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    There is a fix for the broken scroll ball, don't lose hope!

    For those of you complaining about the scroll ball and getting dirt trapped beneath it, don't worry. You can fairly easily open (just be careful not to yank open the mouse, there are two cables connecting the top to the bottom) up the mouse and once it is opened its a piece of cake to get every little bit of dirt off. When you are inside you will see a small plastic square around the ball. Take this off and clean EVERYTHING, this includes removing the small black wheels that surround the ball (make sure not to lose them!). Carefully put everything back together and there you go, a resurrected mighty mouse. This works MUCH better than just cleaning the mouse off because you are getting rid of the grime that is trapped around the ball and below it.

    Hope this helps

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    Sticky scrollball, but can be salvaged

    I got my mighty mouse (the wireless one) about 18 months ago, and it gets a LOT of use. It's generally been good (though the side buttons are so stiff to press I never use them), but the scroll ball started to get pretty useless over the last few months. I tried cleaning it a couple of times which helped briefly, but it basically stopped scrolling down at all, and when it did scroll, the motion was very jumpy.

    I was starting to get annoyed at Apple's increasingly shoddy products (I just had a laptop battery fail on me too), but someone on here suggested cleaning the scroll ball with some hand sanitizer and paper towel. This worked a bit, but not totally. I then cleaned around the edges of the scroll ball itself with a folded corner of paper, scraping down inside the top of the mouse to clean out any built-up dirt (nothing to lose if it broke), and then cleaned the ball again with hand sanitizer and paper towel, and so far so good! Seems to be rolling cleaning again, in all directions. Just thought I'd put this "fix" out there in case anyone else was thinking of throwing their mighty mouse out the window...


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    Great except for scroll ball

    Serious design flaw with the scroll ball. Collects too much gunk and stops scrolling after a little while. I'm constantly cleaning it off.

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    Great Mouse

    This is the best mouse I have ever had. Can't imagine not having a trackball now that I've got one.

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    Seriously, with all the scroll ball problems?

    Maybe people should learn to wash their hands.

    After about 18 months of using the Mighty Mouse, I began to lose the ability to scroll downwards. Instead of throwing it against a wall, I quickly Googled my problem, and came upon the advice to turn the Mighty Mouse upside down and do 'figure eights' onto a clean sheet of white paper. If that doesn't clear it, dampen your fingertip slightly and roll the scroll ball around. Then do some more figure eights. You can SEE the dirt coming off. aaand... Hey! Presto! No problems since.

    My Uni is fully equipped with Mighty "Mouses", and I end up doing this every time I use one of them. Never any problems.

    I've tried the new Magic Mouse, and its really nice, but still has no shortcut for Dashboard or Expose (third button clicking and "squeezing" the mouse). These might come later via multi-touch, but to me, the Mighty Mouse is still Apple's finest.

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    defective mouse

    I was shocked to see that so many people were having the same trouble as me with the "sticking ball" syndrome. I actually never had any problems prior to this and was ready to order a new mouse until I saw someone saying to use some hand sanitizer with a little paper towel and roll the little ball back and forth and up and down, and it worked!! My mouse is working beautifully again! Don't buy a new mouse until you've tricked this little trick!!

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    Don't be Haters, It's great!

    I got this mouse right when it came out and loved it. It was the first mouse Apple released that had right click capability. I love the dashboard shortcut and the side pressure buttons. When I heard the wireless version was coming out, I dashed to the Apple store. Its a great mouse, but like any other piece of electronics, you must take care of it. So, all you people who say it breaks, I have two of them and haven't had any problems.

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    Great But go wireless

    The mouse is great is great qty. , but i recommend the wireless b/c 1 less wire is nice is and works even better. =)

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    problems within a few months....

    i bought my imac about 2 months ago which came with the normal mouse.in the last 3 weeks the scroll wheel/button has gradually stopped working to the point that it can no longer scroll anything...ive tried cleaning it but still no luck.

    so , its generally looks nice, doesnt work too well...

    when it did work , it worked well but I'm surprised how quickly it has become faulty through normal , clean use.

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    What Happened to the Buttons?

    I have an older model with gray side buttons. I don't use the side buttons but the two primary buttons are smooth as butter. Unfortunately, the bottom is losing its glide ability.

    So I bought a new model (white side buttons) at the Apple Store. The primary buttons required too much force to click. I brought it back and exchanged it. Same problem with the second one.

    Unfortunately, because of the force required to click the buttons, this 5 star mouse is now a 1 star mouse in my opinion. I cannot go back to a traditional scrollwheel mouse so I'm not sure what I'm going to do when my original "gray" model becomes unusable.

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    Looks great, functions horribly.

    Not only is this mouse uncomfortable to use, its functionality leaves much to be desired. The force sensing side buttons are pretty much useless and need to be disabled. When I have them enabled, I found that every time I lifted the mouse, it activated the buttons. They make click+hold motions pretty much impossible without accidentally pressing the side buttons. The scroll ball is not very precise, either. It will often scroll down, but not up and vice versa. And sometimes it doesn't even scroll at all. I recommend finding a 3rd party mouse and I would gladly give up stylish looks for something that functions well and fits my hand comfortably.

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    Awesome! Apple is the best!

    I love this mouse, nice and smooth sailing. Better than ANY microsoft mouse I have used. Its nice and small, but not too small, and its perfect for the iMac, or even any MacBook. Great job Apple! Don't listen to those other 1 star reviews, they are just mad because they eat a bunch of junk food by their computer.

    This Mouse is very smooth, operates perfect for anything!

    Keep up the excellent work Apple!

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    I've had this mouse for under two weeks and the scroll ball completely quit working! I have been using it very minimally with no greasy fingers or anything. My office is clean and smoke free. Normally I love MAC products, but this one really needs to be scrapped!

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    Fail, Big Time

    I have used this mouse at work for the last six months, and from day one I have been unimpressed. For starters, the cable is too short. Since Apple relocated every USB port to the left side of the MacBook Pro, being right handed makes using the mouse a hassle. If the side buttons are used for exposé, the lightest touch will set them off. The solid top construction causes the buttons to be accidentally pressed/released if the mouse is picked up to continue tracking. This happens quite often, considering the length of the cable. As for the scroll ball... it will quit working once a week, without fail (or maybe just fail). You can set your watch by it. I can usually resolve the problem by vigorously scrolling in every direction until I dislodge whatever was stuck. I'm of the firm opinion that Apple has never made a good mouse (although the Magic Mouse looks promising).

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    Unsticking the mouse's ball

    I really like the way the mouse functions, but then it developed the non-functioning ball syndrome I have read about in other review. Mine would roll fine but would only move the cursor up, not down or side to side. Then I read one of the reviews that said try putting a little hand purifier on a paper towel. I used a very small amount worked into the paper towel so there was no excess liquid. l used it to lightly roll the ball in all directions, moving the towel a bit to contact the ball with an unused area of the towel (10 strokes or less). IT WORKS! I'm a happy camper again. I think I will keep the hand purifier and some paper towels around to clean my hands regularly before using the mouse and see if that helps prevent the problem.

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    keep from eating cheetos and all will be smooth sailing with this mouse. I've been using mine since it launched an it's great. Takes some getting used to the feel of it, and sure the tiny scroll ball will get clogged up if you use the mouse with grit on your fingers. The simple solution is to take a cleaning cloth and rub it fast against the ball while holding the mouse upside down, then tap the mouse against a book or something to clear out the gunk. It will be working in a few seconds.

    If you're some type of slob that eats pizza, and cheese products with your bare fingers then you probably won't enjoy this mouse.

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    Overpriced & under performance mouse

    The body accumulates grime easily. The scroll ball is not very reliable, sometimes it don't work. Worst of all, the right click button is unreliable, half of the time it don't work & I have to use the keyboard's control button.

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    not as bad as some people claim

    The biggest complaint I have seen regarding this mouse is that the scroll ball stops working because it is dirty. Yeah that happened to me twice. There is a very easy work around to clear out debris, or you can be a tech and open up the mouse. Its really easy to do and you really appreciate the technology that makes the mouse work. I have had my mouse for around 3 years. I have opened it up twice to clean it. I have never had a clicking issue or any problems with the buttons. Word of advise to people that have it fail after 2 weeks: maybe wash your hands every once in a while, and don't eat cheetos while on your computer.

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    Mouse Surprise

    I was surprised to see how easily the mouse on the iMac can malfunction. I purchased my iMac back in June but did not actually set it up until late August. And a couple of months into it's use the scroll ball on the mouse would not scroll up. It created a huge inconvenience given that I use my Mac for school work and office work and it is important for me to be able to scroll up or down. Thanks to the person for the Hand Sanitizer tip. It works. Just dab a little on the ball with a paper towel and that should do the trick. I love my Mac, but the mouse needs some help.

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    This is Junk!

    This mouse is one of Apple's major flops. The scroll ball doesn't work and the thing always has gunk in it. I tried cleaning it and the scroll ball still didn't work so, I plugged in my purple OS 9 mouse in and it worked like gold. Don't buy this!

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