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    Ok, but keeps not scrolling down

    My mouse at work stopped scrolling down after about 3 weeks of use. I switched it with a mouse from our older mac and that one just stopped scrolling down. The first one now appears to be working, but I never cleaned it. So I'm not sure if cleaning will help, but this has never happened with my logitech optical mouse.

    Also, scroll is way to quick, even when I modify my device settings on the mac it still scrolls way to quick for the proofing work I need to do.

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    Clean Fix

    I went to the Apple Store to shop for a mouse, as I thought my present one had had it. I got about a year and a half out of it before it stopped scrolling up completely. Before, it was occasional tracking malfunctions that always seemed to fix themselves.

    Well, before plopping down 50 bucks, I read several comments relating to actually cleaning the darn thing, and it worked! A little alcohol wipe, and less than two minutes later, my mouse is good as new.

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    Great to start but......

    I have found that this mouse stops scrolling up and down after it gets a little dirty. very frustrating for such an expensive mouse. I tried a little experiment with an alcohol wipe and cleaned the ball, rolled it in all directions until the wipe dried up and got all the gunk off. problem solved. we'll see what happens. so, looks like periodic cleaning is the way to keep it functioning. otherwise I really like this mouse, and the extra functions are really handy.

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    No good...don't buy this.

    Bought my iMac this past summer with the Apple Mouse. It was only a month old when the scroll ball just decided to work when it felt like working. Now it doesn't scroll down at all, no matter what I do. One would think that a mouse that costs $49 would do what it's supposed to do, and it should certainly do what it's supposed to do for longer than one month. I plan on investing in the Magic Mouse in the very near future.

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    Apple Mighty Mouse

    The imac is wonderful but the mouse is weak. After 1 month it got stuck but I was able to clean it. What annoyed me the most is that the support pages only give solutions for the wireless mouse. But to be fair to the mouse, after a while my hands do get oily and sweaty so I expect the mouse to sense it and get stuck itself. No big deal, just dry your hands or put a bit of alcohol on the mouse and ready to go!

    There is something weird about it though. Sometimes the pointer will shoot right off the page so my stuff gets messed up. Have to figure out how to control that.

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    Horrible dont buy

    impossible to clean. also scroll ball stops responding after very little use. basically it is horrible don't waste your money

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    Great mouse... not!!

    Three months use is all I got out of it, before the roller died. I am disappointed that $50 only gets you a temporary mouse.

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    Always stuck

    Is very comfortable for smaller hands and work very nice until the scroll ball get stuck. As the mouse can't be opened for cleaning, the ball stay stuck forever. Just have a look at all the forums with people complaining. Go ahead, type "Apple Mighty Mouse" in Google and see by yourself. Half the results are people complaining that their scroll ball is not working anymore. And it usually take under 2 months of regular use for the ball to give up.

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    Stop Complaining!

    Man I really hate people that whine constantly over the littlest things." my mighty mouse track ball is not working, It's horrible ". Yeah because your world will flip upside down if you cannot scroll down on your Facebook account fast enough. Yes you paid a lot of money for an Apple product and you should get the best quality items. But truthfully this is a great invention. It's simple and i constantly use the side buttons for the Expose feature. I really do not see how people can go threw these in 2 months. If that is true and you are not exaggerating you must have extremely dirty homes. I've had mine for almost a year and only get a few track ball problems every now and then. If you want to get this mouse just get. Unless you cry over the littlest of things.

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    The scroll ball

    This is the best mouse to use with your mac. It works like a dream.... apart from the scroll ball. It clogs up so regularly and drives me to insanity. When senescing a scroll ball jam is imminent a quick clean with a lint free cloth and some computer cleaning product sorts it out. But every once and a while this is not enough. The scroll ball completely stops scrolling (always only up or down). annoying.

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    World's worst mouse!!!

    I've gone through two of these mice. Neither managed to last two months. The scroll wheel constantly malfunctions despite cleaning it. Very costly for something that doesn't work. Apple can build an amazing computer, yet something as simple and necessary as mouse seems to have them baffled.

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    keep it clean

    One good rule, always wash your hands every time you address the computer and it's devices. Every now and then clean the interactive devices. In 3 years I've never had a problem. This is the most reliable and simple device I have ever used.

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    Spend more time cleaning than using!

    I have the wireless version which I spend about an hour a week getting the small ball to scroll properly. Although I have the 3 year warranty and am well within it, all I get is encouragement to keep cleaning it. I've owned half dozen mice over the years and have Never had this many problems. They should all be recalled and replaced!

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    Bad scroll ball

    Great mouse in general but after a few month the scroll ball stopped working. Fixed it my self but it is not working as smooth as in the beginning.

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    Scroll wheel not working...

    I have never understood how a company that claims to have the most sophisticated operating system in the world can't make a mouse that supports their system in the same way as the processor. This is a great mouse, for a minute. Then the scroll wheel gets dirty from the smallest amount of dirt and no longer works. Mac use to make a mouse that would last 100 years! I still have one of those old mice that works. This one is literally the best of the best and the worse of the worse. I cannot repurchase this type of mouse because i cannot support substandard equipment when there is a highly rated second choice. I can live without the 360 degree scroll wheel in exchange for one that works! The worse thing about it is apple is the only one that make such a mouse. They must have bought out Kensington and Logitech by paying them not to create something just as good. Now i must decide which one of the other products to purchase since this Mac mouse can't even be cleaned! First chance i get to buy a product that puts this one in it's place i will. That also goes for the processor! Hooray for competition!!!!!

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    Aaalmost great

    The Apple Mouse (previously known as Mighty Mouse) is just a fantastic piece of technology. Its design is quite obvious - once you start to use it - and makes you wonder "why someone hasn't come with this idea before?" in amazement. The only negative point is that you can't take it apart to clean its innards. The 'nipple' scroll ball gets stuck after a few months, yes. A few drops of isopropyl alcohol on it is enough to get it up and running again, though. That's the only thing keeping me to give this a full 5 star review. Despite all these negative reviews - I can't argue with them: the ball DOES stuck - this IS a very well designed and crafted mouse.

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    Good mouse, bad scroll-ball

    Within a few months of purchase, the scroll-ball failed. I read up on how to clean the ball, but this usually only last for about an hour or two, max. This happened with the original Apple Mouse and the subsequent 'Mighty' Mouse, and is not really satisfactory. It lets down what is otherwise a good mouse.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    this is the cheapest mouse i have ever used, i have had this IMAC for 8 months and i am ready for my third mouse, the ball stops working, plain junk

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    Mighty Mouse...not so mighty

    I'm on my 3rd Mighty Mouse in two years and the trackball has failed each time, including yesterday. Very poor quality in my opinion. Was going to check out the Magic Mouse, but I don't think I will. Apple never was a leader in the mouse department (remember the "puck"?) Logitech, Microsoft, IOgear seem to have better alternatives.

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    Not the best mouse ever....

    After owning this mouse for only 6 months the scroll died. You don't realize how much you use it until it's gone. The battery life is a bit shorter than I'd expect as well....bummer. I like the design...I should have listened to the reviews, but I didn't. So, if you like the design and don't use the scroll, then you will love this mouse. It just doesn't pass the test of time...

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