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    I am not pleased with the fact that I have to purchase 10.5 for this keyboard to function properly. I am not one to purchase the latest technology. I enjoyed apple products because of their longevity. I should not have to spend $129.00 on a new operating system. When upgrades are made to hardware such as a keyboard, it would be nice if the F11 and F12 did not eject the cd player when they should be adjusting the volume of the audio.

    I use MAC OS 10.3.9 and have no need to upgrade at this time. I guess this forces my hand...I have to spend $129.00....NOT GOOD Apple...NOT GOOD.


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    Great keyboard - even for Windows

    I needed a new full sized keyboard for my Windows based PC. I wanted it to be sleek, aestically pleasing, and most of all, I wanted it to have keys similar to those found on laptops. I looked for keyboard after keyboard, and finally found this one. I've never owned a Mac (though I do have an iPhone) but I found that this keyboard was perfect for me. It had everything I needed - no more, no less (except for a few extra function keys, but that's moot.) So I bought it and I couldn't be happier.

    I had to do some searching to find drivers to get the extra keys working in Windows, including the Eject key. All you need to do is download the Boot Camp Control Panel software for Windows, and suddenly you will find that all of your extra keys are working! Trust me, this keyboard is fabulous - I couldn't be happier!

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    Excellent keyboard, worth the upgrade.

    This is a great keyboard for most home users, i had planned to use it along side my older style apple keyboard, but the new one out performs on so many levels that im now buying a second one.

    People may have had doubts about the flatness/laptop-like keys, but it is fine to touch type on, and it is easy to distinguish between keys.

    Best thing however, is that because of its extremely low profile it feels like its part of my desk, meaning that it hardly puts any strain on my wrists/arms.

    Stop eyeing it up and get it bought!!

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    All touch (I mean pound), no action

    LOVE the look, but give me my old key board back..... This is a keyboard that wants to be all touch, but lacks the sensitivity - drops letters everywhere. I would stay with the old deep seated keyboard until they get the action right. We have an office with multiple keyboards that have been replaced with the old style or (worst yet) MS keyboards.

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    Mac/Windows/Linux it does it all

    First looking at this item online gives you a false sense by pictures, Once you have it you will be astound by the sleek design, capability, and lightweight. This item works well with Mac's PC and Linux.

    Now the parts i think that could be better. Back-lit-keys would always be nice. sure it will make the board a bit thicker but it will still have a nice feeling to it with the flat keys. The second thing is it needs a longer USB cored. it comes with a attachment but it would be nice for PC users to have a longer cord.

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    Love It!!!

    the best keyboard i've ever used, it weighs to the table very well considering its so small. the USB ports on the side were pure genius, considering on my iMac the USB ports are round the back which can be a pain to get to because its in a hole in my wall. so i have to turn the whole computer round. All of the keys have worked fine. they are very well spaced apart so its easy to type. and also the gaps between the keys and the rest of the keyboard are tiny (less than half a mm) so i don't drop anything down there unlike with my old one where i would have 2 turn it upside down 2 get all the crums and other things that fell down the gaps!

    all round excellent keyboard, would reccomend to anyone who needs a keyboard!

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    Awesome keyboard!

    Love the feel of this keyboard. Makes typing faster and more comfortable for me.
    Love the function keys however would like to see one for "Sleep Mode".

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    Fre-Kin AWSOME

    Okay, First of all, Steve Jobs, NICE WORK, Its ultra thin, (I dont own one, but am buying one) I like playing with them at the apple store alot, ITS JUST GOOD!

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    Even works on Windows!

    I use this keyboard to replace a brand-new Microsoft keyboard that just quit. I use it on a Compaq Evo D510 running Windows XP Professional SP2. Since I am investing in a Mac Mini, I bought this keyboard along with the Mighty Mouse. I use StickyKeys to remap the keys. It is very thin and it is way smaller and lighter than my previous keyboard. Great job Apple!

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    space bar needs revamping

    I have used this keyboard for over a month now.
    Many good things here.

    But I continue to be frustrated with the space bar. Maybe my touch of the space bar is light and it doesn't trigger moving one space. I am not sure why this works so much different than other keyboards I have used.
    Maybe the space bar needs to be raised one eight of an inch or made more sensitive.
    But it continues to be frustrating to look at a few sentences that I have typed and a fair number of word have no separation between them (in spite of taping on the space bar).
    And I can say the same thing about the shift key as it has the same problem.
    I can not rate this keyboard higher because to me this is unacceptable.

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    Love it ... except....

    I love this keyboard for the most part. I too type a lot and have NOT had any problems with that. Matter of fact, typing seems to move along faster. It's also so quiet.

    My complaints ... the location of the USB ports. And the extension USB they give you must be for USB2(?) My card reader doesn't fit; there's an extra "nib" in the opening.

    Also, WHY did Apple discontinue their old keyboard? I only have OS 10.3 and had no other Apple option but this keyboard. (Or wireless, I think. But that would lead to more expense.) Since I don't have 10.4 (another expense!) the "F" keys don't work properly (except for the eject key.) The ones I miss most are the volume keys.

    I did have a problem w/the Caps Lock and "A" keys not responding unless I whacked them HARD; but I returned it to my Apple store for an exchange with no problems.

    Don't get me wrong; I do like the keyboard. Typing IS smoother/faster/quieter; "crud" doesn't build up and it looks so sleek. I'm just hoping Apple reads these reviews and takes our voices into account when they improve the original.

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    I can't believe this is only keyboard offered

    I'm a high volume/speed typist and this keyboard has cut my typing speed in half. Too much time correcting errors. And this style is the only thing on the Apple website and it is terrible. After market alternatives do not meet the criteria that high-volume typists want: Soft but quiet click and a decent travel distance. Very disappointing.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    The best keyboard ever works with Windows XP!

    I know that it is just a keyboard, but I love it!

    It makes typing very easy! It gives you an extra USB port, which is brilliant, and it looks so good.

    I use it with my MB Pro, and it works very well on my Boot Camp Windows XP too! Way to go Apple!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Keyboard review

    I have been using this keyboard for about a week and I think it is great. I have read around on the net about people saying that it is too small and like a laptop keyboard but it is nothing like a laptop keyboard. This keyboard is a full size keyboard and the keys are spread out really well. Down side I have found with this keyboard is the placement of the FN key. The placement of the fn key means that I use my right hand to press it and my left hand to select the key. And I also have to move my right hand right over and press it. But I think im just used to my laptop keyboard where I can press the fn key with my pinky. Also they need to make the able longer because not every one has there computer on there desk, then you have to go and buy a cable extender and im not into the whole wireless setup I prefer cords just one less thing having to worry about. Another down side to the keyboard is that the keys don’t have back lighting. They put this in there laptop keyboard I don’t see why they can’t add this in the desktop keyboards (I can see why they can’t put it in their wireless ones) other than that it is amazingly thin and very strong great for my macbook pro and it matches colour. Love the play and pause keys. But in the end I am very happy with this purchase the keys are very soft and responsive but hard enough so you don’t hit another keys. Great Product.

  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Elegant, but too small

    I'm with another reviewer - too small, too flat, very uncomfortable to use - like a laptop keyboard. I am always fixing mistakes. I'll be using the wireless keyboard that came with my old mac, and give this to the buyer of same.

    Mac stuff IS elegant, but sometimes I wish they would consider function, too. I sold my iPod touch for the same reason - keyboard almost impossible to use.

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    metal and mighty

    Mighty cool! The response of the keys and the rigidity of the metal housing is top notch. However, I would prefer the USB ports facing back instead of loading from the sides.

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    Great keyboard

    I bought a refurb Mac Mini and a new Apple keyboard. The keyboard works great. After 6 weeks the spacer bar quit working. I called Apple and they sent a replacement in 2 days. Thank you Apple! Good job!

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    Too small for me

    I recently bought a new imac which I love, but the keyboard is so small that I am constantly hitting the wrong keys and having to go back and correct what I write. I don't know if I am going to try to get used to it or get a new, bigger keyboard. The features are very nice otherwise and for that reason hate to give it up. I've been looking at the Mcally full sized one on Amazon.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works great!

    I just got this keyboard for my macbook today, and so far everything seems to be working fine, as a matter of fact i am using this keyboaard to write this review!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Great keyboard (but be warned!)

    had this bought for me as a christmas present to replace my old white one. it took a while to get used to but now i love it. the keys are well spaced out, which makes it easy to type and it looks very slick into the bargain . Having only used it since christmas i was surprised to find the the alt key on the left hand side has lost its springiness and the key has sunk into the keyboard and is now flushed with the aluminum facia.i will be returning it to the authorized dealer that i bought it from and get a replacement. fingers crossed that this was just a faulty one.I'm having to use my old keyboard in the interim and its horrible in comparison very clunky and awkward to use i hope the dealer has a replacement. VP

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