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    I mean every word of my review title. :) The design is clean, minimalist, functional, very pleasant to look at. Materials used feel great. VERY WELL DONE APPLE!

    (I've read someone complaining about top control buttons not working (sound, brightness etc, but that's because that silly person didn't read the user manual - to get those work, you need to download a driver from Apple website! Good idea - prevents wasting resources by producing millions of useless CDs.)

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    Keyboard looks hot but strange space bar??

    The keyboard looks hot and sits on the desk amazingly but my space bar doesn't space like the old one? sometimes it misses spaces and it needs to be pressed harder than the old mac keyboards? did i just get a dud one?

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    sent back keyboard

    i got my new keyboard and it looks great but the new keys
    dashboard,brightness,expose`did not work so has been sent back
    and by the sound of the support person idont think this is the first

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    Beautiful keyboard, not for everyone...

    I bought this the morning it came on the site - my older apple keyboard whilst responsive was too clunky and heavy. and sitting 8 hours a day at it, I started to get tired wrists from the height.

    Let's set aside the looks - they're fantastic. And the anodysed look closely matches my monitors and mac pro case - good job apple!
    The response takes a very slight getting used to, but once you have it's far easier to type from and completely comfortable during long sessions.

    This keyboard might still not be a replacement for everyone though:
    the additional shortkeys at the top may be great for the casual user, but if like me you're a pro apps user, beware that such keys as the volume controls have been stuck onto the F keys. F keys that you may use constantly in Final Cut Pro.
    You can turn the volume controls off when you use such apps, but personally I find it a little tricky to juggle between the two.

    Just a word of warning if you are a heavy apps user, otherwise a very solid product that combines great looks with impressive functionality.


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    Ergonomic Masterpiece

    I have always liked the aesthetics of the Mac keyboard but they were awful to touch type with as the keys were too klunky to be of any real use to me. I have been using a third party low profile Macally keyboard which whilst very ergonomic was aesthetically awful...

    The new mac keyboard is perfect... Matches my 17" Macbook Pro and the 30" cinema display perfectly and provides a very tactile touch typing experience. I doubt I will use the built in USB ports but it's nice to have them.

    Build quality is excellent being formed from a slab of aluminium. If I were to split hairs I would say the only minor problem is the return (for those of you younger than me = Enter) key is a little on the small side.

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    My G5 Dual enhanced.

    Great keyboard - both my active fingers seem keen to start typing. One of Apple's best products. :)

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    Slim, quiet, beautiful.

    Pros. Slim, compact, beautiful, very quiet and easy to type, and now seems to work more seemlessly with Windows (ie, ctrl key in correct place)

    Cons. New F-key features will not work with old versions of OS X.
    Apple claim it is USB 2.0 hub whereas I have put some high speed devices in, such as an sdhc card and get a low power message as I did on all the old usb keyboards.

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    Great keyboard

    I have just got my new imac turn up today with this keyboard and i think its brilliant, as i used the macbook 80% of the time, its the same keys and same feel.

    Well done apple..

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    Mines on order at the moment so i had to have a play in store.

    So impressed at how natural it feels, i'ma switcher so at the moment i got the pc but i use a natural keyboard, going to miss it a little but cause the mac one is so comfortable i doubt i'll be missing my microsoft keyboard for very long.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    I used it to type this review and It's GREAT!

    What can I say, Well let's start with the great design, the fantastic feel and the unique look.
    I have come from a world of PC's so maybe I'm easily impressed. But I can say that for the money you won't be dissapointed.
    And god knows I've had my share of dissapointment.

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