• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best mouse ive ever used

    i got this mouse 2 years ago. I have to say, it is the best mouse ive ever used, aside from the magic mouse. i plan on getting a magic mouse for my macbook pro, i just havent been around to it. anyways, the mighty mouse is fantastic, the ball you scroll with is perfect, i havent had any problems with it. It has a solid click, right clicking is super easy, the buttons on the side are awesome. i have those set to my spaces. its so easy. the tracking is perfect, ive never had a problem with it. And i dont understand why people keep on complaining about the ball. if you wash your hands, the ball will never get sicky and dirty. it will be fine. and i clean my mouse all the time. its the best mouse ever. Get one, and wash your hands. you will never have problems.

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    Good mouse except...

    for the little trackball! When it works, it's great, but after months of prolonged use, it sticks and becomes a HUGE annoyance! So frustrating!

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    Inconsistent Scrolling

    The Mighty Mouse is sleek and efficient but the scrolling ball is just pathetic. After a few months it will not scroll either up or down. You have to clean it with a disinfectant wipe and hope that solves the issue.

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    God how I hate this mouse....

    This is without doubt one of the only pieces of Apple kit I have absolutely hated. It is awful: the cursor drops across the screen, it is impossible to play games unless you are lucky enough to have seven fingers and no where can I find some idiot proof guide to using the horrible little thing.

    How I long for the simplicity of the little roller ball mouse with only one click facility rather than this load of rubbish which has pages leaping up unbidden and is altogether dreadful, dreadful, dreadful.

    Little white mouse I really hate you. I give you one star only because you will not let me give you none.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Need to learn to disassemble & clean

    Once you learn to disassemble and clean the ball, it's a workhorse. I've done it three times in the last three years (feels like new every time), and it's been without any problems at all. Expect to spend 30 minutes or more. Of course, there's something to be said about why one is forced to clean it in the first place ...

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Unreliable and impractical

    It looks nice, if only it worked as nice.

    The miniscule scroll ball is nice, but it gets stuck so often, if you want to get help with it, Apple will tell you to turn it upside down, roll it around, and blow into it. Great.

    The side button is nice, and actually pretty helpful.

    The main problem is the whole "clicking" thing. There is no way to right click and left click at the same time! As someone who likes to play games on the Mac's sub-par hardware, I find it very frustrating.

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    How the Mighty Mouse Has Fallen

    In the space of four years I have had six or seven of what used to be called "Mighty Mouse." All have malfunctioned. And all have been replaced at my local Apple Store. The scroll ball stops functioning -- and nothing I do can fix it. This may well be the worst product ever produced by Apple. And I note that it is now called "Apple Mouse," the misnomer "Mighty" having been abandoned -- for good reason.

    I use an Imac -- and It is very frustrating to constantly experience the same problem with each successive mouse. Can't Apple, clearly the world's most sophisticated technology company, make a simple wired mouse that doesn't repeatedly fail?

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    like it!

    The good: It's better than the bluetooth version because is not heavy to use and move.

    The bad: price. it's too expensive!.

    Recommendation: for those who says that the scroll get screwed just turn down the mouse and scroll it against a piece of paper. it works like a charm again!.

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    Thank you thank you!

    To everyone that suggested rubbing the mouse on paper and alcohol, it worked great......thank you! I too was about to go out and buy a new one! Now I don't have too :-)

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    Apple Wireless Mouse needs an overhaul

    I've had this mouse for about 9 months now. At first, it worked great. I've cleaned the scroll wheel as per apple instructions. I wash my hands regularly when working at the laptop to try and remove any oils or other debris from my fingers. It's no use. If there was a way to take it apart and clean it properly, might be a good investment. The buttons work great, no problem there, just the scroll ball. Too much trouble. I'll see if MS or Logitech makes something dependable. You would think that with the technological resources at Apples disposable, that their engineers could fix this "little thing".

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    This mouse is a testament that not everything Apple ‘just works’. Shortly after owning this little gem, I had to keep a bottle of alcohol near my mouse.

    The scroll ball WILL stick or freeze and can only be resolved by dipping your finger in the alcohol and rolling it around until next time. Over time, the ball WILL develop a flat spot and the scroll feature is history.

    It’s pretty bad when the inventor of the computer mouse can’t seem to keep them working.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    I'll parrot what other people have said, the tiny scroll ball is a terrible design flaw. Before we had optical mice we all used mice with a similar (although bigger) looking ball, it should have been obvious that after years of using "pre-optical" mice that any such scroll ball would need to be removed and cleaned regularly, its like a tiny upside version of my old Atari ST mouse.

    The piece of paper trick works temporarily, but very quickly gums up again; the only real way to solve the problem is too remove the ball and clean the tiny mechanism. I just tried to do this by dismantling the mouse, but there appears to be no way of disassembling the mouse without being totally destructive and needing super glue to restore the device.

    Its also expensive compared to other wireless mouses on the market (although this one has the less common feature of enabling wireless via bluetooth, rather that a propriety standard, which is quaintly odd for Apple)

    Also had trouble with my "right clicking" throughout usage, having to remove my entire hand from the device, and clicking the right side of it with one finger (maybe this has something to do with my none-standard left hand I'm so attached to using)

    - yours disgruntled, a person who had trouble writing about dirty balls without slipping into innuendo.

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    Doesn't Last Long

    I've had my mac for about 5 months and the ball has stopped working. It started off scrolling up when I wanted it to scroll down and then it just died.

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    Poor Design

    This is one of the worst designs ever from Apple. The scroll ball is terrible. It jams all the time, often only scrolling in one direction. Yes you can clean it using a number of methods (search Google) but it just stops scrolling again soon after. The scroll ball was phased out for mouse tracking over a decade ago due to its physical limitations, why would you reintroduce it as a system for UI navigation!? Think different!

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    Just experienced the scroll ball issue

    And resolved by using a recommendation from another user...

    Disconnect the mouse from the computer, (I used a VERY lightly damp paper towel), turned the mouse upside down and rub on towel vigorously, on the damp side, and then the dry side. Worked like a charm :) Thanks!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Scroll Ball design flaw

    I had this for about 3-4 months before the scroll ball kept failing.

    I know this was due to dirt getting inside from the scroll ball, so every few days (yes it failed that often!) I turned the mouse upside down and rubbed it on a piece of paper to fix. Which each time it did, as the dirt transferred to the paper.

    However last time I did this, I did it slightly too hard and it has now scratched the delicate scroll ball, causing the ball to now act completely erratically. Have had to buy a new mouse in under a years worth of usage!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    scroll ball just add a little rubbing alcohol

    just add a little bit of rubbing alcohol on the ball, rub with a paper towel and good as new!!! love it!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    A better Mouse can be had much cheaper - Avoid at all costs

    I Bought my iMac back in the autumn of 2007, with it came bundled an Apple Mighty Mouse, after getting use to the flatter shape of the Apple Mighty Mouse I found it easy to use and fairly comfortable.

    After having my Mighty Mouse for around a year all of a sudden the scroll wheel would no longer let me scroll down, I googled the problem and was advised that it was possibly dust/dirt build up on the other side of the mouse wheel that could be causing the problem and was told several different ways to "solve" the problem. The first few times these tricks worked but by the summer of 2009 the mouse no longer responded to any form of cleaning and I had to bite the bullet and order a new one.... but to my horror only 9 months on a second Mighty Mouse has given up on me, I have tried everything from using a piece of paper to holding it upside down and scrolling to wheel and even trying to use compressed air to solve the problem but nothing works.

    I would urge everyone to stay clear from this product and buy a mouse that offers better last-ability, I Bought a Razer Death Adder Gaming mouse at the same time as the first Mighty Mouse for my Gaming rig - which gets 10x as much use as my iMac and its still going strong!

    Worst Apple product I have used by far :(

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Ball sticks but it's easy to clean

    Remove the mouse from computer. Turn the mouse upside down and, on a clean sheet of paper, rotate the ball quite vigorously. Less than a minute should do it. That will disperse any buildup of oil or dirt that came from your finger, and the mouse is as good as new. I almost threw mine away. I'm so glad I didn't.

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    Great Use

    I have had the wireless version of this mouse for 2 years, using it at least four hours a day. The scroll ball has never ONCE clogged up for me. I have never had to clean it, and it still works perfectly. The side buttons are extremely useful and save me a lot of time. Everything about the mouse is extremely easy to use. 'No problems after 2 years of regular use of this mouse so I see no problems with it.

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