sexy! I just received my keyboard yesterday and was able to use and play with it last night, worked flawlessly. Plugged it in, then check software updates and installed the keyboard update and all works beautifully.

    the short travel of the keys is a very welcome feeling, but will take some getting used to coming from the previous 'honking big' apple keyboard (in comparison). I was afraid that it being so thin that it would not be stable enough with enough grip on the table, but the rubber feet and the heft of the aluminum and plastic is just the right amount to hold it still, for hours and hours of key banging.

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    Great look and feel, but...

    I like this new keyboard a lot, but was VERY disappointed to learn that ipods and the iphone will not operate through the keyboard's usb ports. The keyboard's description on the apple site reads:

    "And two USB 2.0 ports provide high-speed connectivity for your iPod, Mighty Mouse, digital camera, and other USB-based electronic devices."

    Too bad.

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    No Dashboard and No Expose...

    The Keyboard Update that you download from Software Update doesn't allow the keyboard to use the Expose and Dashboard Keys. Other than that it works great!

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    USB ports really aren't full function

    "And two USB 2.0 ports provide high-speed connectivity for your iPod, Mighty Mouse, digital camera, and other USB-based electronic devices."

    The above sentence is directly from Apple's advertising material for the new keyboard. Oh, how I wish it were true. I was facing the purchase of a USB hub because I was tired of turning my iMac, unplugging one item, plugging in another. I thought this keyboard would be a great solution. But even my Nano iPod kicks up a low power warning. The keyboard is great aside from the USB function. Great feel, easy access function keys, etc.

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