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    Beautiful and functional

    I absolutely love this keyboard, it replaced an old Logitech windows keyboard, which was loud, ugly and, huge. This keyboard is quiet, with a wonderful design and it is so easy to type on, its like a laptop. Truly spectacular.

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    Most un-ergonomic keyboard around - don't buy!

    I recently bought several Mac Pros for my lab which unfortunately came with this horrible keyboard. Yes, it does look great - but that is all. After just 2 days of typing on it, my finger joints started aching. After 5 days my entire hand and wrist became stiff, the pain turned unbearable and I had to stop typing on these keyboards. Switching back to a conventional keyboard alleviated the problem completely. In short: The keys on this keyboard are so hard, it is essentially like typing on a rock hard surface. Apple unfortunately has increasingly put Ergonomics by the wayside for the mediocre benefit of looks and design in recent years, and this is the culmination. Plain awful and - darn, it hurts. I wonder whether Apple has suicidal intentions with this - I foresee a flood of liability lawsuits from customers who develop arthritis or destroy their hands otherwise using an Apple keyboard. A company that sells technically high-end equipment should make Ergonomics a top priority. Instead, Apple sells displays that are not hight adjustable, and keyboards that are just plain joint destroyers. Shame on you, Steve!

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    for pc

    This keyboard can be used for a PC. It looks good and it works the same as a normal keyboard.

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    A pleasure to use.. worth every penny!

    Nice piece of art!..very thin...i mean really thin. Very well built, if you have a macbook, or macbook pro, this item has the exact spaces, shape and look of your laptop's keyboard, except for the arrows and numbers.
    The 2 USB ports on each side, makes it even more useful. So you will not compromise losing one usb port for the keyboard, cause you will get 2 with it!
    100% Recommended.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best keyboard. Ever.

    i cannot explain how much i love this keyboard. it's just so amazing. i bought this keyboard because i wanted to make my macbook pro into a temporary desktop for when i'm just in my room. i love the fact that it has two usb ports but one is taken up because of the mouse x] . the design of this keyboard is just amazing. it's so slim, but that doesn't take away from its quality. it still is a full size keyboard, with a number pad which is just an added bonus. one thing that i really love about this keyboard is the sound that the keys make when you type. i just LOVE the sound the keyboard makes, it's just so amazing. so if you're looking for a great looking keyboard, that doesn't sacrifice quality, this is the keyboard for you. and it just looks awesome. this keyboard is way worth the 49 dollars, and anyone who is looking for a keyboard just has to get this one.

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    Great feel

    Worth the 50 bones. Great key response and very quiet. Would love if they made an ergonomic version though.

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    Love the touch, hate the shape

    As an ergonomic specialist who studies bodies for a living and has used Apple products for over twenty years, I can only say I really dislike the shape of this keyboard and WISH Apple would provide the same touch on a split keyboard. Apple was the FIRST company to understand the need for a split keyboard. Unfortunately, they abandoned the design too soon. It took longer for many of us to understand why a split board was necessary. The engineered positive tilt to the keyboard is a problem as it REQUIRES wrist extension. A second problem with this keyboard is getting it properly set on keyboard trays. The slight positive angle of the board and its 1/8? inch height makes it difficult to put the wrist in a healthy position.

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    Hate the New Keyboard!

    The keyboard feels very cramped to me, like having a laptop keyboard for your desktop. I'm used to typing with the flat pads of my fingertips; this configuration doesn't allow that easily (as my rather short nails hit the higher row of keys). And I dislike how the function keys have been taken over for system stuff. I can't use my favorite e-mail program's function keys any more, which is really slowing down my productivity. Apple...give us some choice in keyboards...and bring back one with some key depth!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    I love this keyboard!!!!

    5 stars all the way!!! I love this thing. Looks great, I can type just as fast on it as other keyboards as I do look at the keyboard fairly often. It's easy to clean, quiet, thin, works perfectly...what else do you need?? I like how quiet it is, no more CLAKKITY CLAKKITY, it's just a simple click now. The one real thing I dont like is that they took the apple sign off of the "command" key and replaced it with the "command" word. Best keybaord I have ever used. Great job APPLE!!!!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    I have been won over ...

    ... by one of the best keyboards I have ever used! When it was first introduced, I didn't like the design - the keyboard layout, its aluminum construction or the response of the keys.

    Now, after giving it a second try, I bought this keyboard at my local Apple store! I'm glad I did!

    Nice job, Apple!

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Substantially less than genius

    Nice keyboard. Beautiful. Feels good under the fingers. But I bought it so that I could plug my USB flash drive into the keyboard rather than the 2.0 ports on the back of my PowerMac G4. But doing this will bring up an alert window telling you that the USB flash drive uses too much power and should be plugged into another USB port.

    Some online research at Apple reveals that:

    *Devices that draw high power from the USB connection, such as iPods, hard drives and some flash drives, can only be used with the new keyboard when it is attached to the aluminum iMac.

    That's funny, Apple. You mean it was too hard to make the USB 2.0 ports on the new keyboard capable of powering a teeny weeny USB flash drive on other Macs too?

    I'm disappointed. I don't know if it's just laziness or slipshod thinking, but the USB ports on this keyboard should not be called 2.0. They are more like 1.5. I never would let a product called USB 2.0 out of the door if they didn't fully function as such. And that means powering ANY USB 2.0 device.

    The keyboard comes in a long very white box. There's lots of space on the box where they could print a warning that the keyboard may not power some of your USB devices. They do not print such a warning. So if you go to the Apple store to pick one of these up, be warned.

    It gets 3 stars because half stars are not allowed.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I got this product today. It is perfect working with my MacBook. The price is really reasonable.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love it!

    My new keyboard arrived today and I can't say enough about how enjoyable it is to work with! The low profile will take a little getting used to, but I can already type with much more ease than with my older keyboard. The best part is, that despite the reported power issues with the USB connections, that the new Razer Pro V1.6 mouse I also ordered works well with this keyboard. I am most satisfied with this purchase!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    Easy to use, great features, and no more dirty keys. Is so easy to clean and keep it clean. Thank you Apple

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Typing Bliss...

    Wonderful feel and styling. This keyboard is the ultimate for everything from blogging, web-based code work and data entry. Keep up the great work Apple!!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    quiet, comfortable

    This keyboard is a big improvement over the older style apple keyboard. I'd say is the best keyboard I've ever used. It is very quiet and very comfortable to use. The action on the keys is very nice. Plus, it looks great!

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Couldn't Be Happier

    Thank you so much Apple for making such a wonderful keyboard that is as economical as it is stylish!! I am now the envy of my boyfriend, think he might just be getting one for christmas!! ;)

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I love this keyboard and I am thinking of getting a spare one for the office.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Hmmmmm, not sure I agree sorry guys

    About 4 months ago I bought a new 24" Silver and black iMac, gorgeous looks, fabulous power, quiet as a graveyard!!

    Having been a high end PC user for most of my working life I am a total Apple convert, I briefly had a Dual 1.8 G5 before getting my beloved iMac.

    I love the stability and design of these things and when I saw the look of the new keyboard couldn't wait to quite literally get my hands on one.

    At the Apple shop in Birmingham UK I decided to go for the wired keyboard because I liked the idea of USB connectors being easily accessible for my nano and for my digital camera, so with a big smile on my face I heaved the huge iMac box home.

    There's no doubt about it, the design is beautiful, the colour of green LED on the caps lock key is great, and the touch feels ok BUT ....

    I'm sorry to say I much prefer the older 'chunky' keyboard when it comes to doing lots of typing.

    I've given this a really good go but too often like others on here have posted I find that the Caps key doesn't lock on if you hit it too quickly, letters are sometimes missed when typing quickly and the overall 'feel' is a bit of a let down.

    I'm totally torn now .. I want USB 2 and great looks, but in the end it's the functionality that counts and I know I'm going against what most others have posted on here but my honest opinion is that this keyboard doesn't quite hit the spot, close but not quite!

    Personally I think others who have posted on here are getting a bit hyped up because of the looks and the fact that it's new, but really honestly I wish the keys were a little deeper maybe only 3-5mm and that they travelled just a little further so that you knew you had pressed something.

    It is definitely quieter than previous keyboards I have used and as I've said it does look fabulous, but when it comes down to it I'm yet to be convinced it is as hard wearing and robust as the older models and it certainly isn't as responsive.

    I am going to keep on trying with it to see if my experience improves, but after 4 months I suspect I will still find this falls short of previous offerings, worse still I look at the apple web site and I may be mistaken but it seems like you can't get the old ones anymore, so it may be a trip to e-bay for me I fear...

    In closing, I love the iMac and am definitely a bit of an evangelist for Apple nowadays, but this product misses the mark (in my opinion).

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Valid replacement

    The design needs no review as it is stunningly minimal with clean lines. The keys are bouncy and the travel low so this makes a great kb for those like me that have arthritis which makes depressing keys a pain in the long run. The greater distance between the keys also help as the risk of clicking 2 keys at once is greatly reduced.
    Now, the powered USB ports: this has to be clarified: if you plug the keyboard directly into your Mac's USB port you'll get powered kb ports. If. like I, plug it at the back of your Apple display, the ports will not have enough power for items such as your iPod, flash drive, printer etc.
    This aside am still glad I got this kb.

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