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    This is the best keyboard I have ever had. Thanks for the great product Apple!

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    Apple Keyboard

    I love the slim profile of the keyboard and the aluminum structure.
    It takes up way less desk space.

    You really have to strike the keys firmly to make sure they register.
    I would like to the keys back lit for night typing.
    The full size keyboard needs to be wireless.

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    This is one of the best keyboard that Apple have made. There is only one thing wrong with it - it's wired, and there isn't anyway to get around that. You have two choices: a compact keyboard with no numeric keypad (wired or wireless) OR if you need a keypad you are wired.
    Please, please, please release me from my desk and WITH my numeric keypad!

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    If you're a hunt-and-peck typists or consider typing an aerobic exercise, this probably isn't the best keyboard for you. But if you like the idea of quiet operation, shallow key dip -- those qualities appreciated by many touch-typists, you couldn't ask for more. I've had this keyboard for ten months now and couldn't be happier. Far and away the best keyboard I've ever had.

    For those looking for the "NUM LOCK," it will come to life by simply pressing "FN" + "CLEAR". There's several programs that otherwise refuse recognize the numberpad input. If you're unfortunate enough to be running Windows and AutoCAD, this is essential.

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    Great Keyboard but Wireless option is a MUST

    I love the feel of the keys, but am disappointed that the large keyboard isn't available in a wireless version.

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    Mistake Prone

    Beautifully designed. A real esthetic addition to your office space. I've had this keyboard for some time. Takes some adjustment. Comparatively speaking, I tend to make a lot of typos on this keyboard due to the thin keys and dead space between them so I don't recommend it for those who type really fast. The action is a bit siff and funky somehow.

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    Simply the best

    This is my far the best keyboard I have ever owned. The two side USB ports are very handy for my constant USB Key plug ins and outs. The keyboard keys are very "soft" to press and it is extremely easy to type for prolonged periods of time without much fatigue, unlike other keyboards. One advise for this keyboard is to get a keyboard front pad where you can lay the bottom of your palms. It is much more comfortable that way.
    Thanks Apple for another great product.

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    Great Keyboard

    The only thing better would be to add backlighing like the MacBook pro's have built in.
    (And the Wireless KB could use a Number pad too)

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    Best keyboard Ever.

    Had this keyboard for about 6 months now. works better than any keyboard i have ever used. Love it because of the number keypad

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    After using ergo keyboards with PCs for the past decade, transferring to a straight board was a bit scary due to my arthritis. However, they keys are easy to press but not too sensitive.
    Also, being an accountant, having a 10-key is extremely important. The placement of the function keys are a bit different but easy to get used to.
    The keyboard without the 10-key is similar to using a laptop.
    All-in-all, the full keyboard is a great investment.

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    quiet keyboard

    the most striking thing about this keyboard, other than its good looks and its physical thickness is that it is SO quiet when typing. there is basically no sound, which is great if you have a computer in the corner of a shared bedroom. the roommate/spouse can sleep while you type. before, with the old keyboard, it was constant complaining "STOP TYPING--SHUT THAT STUPID THING OFF."

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    Beautiful Design

    of course a keyboard is just a keyboard, the big difference is that this one looks pretty, and its not as bulky as other keyboards. The only thing that Mac could do to make this better is to offer a wireless version of their keyboard with the numeric keypad. I would have got the wireless one, but i need the numeric keypad, i use it alot. Other than that, this keyboard works perfectly and looks good.

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    The Best

    Honestly I have no idea why this keyboard doesn't come standard with every mac--I can't be the only one who thinks a numerical pad is crucial... can I?

    Besides the fact that I am a numeric-keypad conservationist, this keyboard types great (it does take a little getting used to initially) and feels good to your hands and wrists.

    Apple, this is your best keyboard. Please don't ever eliminate the numeric keypad!

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    Don't waste your money!

    Although, this is a nice keyboard, the keys are too small plus there is no wrist rest for this keyboard. It defies all the laws of ergonomics. Thanks to the keyboard, I now have carpel tunnel(ouch!)

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Looks great but not for professionals who have to write a lot.

    For some reason keys don't register often.
    I often have to go back to sentences to correct for missing characters.

    Also the keys lack backlighting which would be nice for low light and nighttime typing.

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    Amazing, Great

    It could not be more easy to just go to the Apple store, buy it!
    Take it home, take it out of the box, and use it!
    Cant wait to get home and type on it, cause its simply AMAZING! Love it..

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    Incredible Keyboard!

    My oh my - this is one helluva keyboard. I can't stop running my hands over it – I've even typed up a page of complete nonsense because the feel is so satisfying. It's gorgeous, light, clean and slim. For those of us with a lightning-fast keystroke, it's a dream to have such a short depth of key. It's quiet, as well. Highly recommended. Thank you, Apple product designers, for making me feel so refined and elegant when I type my emails!

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    Well what do you say a dream to use keep it up apple lovi'n your toys.

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    #1 Digit Failed

    My number 1 digit failed on the numeric keypad after only 3 months of ownership (W/ 8 core 2.26). Hopefully I'll get a freshy exchange at the Mac store. First time I've had this happen on a machine.

    But the tactile and functional design is the best evolution yet. If my #1 worked.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    exceptional keyboard

    wow was that quick! ordered it, expecting it to take some time probably the fastest shipping that i have ever had from anyone. Friday placed the order Monday had the mouse and keyboard connected in seconds and using it by 1! what great shipping! for the mouse, works on any surface exceptionally well! and the keyboard is the nicest feel that is comparable to no other keyboard! thin, buttons feel exceptional, i think i am in love with apple for being so great! they have one style of keyboard and mouse that is perfect for any type of user were as Microsoft has a crazy amount of options to choose from and apple just 1 and it works perfectly! what a great addition to the desk space to have this keyboard. i would have liked to go wireless but also really like the forward delete and numeric keypad... apple- extend your accessories and find a way to make this wireless, but dont get me wrong the wire is not that bad it would just be nice...

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