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    Perfect Keyboard

    I just hooked up this new slim Apple keyboard for Christmas! It is perfect.

    I had went to my local Apple store over a month ago to seek advise on why the keys on my current keyboard had such a 'sticky' feeling and if there was a way to fix it. Other than placing it in the dishwasher, which the salesman noted was a recommended solution by some users via the internet, he introduced me to this new Apple keyboard. It was designed in line with the laptop keyboard and the low key profile and soft touch keys are just what I needed.

    The color style matches the iMac with its white and brushed aluminum look even nicer than the original all white and clear plastic look.

    The low profile is so less stressful on your wrists and, if you are having 'sticky-key' issues with the old keyboard and/or have short fingers, go buy this new Apple keyboard - it is awesome!

    The 'Apple' logo is missing on the 'Command' key. But if you need an apple, go to market.

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    love love love this product

    i love this keyboard. it makes my old g4 feel brand new again. i love the way you have to hit the eject button harder then the rest. i use to have it just pop open all the time on my old one. great absoultuely love it. very thin

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    The fingers have it

    Like many things the new keyboard takes a moment to adapt to. It is sleek and the keys don't stand as tall as the older keyboards but I've found that it took only a few minutes of typing (actual typing) to acquire the touch needed to work freely.

    You're reading mixed reviews here so my advice is to stop into the store and give it a try. If it doesn't feel good instantly, type a letter to Santa telling him what a good boy or girl you've been and by the end, you'll know if you like the keyboard or not.

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    Works with Vista fine

    Got the keyboard today to replace my old apple KB - I dont have a mac but love the keyboards - and it works fine on my PC running Vista32 bit and yes even the apple keys - all you need is the boot camp msi and a reboot and it all works fine, if you get something like sharp keys you can even remap most keys. Superb KB to use and worth it even for us PC users.

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    sexy and sleek

    love this keyboard, although it's very low so i'm still adjusting. i wish the wireless version had the full keyboard. i dislike wires cluttering my desk. i have red polish on; maybe i type too hard but there are some marks on the keys.

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    Short Cord

    Great keyboard, but the cord is too short. It is impossible to connect the keyboard to the computer if you have a desk with a pull out keyboard tray and want to loop the cord behind the desk to connect to the computer. Apple is design conscious?

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    I love this new keyboard that I got with the iMac 24. At first I was a little worried about it but it seems to just work for me. I do not have the biggest hands in the world but they are not small either. The only problem I seem to have is the delete button seems to be about 5 mm out for me, I seem to either hit \ or eject button a bit to much. But I seem to be adapting pretty quickly. I have a mac book pro as well but I do not seem to have the same issue. I would say give a try and don't ride off this new keyboard too quickly.

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    Review: Apple Wired Keyboard

    For people that love the feel of soft, smooth typing, this is the keyboard for you! it is amazing! this would have to be the best keyboard ever! it's so thin, i can move it in a second. the two USB ports are easy to get access to, so it's easy to plug-in your iPod or digital camera.

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    Aluminum + Apple = Yummy

    I bought the keyboard, admittedly, because it matches my Apple Cinema Display and PowerMac really well (in other words, its sexy). But it feels sexy too. Trust me, if you can type, you will love this even more! I can type 75 to 100WPM and this keyboard keeps up no problem.

    I also have no problem syncing my iPod shuffle on it. Haven't tried my full size iPod yet - I've read that it doesn't work. I have a feeling it will. :)

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    Just got this for my Mac mini and after 2 days I swapped it out for a different keyboard. The keys are so close together it's difficult to use if you have big hands.

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    Does not suit my needs.

    I just bought a new iMac 24" and it came with this keyboard, so i gave it a try. I must say, this keyboard is just about everything i don't like about keyboards. Although, if you like using laptop keyboards, you'll probably enjoy it very much. I just like the feeling of a full keystroke, and hearing the click to go with it. This board looks really pretty sitting on my desk, but its just awful to use.

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    The best keyboard I've ever owned

    I have to admit, when Apple first introduced this keyboard I thought it would be terrible. However, after using it for about 30 minutes I didn't want to use a regular keyboard ever again. I'm a software engineer so I'm typing all day long and I love this keyboard. The keys are very responsive and require much less pressure than traditional keyboards. The low profile keys make it much easier to type really fast, nothing is getting in your way. I bought one a couple of weeks ago and now I need to replace the keyboard on all of my computers with one of these. One you use this you'll not want to use anything else.

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    Apple Button

    Where is the Apple button? Other than that, this keyboard is awesome. usb 2.0 ports are awesome and it feels great to type.

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    Slick And Functional!

    as a programmer i spend a lot of time jamming on my board - i'm thrilled by the softer keys, the built in expose and iTunes function keys (although i do need my F12 regularly ;)).
    I've got the new keyboard paired with the last generation imac - still looks good altogether, ha.
    Love the slim profile, makes my desk feel less cluttered, which in turns frees my mind a bit more to focus on the work at hand.
    excellent product!

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    Problems when using Bootcamp and Win XP

    I found it easy to install the new software when running OSX (and like the keyboard very much). I am, however using a 20" iMac as a duel boot (OSX/WinXP) system (using Bootcamp)- that during startup SHOULD give me the option to select which system I want to boot. To do this one has to hold down the ALT key during the start-up sequence in order to get the option to switch to the required system.

    Unfortunately during the start-up sequence the system no longer recognises that the ALT key is being held down and so I can no longer select the system I wish to boot.

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    works great with XP too

    Thin, clean and fairly sturdy feeling, this keyboard has good looks too. The slightly oversized keys take a day of getting used to, but overall has great action.
    Works great with XP, and having two USB 2.0 ports built in give the product wonderful value.
    The key's do feel light so only time will tell on how long term durability will be.

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    PC perfectionist BEWARE

    Bought to replace gaming keyboard on PC. This product is a beauty to use and the feel of the keys are magnificant. This keyboard is a must have item for any users. But for PC users who is used to " being on the number two and the @ at the ' key, this keyboard keyprints are the OTHER WAY round. Even on the posted ENGLISH, and i was told the ENGLISH INTERNATIONAL only differs by the missing £ symbol on the keyboard. PC users who wish to buy this keyboard please make sure if the keys are located as the way you want it to be.

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    LOVE IT!

    I bought this keyboard after losing my right shift key on my old Apple keyboard and deciding that it was about time anyway to upgrade. So i bought myself and holiday gift. The second i started using it i couldn't stop. Its just that amazing.

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    European keyboard

    Since I communicate quite often in different European languages, I have always wanted a European keyboard but could never find one in the Apple Stores or at Apple. But, a friend in Spain sent me one for Christmas. I cheated and opened my gift early.

    Not only is it esthetically beautiful and comfortable but, now I can write using all those accent marks and letters that we do not have in English. There is both a $ and a € symbol. Finally!

    It has taken time to really use the keyboard. There are new keys and some keys perform 3 different functions depending upon whether the ctrl, alt or cmd key is depressed with the other key. It was easy programming the Function Keys and my e-Mac has never looked this good especially now that Leopard, i-Work 08 and i-Life 08 are installed.

    It was odd to see the USB port off to one side but I do like the extension USB provided. It is easier now to use my USB Flash Drive.

    It is so typically Apple! Well-designed, well-made, well-presented and so functional. I am one of those long-time Windows users who switched in 2005.

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    Keys in Perfect Pitch

    This may sound a bit silly, since this a $49 part of a $2000+ iMac G5, but I love it like no other keyboard I've ever used.

    I find I make fewer tpyos, er, typos and love the short travel of each key. With previous Apple keyboard (white), keys often got "stuck" or my fingers would seek out wrong key by accident. It had poor tactile feedback. This Al beauty approaches legendary quality of Thinkpad' keyboards.

    I wonder if this 'board works seamlessly with Tiger? I want to get one for my friend.

    Happy Typing...

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