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    worst thing apple has made...

    this has got to be the worst thing apple have made. i have gone through two of these now as the scroll wheel breaks just after a few months.
    the rest of it seems ok but its the scroll i want.
    DO NOT BUY. :(

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    Thousands can't be wrong!

    Thousands can't be wrong: DO NOT BUY IT!!

    Like pretty much everyone else - my "Mighty" Mouse stopped scrolling down after about 1 year.

    I have tried every single method to clean the rodent, with no success.

    I think it is absolutely appalling that Apple knowingly flog such a poor product to its loyal customers.

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    So along comes Mighty Mouse and completely evolutionizes my work flow. I can't tell you what an improvement this thing makes. I know you can get a stupid ugly looking windows mouse with a scroll wheel for ages but frankly I can't lower my standards. So apple has kicked it big time with this. It's amazing. Having read all of the reviews here I've been anticipating the worst with the wheel, but with bearing all of what I've read in mind, I've once a week used an alcohol wipe to give it a quick clean. 3 months down he track and it's running just as smooth as ever. Of corse it would be nice if I didn't have to clean it, but what are the options? Mighty Mouse or some ugly uninspiring heap of junk design that leaves me feeling sad.. :)

    So I've given it 4 stars for the cleaning issue (which may not be a problem at al) AND one other reason...I LOVE the addition of the side squeeze buttons, I have it set to desktop (squeeze buttons and it moves all windows away to reveal the desktop - GENIOUS ! ) but when I'm retouching photos (which is alot of the time) I have to turn it off. The buttons are placed right where my hands hold the mouse and I constantly activate it and end up wanting to throw my Macbook Pro across room.

    Normal use how ever it's fine and you can deactvate the function so that nothing happens. BUT...it's SUCH a good feature that I want it and I think it would be better having the buttons some where else. No I can't move my hands, it's where they sit best.

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    Great little mouse

    I've had this mouse for 9 months, replacing a PC type mouse. It's terrific. I especially like the the fact that you don't have to use massive amounts of pressure to use the scroll button and side-clicks. Goodbye RSI.

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    I never write reviews, but I just had to let people know how bad this product is. I have been buying Apple products for years but this is by far the worst I have ever laid my hands on.

    The wheel / middle button is, for starters, too easy to press by accident. The scroll function is at times unresponsive and on mine, has stopped working altogether!

    The side buttons are completely useless. They take a bit of getting used to, but even when you think you have mastered it, you will end up bringing up a function at the wrong time.

    In one word, I would describe this mouse as frustrating.
    It looks good beside your MAC on a nice clean desk, but after that, is pretty much useless. And before I forget, it does not work well on a lot of surfaces... so you will be back to using a mouse mat! There are much better 3rd party products on the market. Avoid this at all costs! Apple, get your act together... this mouse is awful.

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    Not bad

    this mouse is one of the best mice that ive owned, and i havent really had any problems with it. I think its due to how you use it, because i look after mine, so the scroll ball hasnt clogged.

    The only problem ive had is that the USB cable is catastrophically short, i can only just get it around my MacBook from the USB ports, the design element in that was useless.

    The design of the mouse itself is fantastic, if i could warrant the £50 to buy the wireless one i would, because that one im sure is flawless.

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    Great the short time they work!!!

    Great mouse but I've had three so far in two years. the scroll ball works a treat for 6 months then give up the ghost very quickly. Plus the cable is ridiculously short for any use you might want to put it too.

    so why have i bought three? design looks, and the desire for a scrolling mouse, but i would not recomend these to anyone. Plus the apple shop staff get very funny when you mention the quality in the shop.

    DON'T BUY!!

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    Scroll ball cleaning tip

    My mouse stopped scrolling after a few months, have just cleaned the ball with an alcohol screen wipe and it's now working perfectly.

    Suggest you try before binning!

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    Scroll-ball is great - while it lasts

    The best feature is the scroll-ball, while it works. But it soon clogs and stops working.

    The "one button masquerading as two" takes some getting used to - you have to lift up your left finger when right-clicking.

    And I have to disable the side buttons, as they activate too often by accident.

    A poorly executed design. Which is a shame, as the scroll-ball is fantastic while it works.

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    Scrolling nipple useless

    A good mouse, starting to catch up with a pc mouse (that have had left /right click and centre scrolling for years now), but this nipple scroll is useless after a few months and with no way of opening to clean it, the best you can do is rub it with a lint free cloth to lift off some of the grease.As far as design goes this has to rate as very poor.

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    Style over substance

    I bought a 20" imac this year and after 5 months the mouse will not scroll. Seems like everyone knows this but Apple. Other than the HUGE issue with breaking after a few months, it tracks well and looks the part.

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    My Mighty Mouse works fine!

    I have had my mighty mouse for 11 months now and I have had no problems with it! I use it everyday and havent had to clean it at all! I would recommend

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    Don't buy this

    After singing the praises of Apple products for years I find myself confronted by the problem that arises when hype gets the better of reason. This mouse is a total failure. The persistent scroll ball jamming is a nightmare, always happening at the worst times in the middle of important projects. This is a total recall case really. Tiny, sensitive scroll balls just don't work, give me an old IBM brick of a mouse over this any day! Try scrolling through Aperture library with an ineffective scroll button - dreadful!

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    Scroll wheel woes

    Although this is a comfortable mouse to use, I endorse all previous comments regarding the scroll wheel. Where normally I would give it three or even four stars, I'm giving it the minimum in order to bring down the overall average. Apple should have addressed this design fault or withdrawn the product.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Scroll Ball Issues

    If I were to redesign this mouse...
    I would put an optical tracker on the top as well as the bottom - and thus the mouse would lose it's ball (remember mice with balls?) and all these moving parts issue would go away!
    I had a little trouble right clicking in games with it though - tended to left click a bit (but that could just be that the game is broken!)

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    Scrolling problems?

    I have read about this scrolling problem with this mouse because this same problem happened to me too.
    I noticed that someone gave us an important advice to clean that little scrolling device.
    I cleaned it and now my mouse works like a dream.
    Beautiful device, I must say. It's like every other device that Apple does, works beautifully and it's an enjoy to handle.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Is this the best mouse ever?

    This is the most ergonomic mouse I have ever used. It feel so good in the hand and I have spent many hours just touching it with love in my eyes. If the little ball on top stops working wipe it with a cloth. A small price to pay for such a thing of beauty.

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