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    Scrollball failure

    Purchased 6 months ago and scrollball has failed. Can only scroll up but not down. Disappointing.

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    Wow. Had it a month and the scroll wheel is stuck. Sure don't feel like cracking the mouse open and fixing it..

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    I too have had problems with my scroll wheel after a couple of months. Would not scroll up, only down. After checking forums I have found this useful bit of information:

    1) Unplug the mouse
    2) Get a paper towel and dampen it.
    3) Flip the mouse upside down and roll the ball on the damp papertowel, going up and down, side to side and in circles. Do this for a bit. Applying a slight amount of pressure
    4) Take a plain sheet of paper, and on a hard surface do the same thing that you did to the papertowel. Applying a slight amount of pressure.
    5) Plug it back in and test it.

    This worked for me, and apparently with applecare your mouse will be covered anyway.

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    Design faults

    Hi im a UK user and I got my mac after my husband desided i would get more use out of it creatively, I was also gaming a lot on it and enjoyed the panoramic views I got with my screen and high definition in wow. Then after about 1 year I got the same issues as the other users here.
    1) the mouse cable is too short to use on conventional desks so I got an extention.
    2) the roller ball doesnt work for scrolling which links in wow terms to zoom in or out and for healing limits you by 1 button.
    3) there is only one side button and only two buttons that can only be used alternatetly.
    4) I have to scrape the dust and grime off the bottom of my mouse every week!
    5) the pointer will periodically jump from one side of the screen to the other randomly!
    6) the size of the mouse means that users who are on the mac all day will get a sore polished effect on their hand where it rubs on the desk.

    So to sumarise you get 3 less buttons than a £3 Tesco value mouse and half the wire length. The price tag on this mouse has got to go! Only thing is when you use a microsoft mouse you can't use the side button fuction or any other customised fuctions on the mouse. Thought that the mac was supposed to be accessory friendly but its not. (btw not just the mouse the keyboard I have is microsoft too and it wont let me use EU settings and crashes it!)

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    Mighty Mouse is.................

    .........a mighty royal pain in the ***. I've had my I-mac for 26 months and I've replaced this little stinker twice and been on the phone with apple tech about it a few times. Right from the start the 1st one started jamming up. Was told to use the black cloth that came for the screen. Scrub the ball hard in all directions. Upside down too. Told to try cloth dampened with water or alcohol if dry did not work. Have done all a zillion times. The ball needs constant 'cleaning'. Would not be that big a deal if it was an rare or infrequent occurrence and was resolved easily. The mouse never seems to work well immediately after damp cleaning but does so hours later or the next day. I only use a touch of dampness by the way. I love the little 360 ball.
    Just wish it worked flawlessly. Will probably switch to a trackball.

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    Not worth the money

    It pains me to have to write a bad review for a MAC product, but I have to be honest. The track ball as other have said get dirty very easy. You can get it going again by bubbing it real hard but one should not have to do such things with a MAC product. The next thing was that it started clicking on things that without touching it. Make me not wan to get the new mouse

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    Life Expectancy of the Apple Mouse

    This is just from experience, but both my friend and I have had our Apple mice for about 3 years now and coincidentally they both stopped working properly at around the same time! Maybe a week apart... Unable to drag files around anymore, the mouse will just jump somewhere else when trying to drag and it'll mess everything up... It's a fair life expectancy for using it hours upon hours daily considering the work we do. And it's only about fifty bucks to replace it when it dies like that.
    Just a little FYI.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Not terrible

    I like the function of this mouse and it seems to work for me but the real problem is the scroll ball. It gets gunked up and quits working. It is a hassle when it does not work so i disassembled the mouse and cleaned the sensors and now it works great! Just like new! All that you must do is pop off the white piece of plastic around the bottom of the mouse and then pop out the guts. It took like 15 minutes. The only problem is that when you pop off the bottom, it breaks the glue seal so you have to reglue the bottom back on. I also assume that this type of activity probably voids the warranty but it is worth it because it works great afterwards!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    It's not all that bad

    I have become dependent on the 360 scroll wheel and based on my experience with my iPod I'm a bit suspicious of the all-touch technology they're offering with the new mouse (granted, I haven't tried that one out yet). I don't use the side buttons, they're a bit unreliable, but the rest of the features I feel are indispensable.

    Some reviews complained that this mouse does get dirty easily (and that's why the scroll wheel stops working sometimes), but I can get it working again with a paper towel moistened with Windex. Just roll the wet paper towel over the wheel in all directions for a few minutes; the Windex takes off the finger oil. I do wish you could take the cover off to clean it (I did that way back when they had mice with roller-balls inside), but the 1 star review is unjustified.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    fantastic mouse...bad rating undeserved

    Before buying the wireless version of this mouse (identical, but using a bluetooth connection instead of a wire), I was unsure whether or not I should make the purchase, because I saw many dissatisfied customers.
    However, trusting Apple as I do, I decided to buy it, and it has been well worth the expenditure. I use it daily with my Macbook Pro, and have not regretted buying it once. It tracks very smoothly and is quite forgiving as to where I place my fingers on the shell for right and left click. The side buttons are a great alternative to Expose on the trackpad, and the functionality of the trackball is astounding. I have rediscovered the mouse.
    I have noticed, in general, that complaints arise around Apple products when either the user is rough on the equipment, or does not understand the interface. Recommendation: learn how to use what you buy, and treat your tools with care.
    Simply wipe the mouse with a soft cloth every week or so, and rub the trackball against a clean pant leg. Stow it in a dust free place if you are not going to be using it for a while, and you will have years of use out of your Mighty Mouse.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Not a great mouse.

    My biggest headache is the scroll ball. After a month of working, it stopped working. I think it is the dirt on our fingers. I have to hit it on my hand and hope that it breaks free any dirt inside. So far I have had to do this about once a month... starting to bother me. I may ditch this and get the newer super mouse.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Roller Ball on Mouse?????

    That little roller ball only works part time. Some times it scrolls and sometimes it doesn't. There seems to be NO pattern to it's independence. Other then that it works pretty well. Would have given it a much higher rating accept for the scroll problem.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Generally solid performer

    Have been using this model (wired) for some years now.

    Comfortable (I'm under 6ft, have mid-sized hands)
    Responsive (tracks fine on a black mouse mat)
    Perfectly integrated for Mac OS apps (especially scroll ball scrubbing in Final Cut)

    Scrollball can stick but it CAN be cleaned. Rub it vigourously on clean white paper in every direction until no black steaks appear, clean the mouse with alcohol tissue wipes (including scroll ball, just lightly though) and finally, use an unfolded paper clip inserted under the ball to lift out grime like a shovel - works every time.
    Side buttons too easy to trip Expose until you get used to not clutching mouse with your thumb here.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Worst Mouse Ever

    This is the first time I have been gravely disappointed with an Apple product, but this mouse is just awful. I wanted to love this device but found that it became non responsive after a few uses. The scroll ball seems to pic up everything none to man and gets clogged after a few uses and that is with clean hands.

    What makes this device poorly designed is that an ordinary consumer can not effectively clean the gunk out of the mouse without taking it apart and having to put it back together again. I really wanted to love the mouse but after several months of owning this device, I feel like a fool for buying it. Apple should give us all who bought this device a regular mouse that just works like it suppose to.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Apple Mighty Mouse - Scroll Ball Sticks & Mouse false "clicks"

    Had this mouse for about 2 years and can say scroll ball started to stick after about 6 or 7 months. Disassembled mouse - in retrospect not recommended as base is glued on and could be easily broken. Cleaned ball and socket however same problem returned a few months later. An on-line forum mentioned a "maintenance fix" whereby you take the mouse, turn it upside down and drag ball across a clean sheet of paper (not glossy) a few times. When you do this you'll see streaks of dirt and grime left behind and the mouse ball then usually works quite well.

    As for the false "clicking" the side sensors appear oversensitive and prone to false clicking. Even if these buttons are disabled in System Preferences the "clicking" sound still annoys although no false "clicks" register. Not up to usual Apple standard. Hope the newly released Magic Mouse is better.

  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Finally had it with the scroll wheel.

    This mouse tracks very well - better than any other mouse I've used so far. However, the nub of a scroll wheel is infuriating. It works for a while, and then stops working due to it getting dirty. Cleaning it by turning the mouse upside down and rubbing the scroll wheel on a cloth temporarily, and only partially, fixes things until more dirt builds up in there. Since there is no way to take the mouse apart, it's impossible to fully clean the scroll wheel. This mouse will work well for casual use, but with daily use, the non-functioning scroll wheel eventually becomes too much of a nuisance. It's too bad, the slim profile and excellent tracking make for a good mouse otherwise.

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    Apple mouse scroll ball issues

    The scroll ball on this mouse requires constant cleaning and eventually even that will not make it work. Do yourself a favor and avoid this piece of hardware.

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    Breaks Down quickly

    I've had my MAC for only a month or two and already the mouse isn't scrolling properly. I'm hoping I can get a replacement at no cost.

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    Great... for awhile

    Have only had for about a year or so and the scroll ball is now completely unreliable. I clean it, following the Apple Support page instructions, and it just doesn't work consistently anymore no matter what I do. Now that I'm so used to the scroll ball, it is just a source of frustration that it rarely works as it should.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Roller ball

    great mouse not a fan of the roller ball but its an easy to fix and clean out, just annoying. just turn it up side down spray in there with canned air and roll the ball.

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