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    Been using the Apple keyboard for a few days and it is great. Looks fantastic, thinner and more elegant than the photos make out! Very responsive keys with a great feel and a great price.
    Highly recommend it!

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    Its too "Ultra thin", and bounces around

    It would rate five stars, except that for some reason, this is the first keyboard that I've experienced that isn't level. I find it very awkward to type on because it keeps bouncing up and down - even on a level surface.

    Perhaps if it were heavier???

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    Don't let the specs fool you

    We recently purchased this for a fathers day present for My girlfriends dad. As he has just acquired an old imac of ebay. I personally have had to test it on my old imac which is overdue for an update. I am using 10.2.8 an the only problems are the fact that the F keys, eject & volume control do not function at the top of the keyboard. I do not use these anyway so it is no real loss. The usb ports are working fine.
    However I do have another problem, I don't want to give it to him as it is such a joy to type on. Looks like I will be buying another one for myself very soon.

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    I can't believe I'm buying another keyboard!

    After being disappointed by my wireless replacement, (it *ate* batteries like the Cookie Monster eats cookies -- even the rechargeable ones), I thought I'd just live with the old, dirty, wired keyboard with the sticking key. But then I began working with a company that had the new Apple keyboards and I can't go back. I'm having to buy one of these keyboards for home -- and possibly another to use when I travel!

    I'm a heavy typist, pounding my keys, especially the space bar, but this keyboard takes it. I also have smaller hands and hated those "ergonomic" ones that made me stretch to reach the sides. The low, light profile of the keys and more subtle click seem to make the typing easier and less of a strain for long shifts.

    I honestly can't think of how they can improve on this keyboard.

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    Nice looking but...

    I've been using this keyboard for a couple of months now, both home and office.

    - Looks great from all angles.
    - Does not have the dirt-catcher plastic tray surrounding the keys that its predecessor had.

    - Keyboard feel is bad. You'd think that after two months of use I'd be accustomed to it but still frequently miss characters and especially spaces. Space bar seems to have been hit but no space results.
    - The little gap between the caps lock key and the letter A key has been removed. As a result I do tHIS about ten tIMES a day. I eventually removed the caps lock key entirely so I could position my hands without having to look at the keyboard which, unfortunately, makes the keyboard look considerably less elegant.

    I think that function followed form a little too much on this one.


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    if you type, you gotta get this baby!!!

    I've gone through two (2) of the old style iMac keyboards because the consarned things eventually jam up/get sticky.

    I've tried lithium grease, graphite, teflon sprays; nothing keeps the key stems from eventually binding. And noisy!!!?

    Havent had that problem with this one (yet, I probably should add, just in case). And the "short throw" of the keys is just pehenomenal.

    I used to be able to type quicker than I can think. With this short-stroke keyboard, I can type before I even wake up.

    Noise is about 1/5th of that of the other keyboard, and I just got brand new 20-channel hearing aids, so I can really tell--my high-frequency hearing is "back". Downside: Now there's an annoying "click" I can hear coming from the mouse.

    The Steve giveth, and he taketh away (oh yeah--the dozens of OS 9 programs I've used for years and years and years? Gone, gone gone.

    Wish it'd happened whilst I had money.


    (sheesh--can't even use plain vanilla cusswords on this system. I do wish the system would flag the offending words, rather than giving a "some of the words -- should be "word(s)" 'cuz I onney had one -- can't be printed, or some such, and you have to hunt for it/them. The Mr. Bowdler on the staff should take a visit to Iraq, or any military base, for that matter.)

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    I am a touch typist, and I love this keyboard because once I got used to it, I can now type really really fast on it. The time it takes to press each key is much shorter, and you don't have to pick up your fingers so much when you're typing. My fingers kind of glide over it. I really like it.

    That having been said, if you are NOT a touch typist, I imagine that the keyboard could be harder to use.

    I'd like to change over to the wireless version of this keyboard, but it's not the same!! (ARRGH!) There's no number pad, for example. So I might just stick with this...

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    Great Keyboard

    After totally wearing out the clattering, clumsy, hard to type original keyboard that came with my iMac, this new keyboard is a godsend. It's easy to use, quiet and I don't have to beat the keys to death just to make them work. Thanks, Apple.

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    great size/design, kind of "dull" feel

    I really like the design of this keyboard. It's heavy enough to stay put on my desk, too. The only thing I really don't like about it is that they keys are flat. This makes it difficult to ensure that your finger is on the correct key. (My other Apple key board keys have a slight concave surface.) I know it sounds kinda weird, but I tend to drag my fingers across the keys as I type... kind of like counting/feeling my way to the next key. This new key board has taken some time to get use to but I still have problems with it. All in all, the keys are quiet when pressed and it's a great design... maybe having slight concave depression on the keys would give it a better feel.

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    Nice Looking, but Less Functional

    There is no doubt that this keyboard is attractive, especially if you have a newer model Mac that matches the aluminum. However, if you are expecting the old keyboard with a make-over, you will be disappointed.

    Many of the function keys are now doubled with OS X specific command keys; the play-pause, fast forward and rewind keys, as well as the sound keys, are now attached to the f7-f12 keys, and they are much easier to accidentally hit than before. Obviously, the extremely low-ness of the keyboard also makes typing more difficult until you've adjusted, so all in all, there is a medium-sized learning curve.

    The real problem, however, is not the re-mapping of the keys, but the fact that the keyboard and mouse now randomly freeze, and need to be unplugged and then re-plugged. I do not have the most recent version of the iMac, but I am only one generation behind (Intel, running 10.5) and I experience this problem a few times a day. It's extremely frustrating in general. I was told that it's a compatibility issue, and the only way to solve it was to have the newest version of the iMac.

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    Best Apple Keyboard Ever

    This is the best keyboard Apple has ever produced. The Pro keyboard from a few years ago was OK, and everything else has been incredibly difficult to type on. There is just one thing that annoys me - the USB power limit. I have a flash drive that gives me a low power notice when I plug it into one of the USB ports. However, I can use both the keyboard and the flash drive when I plug them both into an unpowered USB hub, and apparently this keyboard can deliver the power when connected to an aluminum iMac, so I don't understand where the disconnect is. Other than that, it's a superb keyboard.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Why did I look elsewhere?

    I was looking for a new keyboard for my old Mac. I went to a dozen stores and display-tested a hundred or more keyboards before finally sucking it up and getting the Apple Keyboard. Man, am I glad I did! The keys are the perfect distance from eachother with a good feel, it's easy to see in low-light conditions, and it's heavier than you'd expect from such a thin keyboard so it doesn't slide around when you use it.

    I'm miffed that the F-keys I've used for Exposé and Dashboard moved, but I'll live. Also, I got a KVM switch so I could use my PowerBook at my desk, and of course this is probably the only keyboard on Earth that won't work with it. I blame my discount KVM switch and retain my 5-star rating of this sweet keyboard. Mouse shopping was harder...

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great keyboard but I still like the old one better.

    I recently bought a new mac mini and used this keyboard at the store, but i liked the look and classic key feel of the previous model of the apple keyboard better. And for those who don't know about USB, you cannot plug an ipod into ANY USB hub device that doesn't have an external power source.
    An ipod uses almost all of the power from a usb port, and if this power is split between a keyboard and two usb ports then the ipod won't get enough power to charge. Don't blame Apple, that's just how USB was designed.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great keyboard

    I just got this keyboard and really like it a lot. Everybody has their own keyboard preferences, and I happen to like flatter keyboards better - I also tend to like my powerbook's keyboard better than my old Apple desktop keyboards (this should give you an idea of what this keyboard is like it you haven't had a chance to test it). So, while it might no be for everyone (see other comments), function and form really work for me on this one.

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    this keyboard is awesome!

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    Easy to get dirty

    The keyboard is nicely engineered slim and heavy weight sturdy.
    The keys seem to get dirty easy on the left & is hard to clean if you would have put a finish on it, wouldn't get dirty so easy over all its been good over the few months, but I hear that the keys tend to break but that is if you mistreat it. SO overall I give it a 4/5.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    I like this keyboard.

    Its works great and came with my imac when I bought it at the store although I replaced with a wireless one I still use it for when I need the extra keys but for people who aren't obsessed with only have a power cord coming out of the computer than this is a good buy.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Apple function over form over real-life function...

    It's taking some time to get used to ergonomically- but that's not my main concern - Jamming all the system control keys onto the F-Keys and defaulting them to the system - feh!

    The keys don't keep up with me, or sometimes will repeat themselves - usually just hitting the repeat offender will stop that, but as a touch typist, this is bad... (maybe just a bad keyboard?).

    Other than that tho, I do like the form factor, and feel I may get used to it... although I like keys that register a click audibly - I've also got relatively large hands and thought this would be a problem - but the space between the keys makes up somewhat for their seemingly smaller size and definitely shorter travel.

    I'm surprised it's not backlit, being hardwired - if there is one thing I would ask all keyboard mfg's to do - please leave the F-Keys alone, or default them to F-keys in the driver.

    In the case of the Apple here, there is enough space between the arrows and the upper set of keys to have 6 or 8 buttons for all their built in "functionality" (if one wants it) - brightness, Expose, volume, dashboard, etc.. while still keeping the same form factor.

    I like the keyboard overall, mostly due to the external USB locations, but it's like finger twister at times, depending on how I use it, or want to configure it... I'm an old schooler, hey, maybe that's all there is to it.

    The little rubber nubs on the plastic bottom are not enough to keep it from sliding off an ergo slope, actually even on a flat surface - put some more traction down there.

    It does look good tho, so even if I don't get used to it, and replace it with an "old schooler", I might mount it on a wall or something..

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    Better than a split-key

    My previous keyboard was a split-key style ergo keyboard, with leather-like wrist rest and such. Made by a very prominent software company better known for their operating system. I was initially hesitant about this, but since it came with my iMac I thought I'd give it a try. The thinness of th keyboard makes it very comfortable to use. It also has all the controls for all the media stuff with looking cluttered and bulbous. I'd recommend it. The USB ports are great, too. A wireless version _with the number pad_ would be nice..

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    At first I wasn't sure about the new keyboard because it felt entirely different than my old one.
    After a month of using it I can hardly type on my old one! This new keyboard has a super feel and the keys have wonderful sensitivity. My old keyboard required about 1/4 inch of travel to enter data. The new one has far less travel but is not too "touchy".

    I like the following-
    1- low profile
    2- key travel
    3- USB port locations are superior to the old ones being on the rear.
    4- ease of cleaning.

    You'll love it. Really, a big leap in keyboard technology IMHO.

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