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    Worst mouse ever. It lasted all of 3 months and started to die. First it started right-clicking EVERYTHING and now it won't scroll downward. Spend the money and just buy the Magic Mouse instead.

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    For all it's engineering prowess....

    Apple could not conceive something as simple and basic as a computer mouse. Someone let the Apple engineers and Steve Jobs know that not everyone has a hand the size of an Oompa Loompa and we prefer our purchases to be functional for AT LEAST a few years before having to replace them. The track ball in this thing is pitiful. And I tried the other touch mouse Apple just released. It seems to work better but it's still TOO SMALL. Your hand/wrist should not be killing you after a half hour of use.

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    4 Star Mouse

    I am rating this mouse as a 4 star for a few reasons. This mouse would be a 5-star mouse except there are a few glitches...

    I am a professional graphic designer and have used this Apple Mouse (which I always thought was called the Apple Mighty Mouse) for about 2 years now. I used it in my last few years in college, and when I became full-time at my job which was May off 2008 - so the mouse lasted me since then. Now, the mouse still works, yes; however, it's seen better days.

    1. The clicker is a little off now, and makes a loud click sound with the slightest click (haha, I probably sound like a mouse-abuser at work).
    2. The track ball or scroll ball still works perfectly fine, never had any problems with it, and I clean it with compressed air maybe once a month. I'm putting this because it seems to be the #1 complaint about the mouse - but I haven't had a single problem. I will say that this track ball technology can be annoying at times particularly on the BlackBerry's track ball - same tech, way worse.
    3. The "Force Sensing Side Buttons" as they refer to them, are a horrible idea. As I always love Apple, I will commend their inventiveness - but this idea doesn't work. These buttons are WAY to easy to press and so whichever expose you have them set to will happen all too easily.
    4. I wish there was a wireless version of this mouse - supposedly there is, but I still haven't found one, and Apple doesn't list it on their site.
    5. Tracking - I have heard from some, and seen comments from some saying that the tracking is inaccurate - but it's really not bad. I haven't had any problems since I've had this mouse.

    I guess it would work to say I would buy it a second time, because I am. But that's only because I am still working on OS X Tiger, and the new Magic Mouse requires Leopard or newer.

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    Good mouse...if problems with scroll bar...

    1: Unplug mouse.

    2: Turn upside down

    3: Roll on a blank piece of paper in all directions for 60 seconds.

    4. Plug mouse in and it works.


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    Useless Junk

    Total piece of garbage. I own 3 of these at home. And work at a school that has a lab with 7 of these mice. 100% of the time they get screwed up within 6-12 months of using them. The track balls stops working and it the mouse it self jumps around on the screen. AVOIDE THIS HARDWARE.

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    I don't care if there is a fix...

    Scroll ball stuck. I don't care if there is a fix. I shouldn't have to do it... my Logitech and Microsoft mice I have don't have this problem. Hey Apple, next time, don't "reinvent the wheel" when the wheel works just fine how it is.

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    I love the Mighty mouse generaly, but since two weeks I need to clean up my mouse at every two days. I've done all the think possible, but nothing to do

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    Pure Anarchy!!!

    This is a great mouse for both Mac and PC, yes, the apple mighty mouse works on PC with its full features! I've tested it! Of course it also works a treat on Mac! The apple magic mouse is another outstanding product for mac, however on PC you don't get its full features as windows can't cope with the touch gestures without illegally downloading some drivers, which isn't a good idea! For a magic mouse to 'part' function on a PC, you will need bluetooth. An issue that has been brought up with the mighty mouse is the scroll ball clogging. This can easily be resolved by flipping the mouse over and rolling it back and forth, side to side on a clean sheet of paper! If you only own a PC get the mighty mouse. If you own a Mac get the magic mouse!

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    Stop complaining about the roller ball and fix it!

    Love the mouse. Fortunately I read the "cure" for the "non functioning" roller ball. IT WORKS. Now my mouse it perfect again. So before you trash it, read the entries about fixing it – so simple it's ridiculous I couldn't have thought of it.
    Definitely NOT a reason to not buy the mouse.

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    iMouse Issues

    It's great when new, but give it a few months and the scroll wheel is useless and you end up switching off the scroll and using the up and down on the keyboard! The right and left click takes a little getting used to by new users. But once you master it, it's great. The side buttons sometimes get too sensitive and you need to switch those off as well.

    Not the best product Apple has ever made. I have been through a few of them and had them replaced several times. I don't know any Mac users who haven't had a dodgy one! If you could somehow clean the scroll wheel it maybe useable.

    Hope the new multi-touch mouse lasts longer!

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    Possibly the worst mouse in the world?

    Just to keep it short and simple,

    The idea that it is better to have touch sensors to see if you want a right or left click is totally useless. If you have both your fingers resting on the mouse it struggles to work out which one you mean.

    The 360 Degree ball for scrolling is the worst part about this mouse. It gets 'Gummed up' extremely easily. I have had mine for about 1/2 year now, and despite cleaning, it basically doesnt work any more.

    The shape of the mouse is not comfortable at all. I love it when i have to use my windows PC for something, Because i can then use a comfortable SONY mouse.

    The last problem is that it absolutely EATS batteries.

    To Conclude, Style over function waste of money.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    SO MUCH BETTER than the magic mouse.

    I had this mouse for a few years and loved it. Yes, like the other reviews, the trackball was a little bit of a pain, but like the others, if you clean it...it works again fine. The Mighty Mouse is light, very accurate and responsive, has multiple options for clicking, and most important..FEELS GOOD IN YOUR HAND. All things the magic mouse lacks. The magic mouse may look cooler, but after 20 minutes of using and your hand hurting, you will do what I did, wonder why you spent so much for something that looks cool but is a terrible product, and ultimately come back to this Apple mouse.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Let down due to Form over Function

    As repeatedly mentioned the scroll ball is poorly designed and will cease working after a short period. The tricks to clean out the gunk are not 100 percent reliable. I would not recommend this mouse to anyone

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Very convenient and cleaning fixes the trackball

    Honestly, the trackball is worth the time for maintenance. Between the 'invert on a sheet of paper' and using a two cent alcohol prep pad, it restores the Mighty Mouse. I'd like to try one of the Multi-touch mice ("Magic Mouse"), but I need a USB wired mouse with my KVM switch; I use multiple Macs with one keyboard, monitor, and mouse.

    I am guilty of handling my mouse with less than perfectly clean hands, but the restoration of full trackball functionality is not that difficult. The only reason I don't give this a 5-star rating is that the small trackball is mechanical and does require more maintenance than 'wheel mice'. It's worth it, though.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Clean the scroll ball and then it's brand new again!

    I came on here to buy a NEW mouse since my scroll ball wasn't working anymore. i saw on a review to get a clean white paper, turn the mouse upside down and rub the scroll ball on the white paper. ALL THESE BLACK SPECKS came out! and then a big CHUNK of black came out! I kept doing it until there was no more black stuff coming out. and now my scrolling ball works fine!!

    Every product will eventually break down. This mouse- it was just dirty. Now don't you get dirty sometimes and you need a good cleanin'? :)

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    Mouse trackball cleaning

    I read the review about cleaning the trackball on a clean sheet of paper some time ago.
    I was a bit dubious, but when my trackball stopped working I tried it. Guess what, it worked perfectly!
    There have been a number of reviews complaining that the trackball sticks and cannot be cleaned. This is obviously not the case as the paper trick seems to work reliably.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Apple Mouse

    I've had my mac for about 3 years. The mouse started acting up about 1 yr ago. The button on top was not working properly. It helped to roll it on a piece of paper, which was a tip suggested on line, but eventually this didn't help. I'm not impressed with this apple product. When you buy Apple, I'd like to think you'd get better quality, especially for the price.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    The scroll ball fix works

    This mouse gets low marks mostly because of problems with the scroll ball. My mouse was acting up, too. I read the "fix" of turning the mouse over and vigorously rubbing it on a white piece of paper (in order to see the dirt coming off it). I was about ready to pitch the mouse, so I got quite aggressive in the rubbing process. There wasn't much to lose. Well . . . the process works; the thing scrolls just fine, now. I really like this mouse, and it's too bad the solution to a common problem of sticking roller balls isn't very straight forward.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    I'm on my ninth replacement under warranty

    The scroll ball works for a maximum of 8 weeks, then it's history, period. No amount of cleaning with alcohol or any other trick works. This is a fundamentally mis-designed product. The scroll ball should have an optical sensor, not a mechanical one. As is, it's just like the old gummed-up mechanical mice--except that it's impossible to clean this one.

    If you are planning on using the scroll ball, don't buy this mouse, because the scroll ball doesn't work.

    I'm on mouse number nine now under Apple Care, and that one just failed two days ago. Time to get number 10...

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Pretty good

    I really like the feel of this mouse but as everyone says the scroll ball stops working after a while. I found a remedy for that, if you get a lightly wet qtip and use that to roll the scroll ball a couple times it cleans itself, making the scroll ball useful again.

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