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    Amazing Keyboard

    I bought a new iMac, I love the keyboard, it's so easy to type on! :) It also looks sleek and clean. This is a definite buy for anyone who wants a better keyboard to type on!! GO APPLE!

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    I was surprised...

    I didn't think I would like this keyboard at first. Just by looking at it, I thought it would be uncomfortable to use, and I wasn't sure how satisfying of a click you would get when you press on the keys, you know? But, it actually works well, and is one of my favorite keyboards now.

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    A little difficult to get used to ...

    Apple's new low profile keyboard is so different from the previous model that transitioning to it was challenging for a few days. I have heavy hands and was used to banging away on the old style keyboard. It creaked and clacked and the keys occasionally stuck, but, this was keyboarding as I knew it.

    Then, a left shift key blew out. I thought, hmmm, probably dust bunnies and cat hair stuck under the key cap. So, I popped all the key caps off and sure enough, there was enough dust, hair and dirt to start a small apartment garden. I cleaned not only the keyboard, but the key switches and caps. Then, I carefully reassembled the keyboard. Looked great. The left shift key was still dead.

    I had been secretly lusting after one of these new low profile keyboards for some time and given the recent death of my left shift key I now had a legitimate reason to purchase one.

    This keyboard requires much less pressure and the low profile took some getting used to as well.

    I've been typing on it for about a week now and the more I use it, the better I like it.

    The only negative that I have found is somewhat minor, but, irritating nonetheless.

    Why did Apple change the F-key layout and special key assignments? Weird. Doesn't make any sense. Apple has been using exactly the same layout for years; it is a de facto standard. Oh well, I'll adapt.

    But the quality of the keyboard is excellent. I really love the low pressure keys which make 1/10th the noise of the older keyboards. I also find that my hands feel better after a few hours on this keyboard. Great job Apple.

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    Frail laptop key design!

    I like the design and look of the keyboard, its very sleek. The feel is a bit strange at first but you quickly become accustomed to it and it types very nicely. I've had my keyboard for about 6 months now and I decided to remove some of the keys in an effort to clean it, however compared with the old generation of mac keyboard, the new keyboard uses the same design as the laptop keys and is held in place by a plastic hinge like system and connects in 3 points with 3 small U shaped hinge to pin connectors. They break extremely easy which I soon found out and then your keyboard is useless. So i've got a keyboard missing 3 keys because its new fragile design and the only solution is to buy another new one. I miss the robustness of the older model but it is still a nice keyboard, just never ever remove the keys.

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    Nice Board - would prefer a larger version as well

    I liked this keyboard so much I bought one for me 'dirty rotten PC' as well. It's quite, small, responsive and looks great on the desk.

    I would however, love to see a larger alternative. As a touch typist the small layout is fine for regular tasks, but when I'm working in Photoshop I tend to have one hand on the Cintiq. This leaves only one for the keyboard and having all of my function keys so close together means this keyboard is unusable for the majority of my work. If we could get a larger format with the typical spacing between each 4 function buttons it would be perfect.

    That being said I'm looking for an alternative, I wouldn't change the current keyboard as it has a place as well.

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    One of my favorite keyboards

    I had one of these on an iMac and decided to get a separate one for my Powerbook G4 12-inch. This keyboard now comes with an extension cord about a meter long just in case your computer is a little farther away than usual. What I like about this keyboard is that the keys have a very short travel so that I do not need to use as much effort when typing. Also, it is fairly quiet unlike some of the keyboards that I used in the past. Also, the thin profile eliminates the need for a thick wrist pad that I used to use with my keyboards.
    The main reason why I got this instead of the wireless keyboard is that if you have desk space and do a lot of editing, you will enjoy the dedicated forward-delete key, home, end, and page up and down. Now to delete whole words in front of the cursor, I just need to press option forward delete instead of pressing fn option and the normal backspace key like I used to. Although some other people don't like the style of the keys, I find that at least for me it reduces typing errors because I often strike keys off-center and this design keeps me from pressing the adjacent keys when I do this.

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    where is the £ key?

    I cannot believe that the UK keyboard, bought here in the UK, fails to have a £ key. Also no 'go the end of the line' key (but perhaps there are some key combinations that do the same?).
    The quality and feel is superb so overall I am happy!

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    A big improvement

    I have a PowerMac with the old style keyboard and that keyboard is so difficult to type on compared to this keyboard with my new iMac. Very impressed with it, it's just so comfortable.

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    Uhg, not a fan!

    We have had the new keyboards at work for some time now, and I would say about 85% of us do not like them at all. It is incredibly uncomfortable to type on, the keys are flat instead of curved like a MacBook and I am constantly missing the space bar and some letters while typing. It's also hard to keep clean, since dust and debris can easily get in behind the keys. They are cool looking, but completely impractical.

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    I have tendonitis in my wrists from typing improperly for years. Because of the slim nature of the keyboard, it takes little pressure to type, and does not aggravate my tendonitis like the heavy, clunky keyboards on other computers.

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    nice keyboard, good upgrade

    Nice step up for the keyboard. The key strokes are really smooth because of the low profile keys. It doesnt' get dirt trapped around the keys like the older keyboard did. The preset F keys are nice. There are pics on each key that correspond to their function. Those F keys with no preset have no pic so adding a function to those is a sinch and getting the functions confused is totally gone. Instant access to lots of features w/o having to open the program or utility. great apple keyboard feature.

    The only real issue I've had is the USB ports on the keyboard. I use a mac mini and the aluminum keyboard connected to the mini won't allow 2.0 devices. 2.0 use is only available when used with the aluminum iMac. my old keyboard when connected to the mac mini, allowed 2.0 device hookups (ie flash drives). I might pull my old keyboard out and compare the two. If you can give up the 2.0 feature its a good buy.

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    If you use your mouse a lot

    I find the key-board too wide. As I am using my mouse a lot, I have my right arm too far away from my body and it starts hurting my shoulder now, so I have to get the wireless key-board, that is narrower. If I had known that, I would have chosen differently to begin with.
    Other than that, I like the looks and feel of the key-board a lot.

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    Price is Definitely Worth It!

    Likes: Slim, Laptop-Like Keys, Metal Finish, White Keys, Feel on Keys, US Ports on each side, Price, Dashboard & Expose easy access keys, etc.
    Dislikes: Absolutely Nothing

    I think, considering the fact that the design and materials used are flawless, the prices is well set and even better than some of these other slim keyboards that sometimes go all the way to $150+. It's a great investment.

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    Probably the best keyboard ever.

    The new apple keyboard is wonderful! The keys are the perfect hight, and have just the right amount of resistance when you push them down. The finish on the keys feels great on your fingers, and the anodized aluminum just gleams. the best part of this keyboard though, is that its just easy to type on! I can type faster and with less errors simply because of the way the keys are placed. You need to try it! Definitely the best keyboard I have ever used.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    I have been through four of these keyboards!! I loved the feel and all the special Mac related keys, so I kept giving them chances. The last two I left in the plastic to make sure they got no dust etc in them. They all just stopped working. Beware, these keyboards may die on you.

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    Best Keyboard

    I just bought my keyboard today (Nov. 18, 2008),as soon as i hooked up I felt the difference with my old keyboard, it is soft touch and looks good. It's a great add-on to my MAC. Get it now MAC Manias!!!!

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    good but not so good

    it says on the description that you can plug might mouse and iPods!!! i can plug my iPod in, but it says there isn't enough power. all in all it looks awesome and compared to the older one i don't feel like I'm using a typewriter

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    Made my PC more MAC :-)

    I had to switch to PC at work to "conform" to the norm. My keyboard felt like I was working on a 1960's typewriter. I had all the wrist comforts and still wrists sore. So I grabbed one of these and it was like magic! No soreness - faster typing. Just plain better. Like typing on the desk and not a keyboard. Company might be getting these for everyone in the office now.

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    Learn to READ!!! ...then rate

    First of all this keyboard is awesome... especially for anyone that is used to using a notebook keyboard. Feels like a brand new macbook keyboard... but bigger.

    Don't listen to anyone that is complaining about insufficient power on the USB ports for iPods and external HDs that draw power from only the USB port. This is the case with ANY keyboard with USB ports on it; there is even a disclaimer for this in the product description!!!

    Bottom line: get this keyboard. If you need to plug in power-hungry devices; those belong on the back of the computer or on a powered USB hub anyways!!!

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    LOVE this keyboard! No debate, just get it!

    I recently started a new design job and had the old "push key" keyboard. Not only were some of the keys sticking but it looked dirty and was impossible to clean! I insisted I get this new one and it was worth asking for! It's sleek, SO very easy to type on — it's like gliding! — quiet and so slim it takes hardly any space. I actually like typing more now!

    Only con is that like the MacBook Pro's casing, the anodized aluminum smudges easily, BUT unlike any other keyboard, this one is actually EASY to clean. All you need is a shammy cloth. Then again it looks so darn nice, you won't want it dirty!

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