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    I got my keyboard yesterday. It is cool, sleek, beautiful and a perfect compliment to my PowerMac. I love the feel of the keys and it takes up less space on my keyboard tray than my previous keyboard.

    My arm rest position is just right due to the extremely low profile of the keyboard making for easier more comfortable typing.

    I love this!

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    Intolerable design defect

    I had great hopes for this keyboard. I played with it at the Apple store, and even though it was not what I would call an excellent keyboard by any means, it was better than most of the keyboards that you can buy these days, most of which are horrible in comparison to the typical keyboards of the decades past.

    This keyboard has one significant design flaw, and one design defect. The design flaw is that the top surface of the keys is too flat to permit you to sense whether your fingers are centered on the keys. There is a reason why the top surface of the keys is concave on most keyboards. The only reason why this unbiquitous practice was skipped on many notebook computers, is because flatter keys mean a skinnier notebook.

    The design defect is that the space key does not register the way that it should. With any keyboard or keypad, if you press the key just to the point where you have exceeded the force required to cause the key to "give", and you feel the discrete transition within the key, i.e., the "click", the key should register, without exception. If you feel the click, the key should register, each and every time, with no exceptions. The space bar on this keyboard does not do this, and that is why I am going to take it back to the store either today or tomorrow. For anyone who doubts what I am saying, the way to test whether this is true, is to gently press on the space bar just to where you feel it give, and no further. If you do this, you will find that if you are gentle enough, that even though you get the sensation of having pressed the key, that the keystroke does not register. No keyboard should work this way, and as far as I am concerned, this is a design defect. In any case, I can't tolerate it, because I can't stand having to continually go back and insert spaces where they were missed.

    Aesthetically, this keyboard is beautiful, and I've never said that about any keyboard before. It would never have occurred to me to think of a keyboard as a piece of sculpture. But sculpture is exactly what this keyboard is. So the question becomes, whether it is better to type on a piece of sculpture, or on a keyboard for which function was the only significant design consideration.

    Apple has become an enigma of sorts in recent years. More and more, Apple's products seem to be driven more by style and aesthetics than by function. The new iMac is beautiful to look at, and it is probably the best value of any Apple computer in perhaps twenty-five years, in terms of the hardware that you get relative to the price. Unfortunately, the iMac and its monitor are an integrated unit, and the monitor that you get with the new iMac, has a reflective front surface. Glossy monitors have strong show-room appeal, but I can't fathom that anyone who anticipates working in front of a computer day in and day out, would be in favor of the idea of having the constant reflections of the ceiling lights.

    While writing this, I would estimate that the space key has missed perhaps two dozen times. That's way too much. There is a used computer store a few miles from here, and I think that I will drop by there today and see if they have any good used keyboards.

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    This is a great new keyboard, it looks great and types wonderfully. The reviewer with gripe (one star) must have got a dud, mine has no clicky sounds and the keys have a high quality feel and finish.
    My only complaint is the letters printed on the keys (ABCDEF...)are not centered or even equally off-centre, the one shown on the site is ok, so probably I was unlucky. This wont probably bother most of you but for me (graphic designer) it irritates & takes the shine off a little - for after all the design is its most striking feature and thats more or less why I bought it... so thats why I have given a four out of five..
    I really wanted a wireless one but need the extra number keys. I think this is a bit of an oversight by Apple seeing laptops don't have this built in and its often the reason to buy a keyboard for your laptop (which already has bluetooth & wireless functionality built in).
    The new function keys are bit annoying but work ok, I prefer the older setup...

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    Awesome Keyboard

    I saw this at the Apple Store in Novi, Michigan last night. After about two seconds, I decided to buy it! It comes with a USB extension in case your keyboard is too far away from your computer. Apple always plans ahead! So far, it's simply the best keyboard I've ever owned!

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    Mega Keyboard

    Absolutely top keyboard. Quieter than the old ones. Slimmer profile on the desk, easier and more comfortable to use being lower. f keys lose their functionality for pro apps but this is easily switched back in preferences. They will also not utilise their new functions (expose/ play etc) until you have done a software update after plugging it in.

    If used through a hub there is not enough power to use the extra USB sockets on the keyboard for other things; iPod, Phone (well the ones I've tried anyway). Would have been better to leave the volume controls above the number pad but that's the only real gripe, oh and wish there was a full size wireless option instead of the stunted one which would be good if you use it on ya lap I guess.

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    I detested the keyboard that came with my Mac Pro . . . it was noisy, mushy, and not very good looking. I suppose it doesn't matter that it was ugly, but whatever. This new keyboard is fantastic. Its key response is light, with a just-firm-enough click to each keystroke. It enables me to type much faster than with the older white keyboard, and the fact that it's quiet makes the faster typing easy to listen to. It is solidly built and heavy enough to not slide around your desk. On top of that, it is drop. dead. gorgeous. I don't know how they managed to make a sexy keyboard, but they did.

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    No more gross hair and junk stuck behind the keys. I just got this today and so far I am loving it. I was worried that it would be odd to use because of the low profie but that is not the case. The keys have a nice response when pressed.

    My only complaint is with the shipping. I ordered it off the site and it came in a gigantic box (at least 5x larger than it needed to be). What a waste.

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    usb 2.0?

    The feel of the keys is great, but the usb ports are completely useless. I get an "underpowered" warning when I try to use my sandisk flash drive. This is the same flash drive that worked fine on my old wired keyboard with usb 1.1.

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    outstanding tactile response - both beautiful and comfortable

    Let me tell you - this is one of the best keyboards I've ever worked with. The key response is very nice and tactile - even better in my opinion than my old klunky Matias TactilePro.

    Of course, the design is what draws your attention - it nicely complements the cinema displays and is razor-thin. But an unexpected benefit of the extra spacing around the keys is that they are far less prone to collect dust and other things that a regular keyboard will.

    Some have expressed concern with the two USB ports. As with Apple's older models, this keyboard acts as a non-powered hub, so you may not have enough power to drive some devices (eg. iPods). The spacing of the ports from the base of the keyboard is sufficient to accept both of the USB thumb drives I tried (SanDisk Cruzer Titanium and Verbatim).

    I downloaded and installed the Apple Keyboard 1.1 update, which adds support for the new aluminum keyboards on older machines. In my case, it worked perfectly on my Dual G5. By default, the new key mappings are enabled for Expose, Dashboard, iTunes. One annoyance is that the iTunes play/pause (F8) requires iTunes to be launched.

    There are some interesting hidden shortcuts: option-F1 or option-F2 brings up the monitors control panel, option-F3 brings up Expose control panel, option-F10, option-F11, or option-F12 brings up the Sound control panel.

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    Love my new keyboard

    I was ready to replace my previous apple keyboard as it has become dirty (dust collects under and around keys and you can see it because it's clear) and it's less responsive. Sometimes I feel like some keys are sticking...so...time for new one. This new aluminum keyboard is wonderful. I love the feel of the keys and the slim look and feel on my desk makes me smile! Thanks again Apple.

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    Every bit as good as I'd expected!

    I finally got my new keyboard today. At first I feared it would be another 'Wii' situation with the Store selling out as quickly as they came in and never sure when they would get more stocks in.

    At first, my keyboard exposé, brightness etc keys did not work and F12 seemed to eject the CD tray so I guessed it was time to get the instructions out .... stupid me, it seems that once you have plugged in your new keyboard, you need to do a software update.

    After this, all keys are working fine. The keyboard, as well as looking sleek and matching my Apple cinema display perfectly, is responsive and very quiet. I certainly have no regrets .... in fact, I'm well pleased!

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    Best Keyboard I've Owned

    This is very easily the best keyboard that I have ever owned. There are no problems with it that I have experienced. It is actually thinner than you think that it will be, which is definitely a good thing. There are many programmable keys to customize your layout and its ergonomically sound. I have it set up with my Macbook and a bluetooth mighty mouse with a stand for the macbook, making my desktop setup complete. Thank you apple.

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    I like it, but it has its problems

    I got my keyboard today, installed the required updates, but the Expose and dashboard keys still don't function. From what I've read, people are only being told to wait for the update.

    Other than that issue, the keyboard is great. It looks awesome and feels great to type on since I've grown used to the keyboard on my MacBook.

    Besides the update issue, its great. I just hope that Apple addresses the issue sometime soon.

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    Very Pleased & Quick Delivery Too

    Mine arrived this morning and I only ordered it on Monday.

    Fantastic to look at, good to work with, I had to change the Expose options in System Prefs to F13,F14 & F15 although the new key (F3) shows all windows the desktop and app windows have lost their F keys to the music/video functions.

    Keyboard is much quieter and lower, has a lovely feel to it, the English version I bought is slightly different to the pictures shown on the website. The return key is double height and some of the printed details have changed too. cmd instead of the word command (I miss the apple logo on that key) ctrl instead of control etc.

    It takes a few minutes to get used to and I think the return key is a little small, but I'd highly recommend it.

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    The new apple wired keyboard

    I purchased the new apple wired keyboard out of interest to see how it flows. I am pleasantly surprised by its speed and smoothness. My previous keyboards have been both the apple wired and apple wireless keyboard and I much preferred the wired. However, the new apple wired keyboard seems to have a much better feel to it. Words seem to flow from the almost silent keyboard and it is the best I have used.

    It is also pleasing to see the USB 2.0 ports attached to the keyboard. Also useful are the additional keys for screen brightness, expose, dashboard etc. An excellent buy.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I mean every word of my review title. :) The design is clean, minimalist, functional, very pleasant to look at. Materials used feel great. VERY WELL DONE APPLE!

    (I've read someone complaining about top control buttons not working (sound, brightness etc, but that's because that silly person didn't read the user manual - to get those work, you need to download a driver from Apple website! Good idea - prevents wasting resources by producing millions of useless CDs.)

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    great keyboard, but unsure of dedicated buttons work correctly

    i just bought this keyboard today, i was very excited to use it. i brought it home, plugged it in and downloaded the update. i then started to try out its new functions and found that the dashboard and expose buttons did not work. so i went into my preferences and had to make some tweaks. after making those tweaks the dedicated dashboard and expose buttons worked only if i used the fn button. i am still unsure if this is what i had to do to get those keys to work or do i have a faulty keyboard. i will call apple tomorrow and post a new update afterwards.

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    Got it today and hooked it up right away. No problems. It's going to take some getting used to though because I have large hands but I'll manage. Very Nice.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Good looks (duh), and Typing Prowess

    WOW. I wasn't quite expecting this much just from a keyboard. As a college student, typing 5 - 6 thousand word essays on a Powerbook can get quite hot. In order to help save my palms and my Powerbook's keyboard, I decided to finially get an external keyboard (that and the num pad is a great help for Excel). It took a little to get used to it; the keys are differently spaced and the vertical push is much less, at first I wasn't sure if I'd pressed the key or not. But once I'd gotten used to it, I don't want to stop. My WPM increased by 28 and my accuracy increased 9%. Now I'm not only keeping cooler, but typing faster and with much less error. I highly recommend this keyboard to anyone seeking to replace their current one, be it a desktop or a laptop external.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Come on Guys, you can do better!

    Love the aluminum, the keys have a decent feel to them..but 3 things: Wireless version should have the NUMBER KEYS! , and WHERE IS THE BACKLIGHTING? Come on apple this should have been your starting point! the USB ports I prefer to be in the middle like the last generation.. just a personal preference, it's easier to route the mouse cable if the plug is in the back, on the side is a liitle harder to manipulate and place the cable.. other than those gripes.. love the material, and the feedback is resonalbly firm, love the size of the keyboard and it's about time they made it of aluminum!

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